I can assure you that I've said this to my family at least 25 times in the past 5 years.  

"I Want to Go on an RV Trip!"

I do.  But I want to do more than that.  I want to experience what it's like to take my kids camping.  I don't think my husband has camped a day in his life.  It's not his thing.  (Sadly, if it doesn't have intense air conditioning and ESPN, I don't have a chance to ever get him in the woods!)  Well, maybe.  Maybe there is this chance that camping can come to fruition with an RV, right?  That's air conditioning and tv! lol

Some of my fondest childhood memories are when my grandparents would take my cousins and I camping or in their RV.  We actually called it a 'camper' when I was little but they had this crazy awesome 'camper' that was like living in a mansion with all the bells and whistles!  I use to always sleep on the table that my grandma made into a bed.  Crab Orchard or Rend Lake in southern Illinois were the hot spots for us.  Crab Orchard Lake, in Carbondale, Illinois was where we spent many of hot, muggy, midwest nights.  Oh gramps.  Wish you were still here....you made that experience always so fun. 

Here I am as an adult, I try to live in the moment more.  Turn things off and focus on being present with my kids. My kids are my life.  They are the one constant positive in my life that helps keep me grounded.  Maybe I plan a little trip JUST with my kids in an RV.  Whoa.  How would that work?  It's a must plan for that bucket list. 

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