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7 Things Loved By My Family at Moreys Piers

We took a lovely jaunt over Father's Day weekend to one of the very few shore towns that I have NOT stayed at yet!  I know. You have a hard time believing that, don't you? ha. But it's true. I'll be honest with you.  Real is why you come here and honestly, you've come to expect me to be REAL with you, right? 

Wildwood has never been one of my favorite places to visit.  We'd go there when we stayed in Cape May to have some fun on the boardwalk - but I would have NEVER in a million years have considered staying there.  I just didn't feel it was safe.  I thought there were some scary parts of town that I felt would not be smart to visit with small kids.  I thought the same about Atlantic City & I gave them a '2nd shot' with Boston 3 years ago.  I saw there that they were really trying to clean it up - but unfortunately, I haven't been back with kids yet.  So hopefully we'll have an awakening with AC like we did with Wildwood over Father's Day Weekend!

In case you didn't notice by the title....but we LOVED our visit there. 

And I'll tell you - it's one reason & ONE reason alone why - MOREY'S PIERS.

Yes. There are still parts of town that I felt uncomfortable in.  I won't lie.  But Morey's Piers is different. MUCH MUCH DIFFERENT. 

7 Things Loved By My Family At Morey's Piers


1) THE MOREY FAMILY.  As you know in my love of travels and sharing here - I am a sucker for a real life story.  And the story behind the magic of Morey's Piers was so fun to see!  I missed a special cocktail event because well.... traveling with a toddler puts a vice grip on my plans. lol Truth be told.  But I did get a great break to really wander the hotel we were staying in and read the walls.  For. Like. HOURS. 


2) THE PAN AMERICAN HOTEL.  What a CLASSY place!!  You know me - I'm a sucker for amenities so when I saw the Philosophy products in the gorgeous bathrooms?  I died and went to bath time heaven!!  I've stayed at thousands of places.  And if there is one consistent thing that tells me the character and class of the place - it's the toiletries!!  Everywhere you turn in this hotel you see a story.  You can get caught up in the walls of time beginning with the ride down the road with the big spinning Pan American sign in the back of an old pickup truck!  (And the chairs in the lobby are the coolest chairs I've ever seen!)


3)  THE PIERS.  Notice I didn't say the Boardwalk.  Cause until they stop allowing people to smoke and flick their ashes on me and my kids - I'm not a fan of the boardwalk at all.  (And I'm not a smoke-snob.  Both of my parents smoke heavily their entire lives.  I just don't believe that it should be allowed in a public place like that.  It really bothers me when I walk up to a store and their workers are standing in their doorways trying to get me to come in there and their stink cigs behind their ears and in their hands.  GROSS!  There are way too many little kids running around on that boardwalk - there shouldn't be any smoking.  But if you are like me in that? GET ON THE PIERS!!  Cause the Morey family does it right.  NO SMOKING ALLOWED.


3) THE FUN on THE PIERS.  Yeah.  You can find so much to do on those three piers that you never need to hit the boardwalk or the streets of Wildwood if you're a fuddy-dutty-like me.  And honestly, there are many out of towners that need that 'comfortable place'.  Morey's Piers have so many really fun things to do! I died after finding out there was THREE piers to PLAY!  The Ghost Ship & Kong were our favorite rides.  LOVED them.  


4) THE FOOD.  When I think about beach & boardwalk food - I think cotton candy, pizza, 'snack bar' type food.  But not at MOREYS PIERS!!  When we arrived they gave us a ton of generous coupons to experience all the food at the piers & I am so glad they did!!  The last day, I ended up sharing some of them with a sweet woman we met at the waterparks who was there from Illinois (where I'm from). Cause honestly, I felt bad with all the talk I made about the 

5)  THE WATER PARKS.  Seriously one of the coolest thing ever is enjoying a WATER PARK while near the ocean!  The PIers really have a couple cool water parks that everyone has to take advantage of when in Wildwood.  Being a kid from the midwest and never even seeing the ocean till much later in my college years, the only water fun we got were water parks.   I grew up in a boat on a dirty lake in southern Illinois.  Our 'special treat' was hitting a water park.  So to be a kid and have the ocean at your fingertips?  I can't even IMAGINE what a cool opportunity that is. The #1 thing that I love most from my move to Philly is that we are within a couple hours drive of the shore.  From Cape May to LBI - I am forever in love with it.  Add a boardwalk AND a waterpark?  Totally died and gone to heaven reliving my childhood with my son at the 

6)  THE HISTORY.  More than one occasion my family had to distract me to STOP looking at all the images on the walls at the Pan American Hotel!!  I stopped every time so that I could read, snap and share the great history of Morey's Piers!  

