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7 Things Loved By My Family at Moreys Piers

We took a lovely jaunt over Father's Day weekend to one of the very few shore towns that I have NOT stayed at yet!  I know. You have a hard time believing that, don't you? ha. But it's true. I'll be honest with you.  Real is why you come here and honestly, you've come to expect me to be REAL with you, right? 

Wildwood has never been one of my favorite places to visit.  We'd go there when we stayed in Cape May to have some fun on the boardwalk - but I would have NEVER in a million years have considered staying there.  I just didn't feel it was safe.  I thought there were some scary parts of town that I felt would not be smart to visit with small kids.  I thought the same about Atlantic City & I gave them a '2nd shot' with Boston 3 years ago.  I saw there that they were really trying to clean it up - but unfortunately, I haven't been back with kids yet.  So hopefully we'll have an awakening with AC like we did with Wildwood over Father's Day Weekend!

In case you didn't notice by the title....but we LOVED our visit there. 

And I'll tell you - it's one reason & ONE reason alone why - MOREY'S PIERS.

Yes. There are still parts of town that I felt uncomfortable in.  I won't lie.  But Morey's Piers is different. MUCH MUCH DIFFERENT. 

7 Things Loved By My Family At Morey's Piers


1) THE MOREY FAMILY.  As you know in my love of travels and sharing here - I am a sucker for a real life story.  And the story behind the magic of Morey's Piers was so fun to see!  I missed a special cocktail event because well.... traveling with a toddler puts a vice grip on my plans. lol Truth be told.  But I did get a great break to really wander the hotel we were staying in and read the walls.  For. Like. HOURS. 


2) THE PAN AMERICAN HOTEL.  What a CLASSY place!!  You know me - I'm a sucker for amenities so when I saw the Philosophy products in the gorgeous bathrooms?  I died and went to bath time heaven!!  I've stayed at thousands of places.  And if there is one consistent thing that tells me the character and class of the place - it's the toiletries!!  Everywhere you turn in this hotel you see a story.  You can get caught up in the walls of time beginning with the ride down the road with the big spinning Pan American sign in the back of an old pickup truck!  (And the chairs in the lobby are the coolest chairs I've ever seen!)


3)  THE PIERS.  Notice I didn't say the Boardwalk.  Cause until they stop allowing people to smoke and flick their ashes on me and my kids - I'm not a fan of the boardwalk at all.  (And I'm not a smoke-snob.  Both of my parents smoke heavily their entire lives.  I just don't believe that it should be allowed in a public place like that.  It really bothers me when I walk up to a store and their workers are standing in their doorways trying to get me to come in there and their stink cigs behind their ears and in their hands.  GROSS!  There are way too many little kids running around on that boardwalk - there shouldn't be any smoking.  But if you are like me in that? GET ON THE PIERS!!  Cause the Morey family does it right.  NO SMOKING ALLOWED.


3) THE FUN on THE PIERS.  Yeah.  You can find so much to do on those three piers that you never need to hit the boardwalk or the streets of Wildwood if you're a fuddy-dutty-like me.  And honestly, there are many out of towners that need that 'comfortable place'.  Morey's Piers have so many really fun things to do! I died after finding out there was THREE piers to PLAY!  The Ghost Ship & Kong were our favorite rides.  LOVED them.  


4) THE FOOD.  When I think about beach & boardwalk food - I think cotton candy, pizza, 'snack bar' type food.  But not at MOREYS PIERS!!  When we arrived they gave us a ton of generous coupons to experience all the food at the piers & I am so glad they did!!  The last day, I ended up sharing some of them with a sweet woman we met at the waterparks who was there from Illinois (where I'm from). Cause honestly, I felt bad with all the talk I made about the 

5)  THE WATER PARKS.  Seriously one of the coolest thing ever is enjoying a WATER PARK while near the ocean!  The PIers really have a couple cool water parks that everyone has to take advantage of when in Wildwood.  Being a kid from the midwest and never even seeing the ocean till much later in my college years, the only water fun we got were water parks.   I grew up in a boat on a dirty lake in southern Illinois.  Our 'special treat' was hitting a water park.  So to be a kid and have the ocean at your fingertips?  I can't even IMAGINE what a cool opportunity that is. The #1 thing that I love most from my move to Philly is that we are within a couple hours drive of the shore.  From Cape May to LBI - I am forever in love with it.  Add a boardwalk AND a waterpark?  Totally died and gone to heaven reliving my childhood with my son at the 

6)  THE HISTORY.  More than one occasion my family had to distract me to STOP looking at all the images on the walls at the Pan American Hotel!!  I stopped every time so that I could read, snap and share the great history of Morey's Piers!  

7) OH-MY-THE-ORANGEAIDES.  Seriously.  I should be embarrassed with how many orangeaides I had on those piers!!!  My mouth is watering now for one dangit.    

Now check out their fun History YouTube video:

How To Have Fun For Father's Day In New Jersey

How To Have Fun For Father's Day In New Jersey

'Tis the season for water parks and Summer adventures! This year, we're  thankful for Morey's Piers & Beachfront Water Parks for providing us with a perfect Summer getaway location! We'll be visiting this weekend to celebrate Father's Day and there is a ton of stuff to do - for the whole family! We are going to stay at the Pan American Hotel where they have a great bistro called Alosi's Bistro where we'll be stopping for breakfast!  There are two new amazing attractions at Morey's including KONG and artBOX:LAB. 

