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Top 5 Faves of the 2015 Chevy Tahoe #TravelTuesday

Top 5 Faves of the 2015 Chevy Tahoe #TravelTuesday


Back in 2006 I had the hottest convertible Mitsubishi Spyder that rocked my hot chic world.  

I got engaged in 2006 and 3 months later I was at a live broadcast with the station I was on at a car dealership.  And.... long story short-I traded in my convertible that day and bawled the whole way home because I traded in my hot-chic-in-her-20s-car for a "MOM MOBILE".  Bawled.The.Whole.Way. lol

Here I am, almost 10 years later and it's time to trade that little mommy in for a Mom-Monster.  Destination Mobile.  Travel Companion. Soccer Chauffer.  You know... 'BIG KID STUFF'. 

My 2004 Mitsubishi Endeavor has so many pretty bumps and scratches, I hate to see it even getting bought...but those beauty marks are what makes it special.  One of them, made by my husband when he hit a tree stump at my parents house.  Ahem.  Another one?  MADE BY MY HUSBAND. Yeah.  He's not a good driver...but I digress. 

So this year, I've partnered with Chevy and between now and January I'm going to test drive their SUVs to see where I 'fit' in.  Of course Chevy has many different parts to the GM family including Buick, Cadillac, Chevy & GMC.  I of course know what I need - but I don't know what I want.  And since I'm going to be driving this beast for another decade - I want to get down and dirty (including the left over cheeze nips) with their automobiles and put them all to the test. 

Here, I'm going to give you my Top 5 Faves of each vehicle.  I sure hope you help me figure it out!!  Cause man alive.  This is a major decision.  Kind of like deciding to get married, have kids, buy a house, moving to Philly..... 

First off... I'm not a 'car person'.  I don't believe in driving a crazy expensive car and live in an apartment or a town home.  I believe in what will get me from point A to point B.  (Of course, who DOESN'T like to look good while doing it!)  So, I'm not going for the 'shiny object'.  I'm HONESTLY going to PAY for my choice so why not go on this journey together!

I know what I can afford.  I know I do NOT want a minivan.  (GAG.)  I know that I need something with a HUGE trunk space.  I also want USB ports cause my car charger stinks and DUH it is 2014!!!  So with that being said... everything else is gravy. 

Top 5 Faves of the 2015 Chevy Tahoe

1)  The SENSORS.  Whoaaaa - the sensors! My husband wasn't a fan of his butt vibrating when he got too close to the side or another car - but I like it! ha.  Check out the video on what he said about that. 

2)  Automated 3rd Row Seating - THIS IS HUGE.  Probably the biggest thing my oldest loved.  The buckets in the 2nd row was great to get around to get to the 3rd row.  And the fact its a tiny button that gets pushed?  SWEET!

3) SIDE BLIND ZONE ALERT WITH LANE DEPARTURE - Yeah, so this goes along with #1.  There are SOOO many flashing lights, vibration, beeps... you are sure to not fall asleep at the wheel!  It's a great thing.  I can't even begin to tell you how many times I've ALMOST hit a car because I didn't see them in my blind spot.  This Tahoe?  You will KNOW if there is one in your blind spot!

4)  RAIN SENSING WINDSHIELD WIPERS - And might I add - wipers that don't scream at me cause I need new ones!!  (Here it scratching when it moves. UGH = MY CURRENT CAR.)  Seriously though... this Tahoe pretty much drives itself!

5) THE DASHBOARD AND A 110 VOLT FREAKING AC POWER OUTLET!! - Can you believe that?  I can actually PLUG my PLUG into A 3-PRONG-OUTLET!  Modern tech.  Motherly heaven for sure!!  Not to mention - I counted at LEAST 5 freaking USB ports!!  This is seriously the mac-mommy of automobiles. 

Overall - I loved the smooth ride, the Power Sunroof with bug catcher, the rear seat entertainment, the xm radio with WIFI, the backup sensor on screen, the fact that the mirrors move when you back up, the steering column and the adaptive cruise control that breaks you automatically when you get too close to another car!!

It's the bomb.  In every way.  

The only thing about this SUV that will keep me from buying it?

The size.  IT'S A FREAKING BEAST.  The back is longer than I think I want to handle.  

And the price.  Whoa.   I'm being honest here.  

The 2015 Tahoe that I test drove has a sticker price: $69,630.  

Yeah. $70K is a LOT of money for an automobile.  The base price without all the bells & whistles is around $45K.  That's still a lot and definitely out of our range.  BUT, if we LIVED in it?  I'd make it work.  Cause it's AWESOME!



** Please note:  I REALLY am going to buy a new car.  And I REALLY am giving you my honest reviews.  I was teased with driving their automobiles - but in the end - I'm picking AND paying.

Travel Heaven with AT&T GoPhone


I travel. 


And it's not always to the grocery store, ya know. 

As a mom on the go, I use my phone & internet almost as much as I travel. 


At Blogger Bash this past July, I happened to meet the team behind the AT&T mobile hotspots.  As an AT&T customer personally for the past 7 years - I had no idea that they had such a thing.  I mean, I knew they had some sort of tethering opportunity for cell phones, but I was grandfathered in by their 'unlimited talk & text' programming.  And a mobile hotspot addition would have made my good deal - gone.  So when I heard about the AT&T Unite Pro Mobile Hotspot it totally peaked my attention.  

Isn't technology just awesome these days?  I mean seriously.  My mom had a BAG PHONE!  Remember those?  Now we are connected from all angles.  Sometimes I think of the world connected along with myself all the time as a blessing or a curse.  But then I realize, it's just like sitting down to a cake.  MODERATION!  Know when to turn it off, MOMS!  lol (Work in progress in our house!)

Back to my amount of traveling.  Yeah... I've been on about 25 different trips this year.  And that's NOT including the train rides to NYC (which I'm doing right now by the way...)  I've been to NYC probably about 20 other times as well & no offense Amtrak - but the internet is BRUTALLY slow on the train.  

That's why when AT&T offered to send me the GoPhone by NETGEAR to review - I was all over it.  I wanted something that I could 'pay as I go' plan.  Not something that I have to pay a big chunk and then if I don't use it - it's gone.  And that's what is great about the GoPhone!

With this small device you can add money to the usage or put it in the closet until your next trip comes around!  What I love about it is that no matter what you're doing or where you are - from soccer to camping - being connected in essential!  I know we need to 'turn it off' sometimes - but we also need to be sure we have connection in case of emergency, for sure.  The AT&T Unite for GoPhone by NETGEAR gives families secure Internet access to be connected on the go.  I love that you can connect up to 10 devices at once!     Plus, it's secure internet access via AT&T's 4G LTE network, 10 hours of battery life, touchscreen, and the price rocks!  For just shy of $100 you get no annual contract, no credit check, no monthly commitment and no hassle!  

Grab yours at Amazon, Wal-Mart & Best Buy!