7) OH-MY-THE-ORANGEAIDES.  Seriously.  I should be embarrassed with how many orangeaides I had on those piers!!!  My mouth is watering now for one dangit.    

Now check out their fun History YouTube video:

Visit Philly


Really Visit Philly


I've lived in this uber awesome town for almost 7 years!  I can't believe it.  The time has flown by.  And I'll be totally honest with you when my husband said 'I got a job offer in Philly' I kind of snarled.  I had never been to Philadelphia before and the city didn't have the best reputation from what I had heard. 

But when we arrived and I finally got to see and 'visit Philadelphia' as a tourist would, I quickly realized there was so much more to this city than what anyone could tell me that didn't live here. The secret little places from City Tavern where our dignitaries once came after a long day at the office.  No big deal. JUST WRITING THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE!  Awesome, right?

So many secret little places in Philadelphia that visitors can truly learn and experience our countries heritage.  You know what else Philly has that isn't like any other city?  FUNKY FAST STOPS!  That's what I call 'fun-out of the box-unique places-to see on the fly'!

For the Three Stooges Fans

The Stooges have a Museum in Philly called the Stoogeum!  Get it - Stooges and Museum? Ha. Love it.  The Stoogeum is the first and only museum for the Stooges with over 100,000 pieces of Stoogiabilia.  (Yes. That is a REAL WORLD.)  The Stoogeum is also home to the Three Stooges Fan Club.  From artifacts to artwork dating back from 1917 to today - you're sure to remember something fabulous from your childhood!  (I use to watch the Stooges with my grandpa and this place brought me back to those memories!)

YES! Pizza Brain in Guiness Book of Records!For the Pizza Lovers

Pizza Brain located in the Fishtown section of Philly is the first pizza culture museum and shop.  This fun shop has everything from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles memorabilia to more facts you can handle about pizza!  All truth and backed by the Guiness Book of World Records, thank you.  Fun for the whole family for sure!

For the Shoe Shopping Addict

Ok, so you won't be able to fuel your addiction if you really are a shoe addict but you will be able to have some fun learning all about SHOES at the Shoe Museum at Temple University!  This museum is home to over 900 pairs of shoes and 250 of them are on display!

From celebrities, former presidents to even a circus giants size 18 pair of shoes, you will definitely get the shoe buzz visiting this quirky place in Philly!  This museum isn't one you can just 'stop by' as you'll have to make an appointment but it's well worth it for any shoe lover!

Staying in Philly

Of course you need to find a place to stay.  I'd love to have you at my house but my 5 year old might talk your ear of and my 1 year old might eat your food. Sooo..with that being said - the best place to find the best deals for staying in Philly is the website  There you'll see the latest and greatest places to stay that works with Visit Philly to offer the best deals.  In this deal you get 2 nights accomodation, free parking (MEGA value there!) and a fab With Love, Philadelphia XOXO Welcome Gift!

So what are you waiting for!  Come Visit Philly!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Visit Philadelphia. The opinions and text are all mine.

Philadelphia is the perfect spot for a getaway! Stay for any two consecutive nights at one of twenty participating hotels and your car stays free! For more information and to book your room



This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Visit Philadelphia. The opinions and text are all mine.

Breakfast with Santa at the Golden Inn

Ho, Ho, Ho with a touch of sand and you have the perfect way to celebrate the holiday season! Santa will be arriving beach side at The Golden Inn of Avalon on Sunday December 15 and Sunday, December 22, 2013 for a special breakfast and a visit with Santa.

No matter if you have been good or bad, this is a breakfast that you won’t want to miss!  Seating begins at 8a.m. with the last seating at11 a.m. The cost is $9.95 for children ages 12 and under and $14.95 for adults. The menu includes scrambled eggs, home fries, bacon, turkey sausage, fresh fruit blintz, build your own pancakes, fruit salad, Danish, pastries and cookies.