Kong, an iconic boardwalk landmark in early 1970s, and also the new gorilla themed amusement ride is now open on Surfside Pier. KONG, who you'll see snorting smoke and fog, sports an “I love Wildwood” t-shirt (who wouldn't?) and clutches one of Wildwood’s well-known tram cars while hanging from the 60 feet tall lighthouse at the ride’s center - sounds awesome! Eight vintage shark themed ride vehicles will duck and dive around the infamous gorilla, bringing riders 26 feet in air. After sunset, KONG lights up the night sky with a rotating light on top of the lighthouse and enhanced LED lighting outlining each ride vehicle. This looks like it will be a great ride for us to try out this weekend while we celebrate Father's Day! 


Underneath the ride is Kong & Co. a new 3,000 square foot retail space offering charging stations and comfy chairs, as well as chocolate covered frozen bananas and merchandise for purchase. Besides there being snacks and merchandise, the charging stations is such a great idea. Sometimes large families like to split off during their vacation, and if your phone is dying, it can be nearly impossible to find the rest of the family! These charging stations are really convenient!

artBOX:LAB is a new interactive workshop for kids. The resident artist, David Macomber, leads the class and allows kids of all ages to create their own spins on works of art to take home! There is a rotation of guest artists all Summer long so you'll be able to experience a lot of different artistic perspectives and more! Classes include block printing, origami, painting, and even jewelry making! The classes are available Thursday-Sunday from 5pm to 10pm so this would be a GREAT wind down activity for the kids after all day at a water park! There are no appointments necessary and class prices are anywhere from FREE to $35! 

If you're not used to the weather in Wildwood, NJ, they're pretty warm during the Summer. In June, the temperatures can reach the low 80's so make sure to pack plenty of sunscreen, comfortable shoes, and most importantly - your bathing suits! 

Now that you've got a sneak peek of Morey's Piers & Beachfront Water Parks - keep an eye out for my followup after Father's Day weekend! What would you be most excited to try? Let me know in the comments below! 

For more information, you can find Morey's at:

   Connect with me  on Pinterest  to follow along with other Real Mom Travels! 


Connect with me on Pinterest to follow along with other Real Mom Travels! 

Top 5 Faves of the 2015 Chevy Tahoe #TravelTuesday

Top 5 Faves of the 2015 Chevy Tahoe #TravelTuesday


Back in 2006 I had the hottest convertible Mitsubishi Spyder that rocked my hot chic world.  

I got engaged in 2006 and 3 months later I was at a live broadcast with the station I was on at a car dealership.  And.... long story short-I traded in my convertible that day and bawled the whole way home because I traded in my hot-chic-in-her-20s-car for a "MOM MOBILE".  Bawled.The.Whole.Way. lol

Here I am, almost 10 years later and it's time to trade that little mommy in for a Mom-Monster.  Destination Mobile.  Travel Companion. Soccer Chauffer.  You know... 'BIG KID STUFF'. 

My 2004 Mitsubishi Endeavor has so many pretty bumps and scratches, I hate to see it even getting bought...but those beauty marks are what makes it special.  One of them, made by my husband when he hit a tree stump at my parents house.  Ahem.  Another one?  MADE BY MY HUSBAND. Yeah.  He's not a good driver...but I digress. 

So this year, I've partnered with Chevy and between now and January I'm going to test drive their SUVs to see where I 'fit' in.  Of course Chevy has many different parts to the GM family including Buick, Cadillac, Chevy & GMC.  I of course know what I need - but I don't know what I want.  And since I'm going to be driving this beast for another decade - I want to get down and dirty (including the left over cheeze nips) with their automobiles and put them all to the test. 

Here, I'm going to give you my Top 5 Faves of each vehicle.  I sure hope you help me figure it out!!  Cause man alive.  This is a major decision.  Kind of like deciding to get married, have kids, buy a house, moving to Philly..... 

First off... I'm not a 'car person'.  I don't believe in driving a crazy expensive car and live in an apartment or a town home.  I believe in what will get me from point A to point B.  (Of course, who DOESN'T like to look good while doing it!)  So, I'm not going for the 'shiny object'.  I'm HONESTLY going to PAY for my choice so why not go on this journey together!

I know what I can afford.  I know I do NOT want a minivan.  (GAG.)  I know that I need something with a HUGE trunk space.  I also want USB ports cause my car charger stinks and DUH it is 2014!!!  So with that being said... everything else is gravy. 

Top 5 Faves of the 2015 Chevy Tahoe

1)  The SENSORS.  Whoaaaa - the sensors! My husband wasn't a fan of his butt vibrating when he got too close to the side or another car - but I like it! ha.  Check out the video on what he said about that. 

2)  Automated 3rd Row Seating - THIS IS HUGE.  Probably the biggest thing my oldest loved.  The buckets in the 2nd row was great to get around to get to the 3rd row.  And the fact its a tiny button that gets pushed?  SWEET!

