Tuckerton Seaport Privateers and Pirates Festival: June 6, 2015

Pull out your best  eye patches and join the FUN!!!  It is time again for the brave to board the pirate ship and get your YO HO HO out!  Tuckerton Seaport is hosting their annual Privateers and Pirates Festival!

On Saturday June 6 starting at 11am, Tuckerton Seaport will transform into a Pirate Paradise!

Get ready to join Captain Black as he lands with his crew for a day of Pirate fun!!! For the pirate-at-heart, this is the perfect event for the entire family. Get ready to meet pirates in person, walk the plank (if you dare), enjoy a treasure hunt and learn about the Golden Age of Piracy!!!  Dress to impress as the best pirate costume will be awarded a prize at the end of the day!

There will also be a battle over the Tuckerton Seaport!  Who will you be rooting for?

Enjoy the day with live music and many ARRGH  adventures!!  Here are some other highlights waiting for you and your little Pirates!

  • Interactive Pirate Adventure

  • Pirate Ship Obstacle Course

  • “Pirates for Sail” Live Band

  • Treasure Hunt

  • Pose on the Plank

  • Costume Contest

  • Learn About the Golden Age of Piracy

  • Battle for Tuckerton Seaport

  • Scurvy Mutineers Sword Fight Show

  • Pirate Meet & Greet

  • Pirate Duel Show

  • Watch the Parrot Pirate Party

  • food court

  • make and take crafts

The price for all this fun??  $8 for adults, $6 for seniors, $3 for children!!!