Kids of all ages can write their holiday list and give it to Santa and in a couple of days they will receive a personalized letter back from Santa!

Reservations are a must and space is limited! For more information about The Golden Inn call 609.368.5155 or log onto

About the Golden Inn

The Golden Inn is located at 7849 Dune Drive in Avalon. Open 365 days a year, The Golden Inn of Avalon, is the perfect place for a summer vacation or a getaway anytime!  Just steps from the beach, The Golden inn features 154 guest rooms are equipped with 27-inch color televisions, individual temperature controls and – in many cases – breathtaking ocean views.

Celebrate the Magic of the Season at Congress Hall

You all know how much I love Congress Hall in Cape May. The fun doesn't just end when the summer comes to an end. Congress Hall hosts some great holiday events that you will not want to miss!

Breakfast with Santa

Jolly old St. Nick himself invites you to have breakfast with him and his pal, "Blue" the pig every Saturday this holiday season in the magical Ballroom at Congress Hall. Enjoy all of your breakfast favorites while you snap some photos with Santa and fill him in on your Christmas wishes. 

**SPECIAL** Save 20% off for November 30th if booked by November 26th. 

Adults: $15.95 | Children 4-12: $9.95 | 3 and under FREE

The Santaland Diaries

Join Congress Hall for Lunch and a Show on Sunday afternoons or Dinner and a Show on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday at the Blue Pig Tavern. Enjoy a 3-course meal along with your show ticket to a Cape May Stage Production of David Sedaris' hillarious one-man play. For mature elves only. 

General admission tickets are $25. 
$39 for lunch and ticket - 3pm
$59 for dinner and ticket - 7:30 pm

To make your reservation for either Congress Hall events, please call (609) 884-8422. 

Travel with an Infant to Disney

Travel with an 
Infant to Disney


Why yes! I did just get back from Disney World!  I was invited to attend the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration for the first time and I had to get my family there for sure!! 

I flew in with Boston & Hudson (ahem-yes-I traveled with a 10 week old A.L.O.N.E!) on Thursday.  My husband arrived on Friday and we played all weekend till this morning when we returned home.

I have to admit... as much as I am a travel PRO - I wasn't too sure about traveling with an almost 5 year old and a TEN WEEK OLD.  Yes.  10 weeks.  That's a whopping only 70 days old baby.  

And the great news is that HE WAS AN AMAZING little traveler!!

I did learn a few things along with way that I'd LOVE to share with you. 

Please note-I'm in NO WAY a "DISNEY EXPERT".  I actually have only been there 3 times.  This being the 3rd.  Each time I learn a little something new.  That place can be incredibly overwhelming for newcomers-add a BABY to the fold?  Could mean a yes or no on your family go. 


*DON'T FORGET TO PACK ENOUGH FORMULA - Yes.  I ran out.  (YES. Gasp. I'm NOT please refrain from hassling me on that one. My boobs don't work-'nuff said.)  I ended up having to buy the already mixed formula in the gift shop and it wasn't the same brand.  Um.  MEGA blowouts for 2 days.  Poor baby.  He didn't complain at all.  In fact he loved the formula...but his body and that quick switch isn't the best thing for a baby.

*BRING A SUPER LIGHT COVER TO SHIELD FROM THE SUN - The sun in Orlando is HOT HOT HOT.  I brought a really lightweight cover and laid it over the top of our stroller.  It was a lifesaver!!  The cover was breathable and he didn't burn while tramping around the parks.  *Note, some strollers have special spf screens or covers for them.  If your stroller offers it-BUY IT!  It's worth it in the end.

*HAVE A SPRAYBOTTLE HANDY - Yes.  We got suckered into buying another one of the Disney misty thingys that are fans that spray water.  We already have one at home-but why would I be brilliant enough to pack that one?  Ugh.  Anything will do...but have one.  Babies get hot easy and some misting might make them feel better.

*PLAN TO NOT HAVE A PLAN - We actually didn't have a plan other than the events I had to take part in with the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration that I was there for.  But we decided to take it easy the entire time.  If we could fit something in - we did... if not... we just went with the flow.  By not 'planning' every second we were able to relax a bit.