3) SIDE BLIND ZONE ALERT WITH LANE DEPARTURE - Yeah, so this goes along with #1.  There are SOOO many flashing lights, vibration, beeps... you are sure to not fall asleep at the wheel!  It's a great thing.  I can't even begin to tell you how many times I've ALMOST hit a car because I didn't see them in my blind spot.  This Tahoe?  You will KNOW if there is one in your blind spot!

4)  RAIN SENSING WINDSHIELD WIPERS - And might I add - wipers that don't scream at me cause I need new ones!!  (Here it scratching when it moves. UGH = MY CURRENT CAR.)  Seriously though... this Tahoe pretty much drives itself!

5) THE DASHBOARD AND A 110 VOLT FREAKING AC POWER OUTLET!! - Can you believe that?  I can actually PLUG my PLUG into A 3-PRONG-OUTLET!  Modern tech.  Motherly heaven for sure!!  Not to mention - I counted at LEAST 5 freaking USB ports!!  This is seriously the mac-mommy of automobiles. 

Overall - I loved the smooth ride, the Power Sunroof with bug catcher, the rear seat entertainment, the xm radio with WIFI, the backup sensor on screen, the fact that the mirrors move when you back up, the steering column and the adaptive cruise control that breaks you automatically when you get too close to another car!!

It's the bomb.  In every way.  

The only thing about this SUV that will keep me from buying it?

The size.  IT'S A FREAKING BEAST.  The back is longer than I think I want to handle.  

And the price.  Whoa.   I'm being honest here.  

The 2015 Tahoe that I test drove has a sticker price: $69,630.  

Yeah. $70K is a LOT of money for an automobile.  The base price without all the bells & whistles is around $45K.  That's still a lot and definitely out of our range.  BUT, if we LIVED in it?  I'd make it work.  Cause it's AWESOME!



** Please note:  I REALLY am going to buy a new car.  And I REALLY am giving you my honest reviews.  I was teased with driving their automobiles - but in the end - I'm picking AND paying.

Hershey: The Sweetest Place on Earth



Just say the word, and I am there.

One of the things I absolutely love about living in Philadelphia is my proximity to Hershey, PA. That's right, Chocolate Town!  I have had the pleasure of visiting many times over the past several years, and I'm heading there again this week as I am what every chocolate lover dreams of.. A HERSHEY AMBASSADOR!  Rough job, I know.  But SOMEBODY has to do it. 

I always look forward to my Hershey visits. No, not just because I can stock up on the best chocolate on the planet!  But I love that Hershey is a family-friendly destination. For locals who can't quite swing a big vacation, Hershey is the perfect "staycation." There is so much to do, including Hersheypark (Boston LOVES the chocolate characters!!  The pic to the left is from our 1st ever visit to Hershey.)

Thrill lovers: did you know Hersheypark has 12 rollercoasters? Epic! They also offer live entertainment as well as kid-focused rides for even the smallest chocolate lovers.

Hershey, PA offers more than just the theme park, though. Visitors can head to ZooAmerica, with over 200 animals on 11 acres. There is also a large educational component. Keep the learning going through the summer! Kids can learn about the history of Hershey at The Hershey Story and get the whole scoop on how chocolate is made at Hershey's Chocolate World (and pssst: you didn't hear it from me, but after the informational tour they may or may not give out chocolate samples. SCORE!).

Accomodations are not lacking in Hershey, and I can attest that the Hershey Lodge is fantastic for families. If you want to take it to the next level, check out The Hotel Hershey!  We are MEGA excited about staying at Hotel Hershey as we've only stayed at the Hershey Lodge in the past. Check out their awesome packages, as well. There are great seasonal and year-round offerings that make a stay at Hershey all the more sweet.

Also? I may be a little obsessed with the fact that Kate Gosselin lives nearby. Because. KATE GOSSELIN.

I digress.


So whether you are near or far, take the scenic ride through the rolling countryside of Pennsylvania and make your destination the Sweetest Place on Earth!

Check our twitter, Instagram and Facebook stream for our overflowing amount of images from our experiences.  I promise to share unique shots at our favorite sweet spots!

What is YOUR favorite Hershey memory?

****Yes, as an ambassador I get some SWEET deals! Some of the activities are comped in result of my ambassadorship with Hershey, PA.  But of course - the REAL mom is always going to be real.  Now, back to my chocolate dream.


Tuckerton Seaport Privateers and Pirates Festival: June 7, 2014

Yo ho ho!

It's time to don your best pirates attire, put on your finest eye patch and get ready to set sail on your dreaded pirate ship!  That's right, it's that time of year again: Tuckerton Seaport is hosting their annual Privateers and Pirates Festival!


On Saturday June 7 starting at 11am, Captain Black will be coming ashore with the crew of the Valhalla, ready to transform Tuckerton Seaport into a pirate paradise. For the pirate-at-heart, this is the perfect event for the entire family. Meet pirates in person, join a treasure hunt, and get your picture taken on the plan. The best pirate costum will be awarded a prize at the end of the day!

