Being an ambassador for Hershey has really been an awesome hit in my family!

Depressing enough, my tenure is coming to an end... sad but true.  But I do have some really amazing fond memories of the land of chocolate!

As my #RealMomTravels lead me to all different places around the world to experience - the number one thing I look for in travels is 'What is their story?"  Hershey, Cape May, even Disneyland I found such beautiful stories about their history and if I can put a family spin or leaning lesson into anything?  I'm in!

Hershey, Pennsylvania about an hour 1/2 from Philly.  And if you live on the East coast - you have a shot to get there from your part of the country!


1) Hershey's Chocolate World - this is a staple in every Hershey visit!  Plus?  OMG. Get a $5 peanut butter milkshake. It's To.Die.For. And you get a commemorative Hershey cup! Hmmmm. Hershey's Chocolate World is right next the HersheyPark so you can surely beat the heat with an icecream milkshake!

2) Holidays - Chocolate and holidays go together well!  In fact - HELLO - Valentine's Day deals galore!

3) The Chocolate Spa in Hotel Hershey - Seriously. No brainer.  If you aren't a 'spa goer' and treat yourself you're totally missing out on life's great pleasures! ha. Especially here.  Get a massage or something. JUST to visit the spa and enjoy their amenities!  I had a few different services and loved it.  All of it.  The hot cocoa in the waiting areas?  WORTH IT. They have an 'I Live For Mondays Spa package too!  Hi Monday!!  Bring it on!

4) Hershey Bears Game - Whoa - this was a pleasant surprise for sure!  We absolutely loved this!  The Hershey Bears is their local hockey team.  And it's beyond legit!  They play at the Giant Center, an entire shop dedicated to Coco and the mascot!  My 2 year old died and went to heaven at that game.  It was really a highlight when they came to us and he got to hug the bear.  Sooo cute. 

5) HersheyPark!  Total no brainer!  When in Hershey PA - you have GOT to Play!!  Know that they are very seasonal.  We went for Christmas and we saw reindeer!!  That was just the highlight then.  (That and their smores & hot cocoa you can buy at the park??? LAWD.  That was ALL ME. ha)  Summer, obviously they have the water park open.  Spring is great on gorgeous days & Halloween is a huge HersheyPark hit too!

6) The Hershey Story - This and the Hershey Bears Hockey Game were two of the most surprising events I LOVED!   Not that I didn't expect for them to be good - But they were GREAT!  And something that I went - whoa.. didn't know that!  At The Hershey Story, do the chocolate tasting at Cafe Zooka!  They have a country of origin warm chocolate drink tasting that you'll be delightfully surprised about!  Hit up the Chocolate Lab too!  Really fun thing to do with the family. Kind of a 'make and take' craft event  - but with chocolate!

7) Hershey Gardens - Ok, this is so fabulous that you just have to DO IT.  If you stay at either of the hotels (Hershey Lodge and Hotel Hershey) you get tickets for free to walk through.  For me, I LOVED taking a break from my family and heading over for a gorgeous sit through.  (I call it a sit through cause...ahem.. I liked to walk a bit - sit a bit - walk a bit - sniff - walk - sit - sniff. (Sniffing the flowers of course! lol)

8) Hotel Hershey - We stayed here both summer & holiday visit.  I have stayed at the other hotel (Hershey Lodge) many many times and this was my first visit to every.  LOVE this hotel!  It's gorgeous.  Filled with lots of history & great things to do! We stayed at both hotels.  But this hotel is the MUST stay for the summer months!  Their outdoor pool area is so awesome!  Plus, there is a kids club that Boston LOVED!!  I loved going in there and playing with them too. Be sure to take a walk around the hotel and hit up the awesome stories on the walls and images!

9) Hershey Lodge If you are looking for a place to stay that is affordable and 'low key' this is a great hotel.  I stayed there only on visits where I was not going to be an ambassador so as a paying patron, I can assure you that Hershey Lodge is the ultimate family place!  The characters, the atmosphere, all of it.  Super fun. *This is my holiday visit hotel pick for sure!

Am I missing anything?  I mean, I can't forget the outlet mall, the dining, the zoo, exploring..... there is a TON I'm missing.  But then again - you gotta visit to make your own MUST NOT MISS parts of your trip and come back and share them here!  


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GET CHOCOLATE COVERED THIS MONTH.  And send me some would ya? lol