*STAY AT A RESORT ACCESSIBLE BY MONORAIL - This was a big one that I learned.  By using the monorail, the baby was able to stay in the stroller and I just tipped the stroller and drove it up onto the platform.  If you take the strollers with a baby on a bus (which we had to do to get to Downtown Disney) then you have to have someone hold the baby and break down the stroller - then hold the baby the entire ride there...and on the way back.  The monorail was great for convenience with the dude and the stroller.

*BRING A BABY CARRIER - I honestly only used this when doing the travel there and back part.  It was great on the airplane to have him hands free.  It helped him sleep the entire time both ways!  WINNER!  But I can tell you that there are some rides that allow babies to ride!  Can you believe it?!?!  (THANK YOU Joovy!)

*BABY RIDES - YES!  There are some rides that allow the babes!  I about flipped when they said there were.  Hudson, my 10 week old got to ride the Toy Story, Peter Pan Ride, It's a Small World, Under the Sea at Epcot and a few others!!  I highly suggest the baby carrier when going on those rides....but you can hold your little peanut too!

Disney Art of Animation Resort

Disney Art of Animation Resort


This past month my family and I were invited to take part in the mega grand opening of the new Fantasyland at Disney World!  We had the best time ever.  My sister came along to help while I had events to participate in and it turned out to be such a perfect time to visit.

We went to Disney in May for my 4 year old's birthday and honestly it was the very first time we had ever been there before!  I know, right? ha.  

So for the next few weeks as all start dreaming of heading to warmer territory I'm going to share certain aspects of our outstanding trip.  

#1 on deck is the SUPER AWESOME resort we were put up in!

Art of Animation Resort in Orlando, Florida

This is a super awesome place for any kid or family that has a Cars fan!  

5 Reasons to Stay at Art of Animation Resort


* The resort comes to LIFE!  There are 3 different areas at the hotel. Lion King, Finding Nemo, The Little Mermaid & Cars are fully decorated with life size fun! We actually stayed in the Cars section and we couldn't have been happier!

* An animation artist walks around the resort and makes awesome cartoon art out of soap water!  Yes SOAP WATER!  The guy that was doing it the entire time we were there was awesome with kids.  He would strike up a conversation with kids and carry these tiny turtles in his pocket so when he asked the kids trivia question he had a little prize for them!  It was super cute to see the kids' at the resort interact with the artist.  And to think he could draw Mickey out of soap water and a broom?  Awesome!

*The Big Blue Pool is the largest pool on any of the Disney Properties!  I loved spending time in the pool area.  Thankfully the weather was perfect for us to sit out and catch some rays a bit in December.  There are 3 pools on the grounds at this resort with this one being the largest of them all.  What's REALLY cool about this pool is that when you go underwater, you can hear your favorite Disney tunes!  Underwater speakers belt out the amazing tunes from the Finding Nemo movie.  There is also a Schoolyard Playground right behind the pool where the smaller kids and splash around on the really soft pads and fountains of fun.

*Staying in the rooms are like living in a movie!  The areas of the hotel are so well thought out.  I can really only speak of where my family stayed. The Radiator Springs section of the resort.  Our room was PERFECT for us.  There were 4 of us - 3 adult and one child.  So for the Cars Family Suite we had 2 full-size beds & the pull out fullsize couch.  The bedroom has a spare bathroom with lots of space in the gorgeous stand up shower. (GREAT shower head!)  The dining table is a Murphy type bed.  (Can I tell you I'd LOVE to buy this for the play room in our house so we have a place for guests to stay!!  LOVED it!  Very comfy and perfect to give more space in the rooms.  Everything in the suite is something you might see in the movie. 

*Free & fast transportation to all the parks.  This is a great perk with any of the Disney resorts.  Their transportation system is outstanding!!!  But we barely had to wait for any of the busses when we were there.  Either going to the parks or returning to the resort.  A HUGE plus.

 Check out my video of the room at the Art of Animation Resort

Gaylord National ICE 2012

Gaylord National ICE 2012


This weekend my family embarked on a quick getaway to check out the Christmas in July ICE 2012 announcement at Gaylord National Resort near Washington DC.

It was a great time!  I've always been a fan of the Gaylord Hotel family-but after visiting Gaylord National this past holiday season to see their amazing ICE! Spectactular-I'm forever sold on this property and their Christmas on the Potomac tradition!