Not only will the day be filled with fun adventures, there will be live music as well. Here are some other great highlights waiting for you:

Privateers & Pirates Festival Highlights

  • Pirate Meet & Greet
  • Pose on the Plank
  • Pirate Costume Contest for Adults and Children
  • Piratology 101: Learn about the Golden Age of Piracy!
  • Cannon Demo: Watch how to handle and fire a cannon. Volunteers will be needed to join the gun crew. Don’t be scared by the big BOOM at the end.
  • Scurvy Mutineers Sword Fight Show: A live steel combat show complete with action and laughs. Volunteers will be selected from the audience to join the mutiny.
  • Whip Show: Things will really heat up as tricks and skills are shown.
  • Pirate Pistol Duello Show: A stage show of how a friendly game of Liars Dice can go terribly wrong. Learn how pirates settle an argument.
  • Amputation Demonstration!
  • American Water Puddles Van: Learn about water conservation, where the water locally comes from, how the water is treated and play interactive games where you can estimate your daily water usage
  • Watch the Parrot Pirate Party with a Parrot that Talks
  • Pirate Food Court
  • Make-and-Take Crafts
  • Live Music by Pirates for Sail
  • Treasure Hunt sponsored by Fantasy Island Plus, Pirate Ship Bounce House included with Admission!

Tuckerton Seaport is located at 120 West Main Street.  Admission for the Privateers and Pirates Festival is $8 for adults, $6 for seniors, $5 for children, and free for Seaport Members and children under 5. Event admission includes access to the Seaport’s 40 acres of family fun, featuring maritime activities, historic and recreated buildings, live animals, a boardwalk, miniature golf course, and exhibits.

For more information, find the Tuckerton Seaport on Facebook or call 609-296-8868.

Tuckerton Seaport Summer Events

We are HUGE fans of Tuckerton Seaport, and have had the opportunity to visit several times in the past few years. We'll be up again for their Privateers and Pirates on June 7 (check out our experience from last year!). In addition to Privateers and Pirates Day, Tuckerton Seaport has a jumpin' calendar all Summer long with fun events you won't want to miss. Here's a quick run down: 


RFA Bass River Summer Flounder Tournament: June 7, 2014

For more info:

Pirivateers and Pirates Festival: June 7, 2014   11am-5pm

All Things Pirates! Learn the difference between privateers and pirates and then be one. Pirate history – authentic and make-believe – plus a treasure scavenger hunt, costume contest and pirate craft activities. Enjoy the crew of the Valhalla Pirates with historic pirate entertainment. “Pirates for Sail” live band, Grog Garden and tasty food vendors. General Admission applies.


On-line Auction: June 14-July14, 2014


With over 200 items on our auction block, the Seaport’s Annual On-line Summer Auction is a great way to support educational programs right here on the Jersey Shore while also getting some incredible deals on vacation packages, tickets to local attractions, dining gift certificates and VIP experiences. Visit


Baymen’s Seafood & Music Festival: June 21 and 22, 2014    11am to 5pm

Enjoy delicious Jersey fresh clams, crabs, scallops and shrimp from the finest local seafood purveyors.  Micro brew court. Crafters, vendors, music, food, refreshments, family activities, demonstrations,boat rides, boat builders and decoy carvers. Speak with commercial fishermen to learn about occupations on the bay or take a clam shucking class. So bring the family and plan to spend the day. Music from local favorites: The Mott’s Creek Pickers (Sat) & The Billy Walton Band (Sun). Selected as one of the Best Outdoor Festivals by NJ Monthly Magazine. Presented by the Jersey Shore Folklife Center. General Admission applies.

Roots Music Festival: June 28 and 29, 2014     2pm – 8pm

The Tuckerton Seaport is thrilled to host the Roots Music Festival on June 28th & 29th.  Kick back for 2 great days of music, wine tasting, food, crafters, vendors, demonstrations & activities. Live roots music from The Billy Walton Band, Ryan & the Blue Hearts, James Day & The Fish Fry, Steve Guyger, The Keystone Swingbillies, Snake Brothers, Home Cookin’, and Zydeco-a-Go-Go.  Uncork some fun and enjoy a perfect afternoon of wine tasting from some of NJ’s finest wineries Di Matteo, Tomasello, andValenzano. Complimentary wine glass included. Try free samples from the barbeques of best local barbeque cooks and vote for your favorite. $20 day / $15 members; 2 day combo pass $30 / $25 members. Pre-sale special!  Buy 2 day combo in advance and receive free reserved parking.


Fourth of July Celebration


Parade followed by children’s activities, baby parade, entertainment. Fireworks over the lake at dusk. This event it FREE! 

Sunshine Foundation Fishing Tournament & Family BBQ: Saturday July 12   3pm–7pm

Check back on the Tuckerton Seaport events calendar for more info in the near future.


Tuckerton Seaport Celebration & Fundraiser: August 12, 2014      6pm – 9pm

Our premier fundraising event features endless hors d’ oeuvres and entertainment by the Billy Walton Band!

With it's close proximity to both New York City and the New Jersey beaches, Tuckerton Seaport needs to be on your Summer Bucket List!  The only question left to answer is: which events will YOU be going to?

Visit Philly


Really Visit Philly


I've lived in this uber awesome town for almost 7 years!  I can't believe it.  The time has flown by.  And I'll be totally honest with you when my husband said 'I got a job offer in Philly' I kind of snarled.  I had never been to Philadelphia before and the city didn't have the best reputation from what I had heard. 

But when we arrived and I finally got to see and 'visit Philadelphia' as a tourist would, I quickly realized there was so much more to this city than what anyone could tell me that didn't live here. The secret little places from City Tavern where our dignitaries once came after a long day at the office.  No big deal. JUST WRITING THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE!  Awesome, right?

