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One of my favorite things to do is travel.  Obviously. I kinda have a 'travel' section on my website.

And I like to think I'm great at picking nuggets that fit my family.  

This past weekend was a big holiday weekend where many families either hopped on a plane or loaded up the car. 

Well..up until about 9pm on Friday night we weren't going to leave the living room!

Hershey Bars at Check-InThen I realized we had 4 tickets to Hershey Park courtesy of the great people at Chevy.  ((Side note:  NO, they did not pay me to endorse them-but they TOTALLY have the BEST social media practice of all the car companies in the world.  SERIOUSLY. )) last minute I hopped online to see about their hotels.  Seems everytime I go to see if they have availability, I always get the 'contact reservations-nothing matches your inquiry at this time' type response.  

So, I called..and after 9 minutes, 54 seconds on hold ((I know cause I told my husband I'm hanging up if it hits 10 minutes)) I finally got a friendly reservationist.  

Hershey Kisses on the Wallpaper!They had one room at Hershey Lodge avail with a king bed.  Price:  $250 a night (($289 with tax)).  For sh*ts and giggles I asked about the Hershey Hotel rooms.  Yes.  One avail.  Price:  $489 ((YES....A NIGHT!!))

So, we decided to go for the poor mans special.

The $289 a night Hershey Lodge.

Now mind you, I had envisioned this "Lodge" like something you'd find in the Poconos.  

The trip took about an hour and a half to get there from Philly.  Not bad!  For some reason I was under the impression it was a lot further than that.  Now I know.

Reese's Guy with BostonWe got to the hotel, checked in and they gave us a special treat.... CHOCOLATE BARS.

THAT was kinda fun.  

We went up to our room and dropped off our stuff.  We didn't bring much since we were only going to stay the night and return the next day.  The room was average.  Very comparable to a Sheraton Suites or a Marriott.  

*NOTE:  I may be wrong, but don't recall paying upwards of $300 for either of those hotels.  $200 tops.  So the price that we paid for the Hershey Lodge wasn't the value we had expected.  And if we would have spent $600 for two nights, I would not have been a happy camper.  But since it was one night-not a big deal.

Kit Kat guy!They did have Hershey Kisses on the walls.  Yes.  In the wall paper.  

Another great thing they do at the resort is that they have a 'Kids Check-In'.  We missed it cause we were at HersheyPark but I thought it was really cool that they do that.  It definitely did well in the 'resort' area.  The check-in for kids, they from 2p-6p daily.  They give the kids their own 'key' and do other things like treats, etc.  

When we got back from Hershey Park I noticed they had someone from the Zoo there on the lawn with kids around them.  The man was holding a boa snake.  Boston was snoring so we didn't make it down there.  But I did notice they had a snowcone machine too.  



A couple things I noticed they did well:

*Biodegradable stuff.  Yes...they were on the 'save our planet' train like other hotel chains have done.  Great work.  Things like 'reuse your towels' and even a 'biodegradable showercap.'

*I'm a product junkie.  Hershey Lodge uses its own Chocolate Blend of products.  Chocolate Shampoo anyone?!?!?!  I rate a hotel on what kind of products they leave for you to use in the bathroom.  Congress Hall uses Aveda, W Hotel in Times Square uses Bliss, Avalon Golden Inn uses Bath & Body Works...and so on. YOU get the picture.  =)

Big smile and BIG strawberry Milk!*The Hershey Characters visited from 10-11a on Sunday morning.  Boston loved giving them a 'high five'.

*They have many things to choose from if you have a rainy day.  Like, Mini Golf, game room, etc.  We didn't see them-nor experience them.  But we knew they were there.

*The Bear's Den restaurant had GREAT stuff to keep the kids occupied!  They give out Wikki Stix.  (Their story is awesome...check them out sometime!)  Not only do they give them out-they display the artwork that kids make while there.  LOVED it!  I had to take pictures of it.

*Their gift shop had unique goodies in there.  Yes.  I'm a sucka for chotskies.  I won't pay silly amount of cash for something that is useless but if I find something fun in a gift shop or such I'll get it.  My son is a DIE HARD strawberry milk kid.  I think it's more psychological than anything.  Ever since he was tiny my husband use to take him to get 'strawberry milk and a donut' on the weekends at Dunkin Donuts. And it has just stuck.

So their gift shop had this almost lifesize bottle of strawberry syrup.  And it was a piggie bank.  So of course the SUCKA novelty lover I am got one for Boston.  I figured he'd toss it aside but turns out he loved it.  

Made me smile...not because I know how HORRIBLE that stuff is for my kid...but because it entails a memory that child will have for the rest of his life.  'Going with daddy to get strawberry milk and a donut' might be up there like 'hearing about the birds and the bees'.  NO!?!?!??!  Ok.  maybe not then.  

Oh well.  At least now he thinks we have to snag all of daddy's money and fill up our bottle so we can take a trip to Disney World!! hahaha. ((He's still at a great brainwashing age, ya know?))

You can't see the pic very well since it was after dinner and late when I took it.  But you can make out the smile and the bottle, right?!?!?!  


*Hershey Lodge is a great place to stay if you head to Hershey, Pa.  It is definitely a bit overpriced...but I can't complain too much since we just came and went in 24 hours.  They did exceed the 'family options' though.

Have you been to Hershey? Where did you stay?

Check back to see our review of Chocolate World and Hershey Park.. 


DISCLAIMER:  This is my HONEST opinion of my experience.  No one knew I was coming....nor did I get any 'special' treatment to share my review.  My family paid for everything: except the tickets to HersheyPark.  They were provided by Chevy.  We just had a great time and many moments I said to my husband 'I have to write about this!'