I don't know if I'm coming or going these days.  I also know that life as I know it at this very moment is going so fast. So So SO OSOSOSOSOSOS ohhh so fast. 

I got all emotional tonite thinking about how fast my boys are growing up.  I mean, I look at images of Boston and he's a BABY.  Then I realize he's freaking 7 years old now.  SEVEN.  Going to be in 2nd grade.  That's just freaking crazy isn't it?

I'm actually scared about it.  Scared that I'm on the cusp of not having kids in diapers anymore.  Scared that my kids are not going to like Elmo or Mickey, Santa and the Easter Bunny & THEN what am I going to do with my life?  I mean, I've fallen off the face of the web this past month because of some personal things going on with a disgruntled former employee and then family illnesses, not to mention I think I slept in my bed 5 nights the past month!!  Seriously!!!  So, I know I haven't shared a thing in regards to Mom 2.0 yet.. and there is a good chance that I might not even tell ya about it.  Not that I don't want to - but I barely have time to breathe right now therefore the thought of writing?  Bwaaa.  I'll ONLY do it when I KNOW it will rock!

So, of course as I was sitting on a flight with my two kids at 1am coming home from home....I realized I have a great post in my head!!!  And it was this one.  So without further ado...humor me will ya?  Check out what I learned on the Disney trip & tell me if I'm crazy, k?

17 Things I Learned at Disney Social Media Moms

1)  I am obsessed with Vinylmation. Oh.My.Gosh.  It started at DSMM 2014 at Disneyland.  And now?  Put my credit card on lockdown!  

2) Just because you THINK you know Disney, you don't really know Disney until you use the MagicBands for the 1st time!!!  Yeah.  My poor family had a few things happen because of my failure to read directions and take the time to plan this trip. Ahem. 

3)  Order the MagicBands EARLY so you get a special ......Catch the rest of our post here!