So many secret little places in Philadelphia that visitors can truly learn and experience our countries heritage.  You know what else Philly has that isn't like any other city?  FUNKY FAST STOPS!  That's what I call 'fun-out of the box-unique places-to see on the fly'!

For the Three Stooges Fans

The Stooges have a Museum in Philly called the Stoogeum!  Get it - Stooges and Museum? Ha. Love it.  The Stoogeum is the first and only museum for the Stooges with over 100,000 pieces of Stoogiabilia.  (Yes. That is a REAL WORLD.)  The Stoogeum is also home to the Three Stooges Fan Club.  From artifacts to artwork dating back from 1917 to today - you're sure to remember something fabulous from your childhood!  (I use to watch the Stooges with my grandpa and this place brought me back to those memories!)

YES! Pizza Brain in Guiness Book of Records!For the Pizza Lovers

Pizza Brain located in the Fishtown section of Philly is the first pizza culture museum and shop.  This fun shop has everything from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles memorabilia to more facts you can handle about pizza!  All truth and backed by the Guiness Book of World Records, thank you.  Fun for the whole family for sure!

For the Shoe Shopping Addict

Ok, so you won't be able to fuel your addiction if you really are a shoe addict but you will be able to have some fun learning all about SHOES at the Shoe Museum at Temple University!  This museum is home to over 900 pairs of shoes and 250 of them are on display!

From celebrities, former presidents to even a circus giants size 18 pair of shoes, you will definitely get the shoe buzz visiting this quirky place in Philly!  This museum isn't one you can just 'stop by' as you'll have to make an appointment but it's well worth it for any shoe lover!

Staying in Philly

Of course you need to find a place to stay.  I'd love to have you at my house but my 5 year old might talk your ear of and my 1 year old might eat your food. Sooo..with that being said - the best place to find the best deals for staying in Philly is the website  There you'll see the latest and greatest places to stay that works with Visit Philly to offer the best deals.  In this deal you get 2 nights accomodation, free parking (MEGA value there!) and a fab With Love, Philadelphia XOXO Welcome Gift!

So what are you waiting for!  Come Visit Philly!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Visit Philadelphia. The opinions and text are all mine.

Philadelphia is the perfect spot for a getaway! Stay for any two consecutive nights at one of twenty participating hotels and your car stays free! For more information and to book your room



This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Visit Philadelphia. The opinions and text are all mine.

Elves and Eggnog at Omni Hotels

To celebrate the sprit of the holiday season, the Omni Hotel at Independence Park invites winter travelers to enjoy the most wonderful time of the year by offering a "Elves and Eggnog" overnight package. Not only will you receive 20% off luxury accomodations featuring Omni's signature blend of modern luxury and classic sophistication, the offer includes two enticing speciality eggnog aperitifs, prepared exclusively by Omni's brand mixologist, and complimentary breakfast for two.

Elves and Eggnog Holiday Package

Santa's helpful scout elf, "Elf on the Shelf", will also be present in each Omni hotel to help Santa manage his naughty and nice list with younger travelers. So need to bring yours from home! Each package also includes holiday turndown service with a treat, delivered by hotel elves, "hotelves," and late check-out so guests can enjoy some extra relaxation during the busy holiday season.

About the Omni Hotel at Independece Park

The Omni Hotel at Independence Park, 401 Chestnut Street, is a four-diamond European-style luxury hotel that  offers elegance and style at its best - all within walking distance of the Liberty Bell, U.S. Mint, Independence Hall and the Benjamin Franklin House.  Situated just 10 minutes from the Philadelphia International Airport, the Omni Hotel at Independence Park offers the ideal Philadelphia hotel location.

Breakfast with Santa at the Golden Inn

Ho, Ho, Ho with a touch of sand and you have the perfect way to celebrate the holiday season! Santa will be arriving beach side at The Golden Inn of Avalon on Sunday December 15 and Sunday, December 22, 2013 for a special breakfast and a visit with Santa.

No matter if you have been good or bad, this is a breakfast that you won’t want to miss!  Seating begins at 8a.m. with the last seating at11 a.m. The cost is $9.95 for children ages 12 and under and $14.95 for adults. The menu includes scrambled eggs, home fries, bacon, turkey sausage, fresh fruit blintz, build your own pancakes, fruit salad, Danish, pastries and cookies.


Kids of all ages can write their holiday list and give it to Santa and in a couple of days they will receive a personalized letter back from Santa!

Reservations are a must and space is limited! For more information about The Golden Inn call 609.368.5155 or log onto

About the Golden Inn

The Golden Inn is located at 7849 Dune Drive in Avalon. Open 365 days a year, The Golden Inn of Avalon, is the perfect place for a summer vacation or a getaway anytime!  Just steps from the beach, The Golden inn features 154 guest rooms are equipped with 27-inch color televisions, individual temperature controls and – in many cases – breathtaking ocean views.

Celebrate the Magic of the Season at Congress Hall

You all know how much I love Congress Hall in Cape May. The fun doesn't just end when the summer comes to an end. Congress Hall hosts some great holiday events that you will not want to miss!

