Nickelodeon Suites Hotel

Traveling with my family and experiences new things is one of my most favorite things in life!

We recently were invited to discover Orlando, Florida in a new & unique experience & I can't wait to share with you all the great things and travel ideas we came up with on our trip. 

Visit Orlando has some amazing tips on traveling with toddlers.  As someone who has always lived in the frozen tundra...I have always dreamed about trips to the beach.  Florida was always top of the list.  And as a parent, Orlando has always been the top vacation destination for us in the past few years. 

With a son who is spoiled with trips to Disney, in a very good way, of course.  I have always wanted to really 'VISIT ORLANDO' and experience all the other things the fabulous Florida town has to offer.


As someone who is apart of Nickelodeon with NickMom - when I was asked if I wanted to stay at Nickelodeon Suites hotel - I was over the moon about the opportunity!  How fun!  

We got to the hotel and I instantly fell in love with it.  We got out of our rental car and my 5 year old hightailed it to the giant Spongebob Statue for his own perfect photo opp.  So, I obviously had to push the 1 year old up to the statue and take a shot of him and Boston in front of Spongebob!  What a great start to the trip.  From the moment you walk into this space to the moment you leave it feels like you're in a Nickelodeon Show!