We had an amazing time.

We arrived late Friday night, checked and got ready for a big day on Saturday.

Saturday, we had a tasty breakfast at The Pienza Restaurant this got out and walked around National Harbor.

We hit up the Peeps store (that Boston LOVED!!) and a few other great places around there then headed back to the hotel. 

Around 3p the party began!  Boston was so excited to see some of the great characters at the hotel.  SHREK runs that place! lol  And after the announcement of their theme this year-Shrek REALLY has the run of the place!

Shrek The Halls is this holiday theme.  ICE! is an AMAZING family opportunity to make memories.  

Here are more details:

*Two million twinking lights, nightly indoor snowfall, gorgeous lit dancing water fountains set to holiday tunes and a stunning 60 foot glass Tree of Light!  (The Tree is OUTSTANDING!!!)

*Two million pounds of hand carved, colorful ice sculptures & slides!!

*Exeprience the DreamWorks - themed adventure wit the Christmasy DreamWorks experience!  Shrek, Madagascar & Kung Fu Panda!  

*Enjoy a ShrekFeast, buffet breakfast with your favorite characters from Shrek! (Um. HELLO.  They have a GREEN CHOCOLATE fountain!!!)

November 16, 2012 - January 6, 2013 

Get tix by Monday October 1, 2012 & get a great Early Bird Discount!  

 There are many packages to choose from when you visit the Gaylord National website-but here's an example of my personal favorite!


2-Night Package Details

Availability: Select dates November 16, 2012 through January 6, 2013
Duration: 2 nights (for extra nights and atrium upgrades, call 301-965-4000)

Package price: Two occupant minimum 
(for single occupancy, call 301-965-4000)

Starting at $219* per night for first two occupants, plus tax, 
resort fee and parking

Additional Occupants

  • Each extra adult or child (ages 4 and older): $49 plus tax
  • Baby (ages 3 and under): FREE

Package includes:

  • Two night room accommodations at Gaylord National Resort
  • Tickets and front of the line access to ICE! featuring DreamWorks' Shrek the Halls
  • ShrekFeast Interactive Character Meal
  • "Character Passport" Meet & Greets
  • DreamWorks Themed Scavenger Hunt
  • DreamWorks Welcome Amenity with Package Check-In
  • and even Special Wake-Up Calls by DreamWorks Characters!
  • Souvenir Family Photo


Must Do: #Duality #HowIDoAC

Must Do: #Duality #HowIDoAC

On 4th of July I got the opportunity to head to Atlantic City, NJ with my 4 year old to experince so many great new things they brought to the city in celebration of the 4th of July.

We stayed at the BEAUTIFUL Golden Nugget Hotel.  The rooms were spectacular.  They had gorgeous leather "L"-shaped couches, great views and a very comfy bed. Very modern decor and GREAT bathroom amenities!!

(Here's my quick view of the Golden Nugget Hotel via video:

We met at the pool in a private area to meet folks from the Atlantic City Alliance.  The ACA is a newly created non-profit entity funded and overseen by the city's casinos.  Their mission is really to bring more tourism into the area by showcasing the great places in town-outside of the casinos.  

GREAT job in my eyes!  

I have to admit-I've NEVER thought of AC as a 'family friendly destination'.  At ALL.  

But I have to give them big credit for really trying.  And if you follow the hashtag #HowIDoAC on Twitter you'll see what a great time so many people are having!

After meeting at the pool my son and I got cleaned up to head to Boardwalk Hall to the press dinner, viewing of fireworks, hearing Kevin Rudolf rock & checking out Atlantic City's hottest and newest attraction-a sound and light show called Duality.  Duality is a permanent show occuring twice an hour after dark up until 2am all year long.  This isn't just 'any old light show'...this is a $3 million dollar light show!!  

You have got to check this thing out.  AMAZiNG is not even the word for it.

Disney Fantasy Cruise

Disney Fantasy: Playing Mrs. Potato HeadDisney Fantasy

Cruise Christening

This past Thursday evening I got the opportunity to take part in a magical Disney event that happened in New York City.  

To say this was a celebration is completely and totally not doing the evening justice!!

I was invited to stay at Ink48 Hotel and enjoy a night at the Christening of the Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship!