Breakfast with Santa

Jolly old St. Nick himself invites you to have breakfast with him and his pal, "Blue" the pig every Saturday this holiday season in the magical Ballroom at Congress Hall. Enjoy all of your breakfast favorites while you snap some photos with Santa and fill him in on your Christmas wishes. 

**SPECIAL** Save 20% off for November 30th if booked by November 26th. 

Adults: $15.95 | Children 4-12: $9.95 | 3 and under FREE

The Santaland Diaries

Join Congress Hall for Lunch and a Show on Sunday afternoons or Dinner and a Show on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday at the Blue Pig Tavern. Enjoy a 3-course meal along with your show ticket to a Cape May Stage Production of David Sedaris' hillarious one-man play. For mature elves only. 

General admission tickets are $25. 
$39 for lunch and ticket - 3pm
$59 for dinner and ticket - 7:30 pm

To make your reservation for either Congress Hall events, please call (609) 884-8422. 

Baby Loves Disco Valentine's Day Party

Baby Loves Disco is celebrating family love this Valentine's Day featuring chocolate treats, make-your-own valentines cards, mommy-daddy slow-dances, arts and crafts,  dance lessons, contests, unlimited juice boxes, snacks, cash bar for non-driving parents and more! Par­ties will be taking place in New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Chicago. Ticket are on sale now!

About Baby Loves Disco

All across the coun­try, Baby Loves Disco is slowly but surely trans­form­ing the hippest night clubs into child proof dis­cos as tod­dlers, pre-schoolers and par­ents look­ing for a break from the rou­tine play­ground cir­cuit let loose for some post nap­time, pre-dinner fun. Baby Loves Disco is an after­noon dance party fea­tur­ing real music spun and mixed by real DJs blend­ing clas­sic disco tunes from the 70s, & 80s guar­an­teed to get those lit­tle booties mov­ing and grooving.

The fun spills out from all cor­ners of the club: bub­ble machines, bas­kets of  scarves and egg-shakers, a chill-out room (with tents, books and puz­zles), dia­per chang­ing sta­tions, a full spread of healthy snacks and danc­ing, LOTS of danc­ing. B




Omni Hotel at Independece Park


PHILADELPHIA, PA - -Bless you, Gesundheit, or salud no matter how you say it a cough or sneeze can be the signal that a cold is coming on.  Feeling sick while away from home can be an awful experience, but not at the Omni Hotel at Independence Park where they are committed to helping sick guests get back on the road to better health.

The Omni Hotel at Independence Park offers its sick guests a complimentary bowl of chicken soup delivered to their room. Even better than mom used to make, this heal all remedy is prepared in house and delivered hot to the guest.

“If we see a guest at check in who seems under the weather, we will ask them if there is anything we can do for them from additional blankets to extra tissues in their room, we want to make sure that their stay is pleasurable even if they are not feeling well,” said General Manager AJ Williams.

“No one wants to be sick, let alone away from home,” Williams added. The hotel also has plenty of orange juice and tea stocked for guests who want it and will provide humidifiers and any other “feel better” necessity the guest requests.

The Omni Hotel at Independence Park, 401 Chestnut Street, is a four-diamond European-style luxury hotel that  offers elegance and style at its best - all within walking distance of the Liberty Bell, U.S. Mint, Independence Hall and the Benjamin Franklin House.  Situated just 10 minutes from the Philadelphia International Airport, the Omni Hotel at Independence Park offers the ideal Philadelphia hotel location.

Philadelphia Open House

Philadelphia Hospitality, a 30-year-old nonprofit organization dedicated to providing visitors with unique and distinctive travel experiences,  is putting out the welcome mat  for two spectacular weekends Friday through Sunday, October 5 through 7  and 12 through 14 by offering a variety of behind-the-scenes and special access tours and tastings focusing on more than a dozen historical and cultural treasures on and around  Broad Street--  from Temple University to the Avenue of the Arts to the Philadelphia Navy Yard. 
More than a dozen special tours include City Hall, Kimmel Center, the Wanamaker Organ, Union League, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and other iconic sites. Tours include meet-and-greets with celebrity chefs, local personalities and city officials. All tours are guided and offer an opportunity to see and experience places familiar and not so familiar with a behind the scenes look!  A full list of tours is available on the Philadelphia Hospitality website, tours include:

Philadelphia’s City Hall: Past, Present and Future

Date: Friday, October 12
Time: 4:30-6:00 p.m. (City Hall interior tour)
Price: $15.00 (includes refreshments)
Description: Get an insider’s look at the country’s largest and most elaborate seat of municipal government. Completed 30 years after construction began in 1871, City Hall is still the world’s highest masonry load-bearing structure consisting of 88 million bricks and thousands of tons of marble. 
6:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. (City Hall exterior and office of the Deputy Mayor)
The tour will continue across the street to 1515 Arch Street to the office of Alan Greenberger, Deputy Mayor of Economic Development and Director of Commerce for a view overlooking City Hall, Dilworth Plaza and the Benjamin Franklin Parkway.  

Wanamaker Organ

Date: Saturday, October 13
Time: Noon – 2 p.m.
Price: $20.00
Description: The Wanamaker Grand Organ at Macy’s has been thrilling shoppers every business day since 1911.  Built for the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair, the organ has more than 28,000 pipes, which range from ¼ inch to 32 feet long and are located throughout the building – all controlled by the organist using six keyboards and 729 controls at the console above the Grand Court.

