Why hello friends!  I'm back with some great info about my trip to Myrtle Beach this past fall!

I feel like this blog has been so quiet lately as I'm busy living.  But we're deep into launching #RealityMoms & our destination retreats for spring, summer & fall!  Be sure to check out our travels at www.RealityMoms.tv!

But before we go too far - I can't forget about my Myrtle Beach trip and the insanely incredible amount of food I found along the way with their recommendations.  Truth be told, while staying in a vacation home my family tends to try and cook all of our foods in the home.  But sometimes we love to get out and explore something yummy too. So this was fun to really get a birds eye view of what's hot for dining out in Myrtle Beach!


This trip was a trip for foodies for sure.  And foo-foo-drinkers.  But if you like cool drinks but not the booze angle?  As a non-alcohol-drinker I always look for drinks that are fun too.  Just because I don't DRINK DRINK, that doesn't mean I don't enjoy a cute glass of something or other too, ya know. lol

 And can I tell you the COOLEST place I ate in Myrtle had the PERFECT frozen drink for me!  ART BURGER Sushi Bar nailed it right out the gate.  Any place that serves me FROZEN SWEET TEA gets an A++++.  As a girl who graduated from college in the land of sweet tea - something is to be said about FREEZING it!  Some of the memorable parts of ART BURGER that is a must see is that they highlight artists and their work.  Sure that isn't anything new for restaurants - but they have tv's set up all over the restaurant where they do DIGITAL art!  That is so brilliant of an idea!  With the digital world - why not add in an art element and keep your walls fresh?! 


The one and only Wicked Tuna. #realmomtravels #relaxinMYR

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This place had the best atmosphere!  I love how it opens up to the water.  The colors of the dining room are another fave!  AND.. the staff.  They just make the place.  Plus, all the seafood is caught, cleaned & cooked right there in the restaurant.  That's super cool.  What's even cooler?  They have a sandwich called The Boston on the menu!  Yes.  My boy Boston was eaten that night for dinner.  haha.  Yummy stuff though.  


We hit this place one day while on the trip and I couldn't stop thinking about the trip I did with my sisters & parents for their 40th wedding anniversary a few years ago.  I remember eating here with my family.  I remember the struggle my dad had with walking then  being up on a pier was difficult for him then.  But he LOVED this restaurant.  I totally remember that part. lol  I came into this restaurant with a bitter sweet feeling.  Part of it was the missing of my parents and the other part was the great memories we shared there.  

Then I saw the menu with Key Lime Pie on it and everything went out the window. ha.  My stomach totally took over my emotions on this one!  And nope.  I did NOT share one bite!  That's how I roll with my Key Lime, ya'all!


I got to try this place when I was at a conference in Asheville, NC a few years back and it is INCREDIBLE!  The biscuits. 

Oh Lawd, the biscuits. 

Tupelo Honey Cafe is located in an adorable corner of the shopping area they called the Grand Strand.  It's a gorgeous place with lots of sitting area and plenty of choices on the menu.  We're talking a Shrimp & Grits type of menu. Fried Chicken & Waffles - you know!  SOUTHERN STYLE!

I also treated myself to a foo-foo drink. The bloody mary's here are like a meal in and of itself!  I love olives, celery, shrimp & GREEN TOMATOES!  They have GREEN bloodies!  Hold the vodka and I was a mom in heaven. 

Last but not least in the southern kitchen of Tupelo Honey?  FRIED GREEN TOMATOES. 


Now...if only I can convince my husband to let me hop on a plane JUST for that Key Lime Pie and Frozen Iced Tea...  We'd seriously have some heavenly Myrtle Beach memories all around!