Since I haven't ever 'been to Disney' (I know-pathetic, right? lol) or have I even ever been on a Cruise...I really had no idea what to expect.

Of course we have ALL seen the movie Titanic..and can you believe that was the first thing I thought of when we embarked on this ship?? Seriously!  As soon as we walked through the front doors there were mater dei's lined up to greet us.  Just like in the movie! ha And I can honestly say I have NEVER seen more champagne in my life!!!

My friend Debbie from Mamanista is so awesome at taking me under her wings at these type of things.  I mean, I've done some pretty awesome things in my radio career-but for some reason-when I hit the big city of New York that good ol' country girl comes out of me!!  And I get so overwhelmed!  I can proudly say that I'm getting better at the NYC trips after going so many times (HENCE-I bring spare shoes! lol) but she's so amazing with showing me the ropes.

This extremely handsome Parisian man looks at me and goes in the HOTTEST accent ever 'Care for a champagne, madam?'  and I ahem...about died.  Deb looked at me-I looked at her and we both just about bust out laughing.  Of course because this country chic was shining through.  She grabbed the champagne and I grabbed the sparkling-strawberry-mint-like-I-have-no-idea-what-was-in-it-but-it-was-tasty-non-alcoholic-drink and we entered the foyer.

It was gorgeous!  Disney characters were etched in every single piece of this ship!  From the mirrors shaped like Mickey in the bathrooms to the gold plates on the walls with characters-there was no mistaken that this was a magical place!

The didn't hold ANYTHING back in the party!  Neil Patrick Harris was the host of the evening entertainment...great songs from their cruise shows...visit from Mary Poppins....standup by Jerry Seinfeld...

Did I mention the celebrities JUST there to celebrate?  Yeah!  Ty Pennington and some of the cast from The Revolution were there...Mayor Bloomberg stopped by....and you KNOW it's a big deal with the CEO of Disney takes the mic!

Mariah Carey and her hubby were there.  She was the Fairy Godmother of the Ship.  That was cool since now she's a mom and really gets it. (Well, sort of. hahaha)

Check out my video recap and be sure to comment if you've ever been on a Disney Cruise!  We are soo going to take one after that experience!


Hershey Lodge Reviews

Fireplace, Hershey Lodge EntranceHershey Lodge Reviews

One of my favorite things to do is travel.  Obviously. I kinda have a 'travel' section on my website.

And I like to think I'm great at picking nuggets that fit my family.  

This past weekend was a big holiday weekend where many families either hopped on a plane or loaded up the car. 

Well..up until about 9pm on Friday night we weren't going to leave the living room!

Hershey Bars at Check-InThen I realized we had 4 tickets to Hershey Park courtesy of the great people at Chevy.  ((Side note:  NO, they did not pay me to endorse them-but they TOTALLY have the BEST social media practice of all the car companies in the world.  SERIOUSLY. )) last minute I hopped online to see about their hotels.  Seems everytime I go to see if they have availability, I always get the 'contact reservations-nothing matches your inquiry at this time' type response.  

So, I called..and after 9 minutes, 54 seconds on hold ((I know cause I told my husband I'm hanging up if it hits 10 minutes)) I finally got a friendly reservationist.  

Hershey Kisses on the Wallpaper!They had one room at Hershey Lodge avail with a king bed.  Price:  $250 a night (($289 with tax)).  For sh*ts and giggles I asked about the Hershey Hotel rooms.  Yes.  One avail.  Price:  $489 ((YES....A NIGHT!!))

So, we decided to go for the poor mans special.

The $289 a night Hershey Lodge.

Now mind you, I had envisioned this "Lodge" like something you'd find in the Poconos.  

The trip took about an hour and a half to get there from Philly.  Not bad!  For some reason I was under the impression it was a lot further than that.  Now I know.

Reese's Guy with BostonWe got to the hotel, checked in and they gave us a special treat.... CHOCOLATE BARS.

THAT was kinda fun.  

We went up to our room and dropped off our stuff.  We didn't bring much since we were only going to stay the night and return the next day.  The room was average.  Very comparable to a Sheraton Suites or a Marriott.  

*NOTE:  I may be wrong, but don't recall paying upwards of $300 for either of those hotels.  $200 tops.  So the price that we paid for the Hershey Lodge wasn't the value we had expected.  And if we would have spent $600 for two nights, I would not have been a happy camper.  But since it was one night-not a big deal.