Kimmel Center/Academy of Music

Date: Sunday, October 7 & Sunday, October 14
Time: 10 a.m. - Noon
Price: Free
Description: Go behind-the-scenes at the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts, the crown jewel of the Avenue of the Arts. Get a performer’s-eye-view from the stage of the magnificent Verizon Hall; learn about the architectural nuances of this home to the Philadelphia Orchestra and six other resident performing arts companies.  Then, walk a few blocks to the Academy of Music, “the oldest opera house in the U.S. still used for its original purpose,” where you will tour the grand lobby, Stage Door Canteen, Ballroom and Auditorium with its beautifully restored crystal chandelier.  

Septa Transit Museum

Date: Saturday, October 6 and Saturday, October 13 
Time: Museum and store hours are 10-3 p.m.
Price: Free (self-guided tour)
Description: This museum presents the heritage of the Philadelphia area's transit system. Among the many attractions are a 1947 trolley, transit memorabilia, and photographs. 

Wells Fargo Museum and Building

Date: Friday, October 5
Time: 4:00-5:00 Wells Fargo Museum/5:15-6:00 Montgomery & McCracken Law Library
Price: $10 (includes refreshments)
Description: Located in the historic 1928 Beaux-Arts Wells Fargo Building, this interactive museum connects the California Gold rush with the Philadelphia Mint, tying together the history of Wells Fargo and the rich heritage of the eastern United States. 

Union League

Date: Saturday, October 13
Time: 11 a.m.- Noon
The Union League, one of the country’s leading private clubs, was founded in 1862 to support Abraham Lincoln and the Union during the Civil War. Explore this historic building and its extensive Civil War collection of books and rare editions, manuscripts and artifact. Note: Dress Code.
Tours are ticketed and vary in price. Some tours are free. For more information including tour description, times and tickets, visit Philadelphia Open House or call 215/790-9901.


Omni Berkshire Place Hotel Review

Omni Berkshire

Place Hotel Review

A couple weeks ago I headed to the 'Superbowl for Bloggers' - BlogHer in NYC.

I was blessed to be perfectly located at Omni Berkshire Place Hotel just down the street from the convention center.  

It was a PERFECT location!

My roommates and I had a short walk to the conference center.  

The room was also perfect size for us.  And trust me when I tell you-that's almost IMPOSSIBLE to find in NYC!  The hotel rooms are TEENY TINY!

There were 3 women in our room and not once did we bump heads in getting ready!  It was perfect with the extra large mirror outside the bathroom and the bathroom fit 2 of us perfectly.

So, with that being said:

Top 5 Faves of Omni Berkshire

1.  LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION.  Yes.  The location was outstanding.  Right smack dab in Manhattan where all the hub-bub was happening.  Perfecto.

2. TEEN CONNECTION. All of the Omni properties are very family friendly.  Great for kids, of course-but we all know that it's a totally different ballgame when you add teens to the mix!  They're much more than 'kids'.  The Omni Berkshire has an awesome teen connection program that is a must to check out for teens.  The program was created by the hotel managers teen son, David.  You gotta check out his awesome list of to-dos.

3. 24 HOUR ROOM SERVICE. This is a biggie for me.  Cause sometimes, I just don't want to leave my room.  And so many times hotels stop the dining at an early hour.  Not in NYC! lol.  Omni Berkshire had awesome choices too.  I had breakfast for dinner.

4. GREAT GUEST SERVICES.  They were on top of everything for me and my roommates!  We needed extra towels...DONE.  Toothpaste...DONE.  It was amazing.

5. GORGEOUS DECOR.  I'm in a place in my own home where I'm DYING to do some decorating!  Changing things up a bit.  Removing items that are cluttered.  And I've been stuck in a RUT trying to decide the colors and decor for my bedroom.  DONE!!  The rooms at Omni Berkshire were a tan base with splashes of yellow.  I am so stealing that!


Gaylord National ICE 2012

Gaylord National ICE 2012


This weekend my family embarked on a quick getaway to check out the Christmas in July ICE 2012 announcement at Gaylord National Resort near Washington DC.

It was a great time!  I've always been a fan of the Gaylord Hotel family-but after visiting Gaylord National this past holiday season to see their amazing ICE! Spectactular-I'm forever sold on this property and their Christmas on the Potomac tradition!

We had an amazing time.

We arrived late Friday night, checked and got ready for a big day on Saturday.

Saturday, we had a tasty breakfast at The Pienza Restaurant this got out and walked around National Harbor.

We hit up the Peeps store (that Boston LOVED!!) and a few other great places around there then headed back to the hotel. 

Around 3p the party began!  Boston was so excited to see some of the great characters at the hotel.  SHREK runs that place! lol  And after the announcement of their theme this year-Shrek REALLY has the run of the place!

Shrek The Halls is this holiday theme.  ICE! is an AMAZING family opportunity to make memories.  

Here are more details:

*Two million twinking lights, nightly indoor snowfall, gorgeous lit dancing water fountains set to holiday tunes and a stunning 60 foot glass Tree of Light!  (The Tree is OUTSTANDING!!!)

*Two million pounds of hand carved, colorful ice sculptures & slides!!

*Exeprience the DreamWorks - themed adventure wit the Christmasy DreamWorks experience!  Shrek, Madagascar & Kung Fu Panda!  

*Enjoy a ShrekFeast, buffet breakfast with your favorite characters from Shrek! (Um. HELLO.  They have a GREEN CHOCOLATE fountain!!!)

November 16, 2012 - January 6, 2013 

Get tix by Monday October 1, 2012 & get a great Early Bird Discount!  

 There are many packages to choose from when you visit the Gaylord National website-but here's an example of my personal favorite!


2-Night Package Details

Availability: Select dates November 16, 2012 through January 6, 2013
Duration: 2 nights (for extra nights and atrium upgrades, call 301-965-4000)

Package price: Two occupant minimum 
(for single occupancy, call 301-965-4000)

Starting at $219* per night for first two occupants, plus tax, 
resort fee and parking

Additional Occupants

  • Each extra adult or child (ages 4 and older): $49 plus tax
  • Baby (ages 3 and under): FREE

Package includes:

  • Two night room accommodations at Gaylord National Resort
  • Tickets and front of the line access to ICE! featuring DreamWorks' Shrek the Halls
  • ShrekFeast Interactive Character Meal
  • "Character Passport" Meet & Greets
  • DreamWorks Themed Scavenger Hunt
  • DreamWorks Welcome Amenity with Package Check-In
  • and even Special Wake-Up Calls by DreamWorks Characters!
  • Souvenir Family Photo


Must Do: #Duality #HowIDoAC

Must Do: #Duality #HowIDoAC

On 4th of July I got the opportunity to head to Atlantic City, NJ with my 4 year old to experince so many great new things they brought to the city in celebration of the 4th of July.

We stayed at the BEAUTIFUL Golden Nugget Hotel.  The rooms were spectacular.  They had gorgeous leather "L"-shaped couches, great views and a very comfy bed. Very modern decor and GREAT bathroom amenities!!

(Here's my quick view of the Golden Nugget Hotel via video:

We met at the pool in a private area to meet folks from the Atlantic City Alliance.  The ACA is a newly created non-profit entity funded and overseen by the city's casinos.  Their mission is really to bring more tourism into the area by showcasing the great places in town-outside of the casinos.  

GREAT job in my eyes!  

I have to admit-I've NEVER thought of AC as a 'family friendly destination'.  At ALL.  

But I have to give them big credit for really trying.  And if you follow the hashtag #HowIDoAC on Twitter you'll see what a great time so many people are having!

After meeting at the pool my son and I got cleaned up to head to Boardwalk Hall to the press dinner, viewing of fireworks, hearing Kevin Rudolf rock & checking out Atlantic City's hottest and newest attraction-a sound and light show called Duality.  Duality is a permanent show occuring twice an hour after dark up until 2am all year long.  This isn't just 'any old light show'...this is a $3 million dollar light show!!  

You have got to check this thing out.  AMAZiNG is not even the word for it.

The Phanatic at Avalon Golden Inn

The Phanatic at Avalon Golden Inn

What goes good with sand? 

The Philly Phanatic!  Every body loves that little green monster.

Ugh. He's NOT little though! lol

He's taking a road trip to the shore!

Here's the details:


Join the Phillies Phanatic at The Beach Club at The Golden Inn of Avalon, Located at Oceanfront at 78th Street in Avalon, Wednesday, July 4, 2012 from 3-4pm. for a meet and greet!

The event is free and open to the public. Bring your camera and your beach towel and enjoy fun under the sun with The Phanatic!

The Golden Inn of Avalon, is the perfect place for a summer vacation.  Steps from the beach, The Golden Inn has represented the best of the Jersey seashore for nearly half a century.

Cherry Crest Adventure Farm

Cherry Crest Adventure Farm, home of the 17th Annual Amazing Maize Maze®, kicked off its Spring Season on May 26th. The farm is agreat experience for families. They offer over 30 farm-related activities from the popular Baby Chicks Hatchery and Lil’ Farmers Playland to the Express Wagon Ride, Giant Hay Chute Slide, Giant Jump Pillows and Straw Bale Racer, Farm Tour Wagon Ride and Singing Chicken Show. Guests can also visit a baby farm animal and get a sneak preview of this year’s “Batter Up!” Amazing Maize Maze design during its growing and grooming stages.  A special spring lunch menu of kettle corn and fresh squeezed lemonade is also available at the Barnyard and Chuck Wagon Cafes.   

Spring Season admission is $10.00 for all ages 3 and up. If you plan to visit again, take advantage of their Boomerang Special by purchasing a Summer Season admission pass for only $15.00 (all ages 3 and up). Visit as often as you’d like, through September 21st (some restrictions apply) for FREE with your pass. Children age 2 and under are always admitted free of charge. 

The farm’s Summer Season, which features over 50 farm fun activities, and the new Amazing Maize Maze, begins July 3rd.

I had the chance to visit Cherry Crest Adventure Farm back in 2010 and I can't wait to go back this summer!

Cherry Crest Adventure Farm is located at 150 Cherry Hill Road in Ronks (PA) – about 12 miles east of Lancaster off of Rt. 741.  Complete details and seasonal schedules are featured at, or call toll free 1-866-546-1799.