Kit Kat guy!They did have Hershey Kisses on the walls.  Yes.  In the wall paper.  

Another great thing they do at the resort is that they have a 'Kids Check-In'.  We missed it cause we were at HersheyPark but I thought it was really cool that they do that.  It definitely did well in the 'resort' area.  The check-in for kids, they from 2p-6p daily.  They give the kids their own 'key' and do other things like treats, etc.  

When we got back from Hershey Park I noticed they had someone from the Zoo there on the lawn with kids around them.  The man was holding a boa snake.  Boston was snoring so we didn't make it down there.  But I did notice they had a snowcone machine too.  



A couple things I noticed they did well:

*Biodegradable stuff.  Yes...they were on the 'save our planet' train like other hotel chains have done.  Great work.  Things like 'reuse your towels' and even a 'biodegradable showercap.'

*I'm a product junkie.  Hershey Lodge uses its own Chocolate Blend of products.  Chocolate Shampoo anyone?!?!?!  I rate a hotel on what kind of products they leave for you to use in the bathroom.  Congress Hall uses Aveda, W Hotel in Times Square uses Bliss, Avalon Golden Inn uses Bath & Body Works...and so on. YOU get the picture.  =)

Big smile and BIG strawberry Milk!*The Hershey Characters visited from 10-11a on Sunday morning.  Boston loved giving them a 'high five'.

*They have many things to choose from if you have a rainy day.  Like, Mini Golf, game room, etc.  We didn't see them-nor experience them.  But we knew they were there.

*The Bear's Den restaurant had GREAT stuff to keep the kids occupied!  They give out Wikki Stix.  (Their story is awesome...check them out sometime!)  Not only do they give them out-they display the artwork that kids make while there.  LOVED it!  I had to take pictures of it.

*Their gift shop had unique goodies in there.  Yes.  I'm a sucka for chotskies.  I won't pay silly amount of cash for something that is useless but if I find something fun in a gift shop or such I'll get it.  My son is a DIE HARD strawberry milk kid.  I think it's more psychological than anything.  Ever since he was tiny my husband use to take him to get 'strawberry milk and a donut' on the weekends at Dunkin Donuts. And it has just stuck.

So their gift shop had this almost lifesize bottle of strawberry syrup.  And it was a piggie bank.  So of course the SUCKA novelty lover I am got one for Boston.  I figured he'd toss it aside but turns out he loved it.  

Made me smile...not because I know how HORRIBLE that stuff is for my kid...but because it entails a memory that child will have for the rest of his life.  'Going with daddy to get strawberry milk and a donut' might be up there like 'hearing about the birds and the bees'.  NO!?!?!??!  Ok.  maybe not then.  

Oh well.  At least now he thinks we have to snag all of daddy's money and fill up our bottle so we can take a trip to Disney World!! hahaha. ((He's still at a great brainwashing age, ya know?))

You can't see the pic very well since it was after dinner and late when I took it.  But you can make out the smile and the bottle, right?!?!?!  


*Hershey Lodge is a great place to stay if you head to Hershey, Pa.  It is definitely a bit overpriced...but I can't complain too much since we just came and went in 24 hours.  They did exceed the 'family options' though.

Have you been to Hershey? Where did you stay?

Check back to see our review of Chocolate World and Hershey Park.. 


DISCLAIMER:  This is my HONEST opinion of my experience.  No one knew I was coming....nor did I get any 'special' treatment to share my review.  My family paid for everything: except the tickets to HersheyPark.  They were provided by Chevy.  We just had a great time and many moments I said to my husband 'I have to write about this!'

Strasburg Railroad Ride with Santa!

Yep.  We went and had a BLAST!  Had to get bundled it was FREEZING.  My husband didn't bring a coat...and I told him he's gonna freeze!! 

He froze.  =)

Anyway, if you're looking for a totally different way to enjoy Santa AND trains - take your kids to Strasburg Railroad for the Santa Paradise Express.  They have carolers and musicians all dressed in traditional holiday attire. 

You can even make it a lunch date!  We just road coach...but realized the lunch car would have been awesome. 

Check out our little day of trains and fun!