My Run for Congress



I'm actually running to The Congress Hall.

In Cape FAVORITE beach city ever.

LOVE this town.  Let's just say.ahem..this little town changed my whole world.  AHEM...let's just say... I could have named my son Cape May instead of Boston. lol

Anyway..I'm soo excited to be going there this week.

My most fave 'mom' site that I'm blessed to do so much with, The Motherhood, invited me to take part in a weekend getaway at The Congress Hotel.


I'll be there Thursday till Saturday.  And there MIGHT be a chance till Sunday.  (Ya know, my birthday is why stop on Saturday, ya know?!?!?!)

You can seriously tell how thrilled I am about something by my punctuation, ya know?

This little trip doesn't leave too much time by the pool.  So if there's a possibility to really get to dig my toes in the sand-I'm all over it.

Only sad part...I won't have hubby & bubby with me.  =(  Moms only.

So..I could mope and wish they were there-or I could EMBRACE it!

So..I'll mope. (wink wink).

And have an absolutely MISERABLE time without them.  (wink WINK WINK wink.)

So the visit has big plans to get down to business.  I mean ya know, this here blog is 'my business'.

This place is seriously top notch.

It's not cheap-but the history is rich.

And if you're one to really go all out for a vacation-I HIGHLY recommend any of the awesome hotels from the Cape Resorts Group. 

When we stayed there-it was in 2007.  GRANTED...we didn't stay at the Congress, but we did have lunch at The Blue Pig one day.  LOVED it. 

So..while we're here, I get to spend a bit of time on the beach, at their gorgeous farm, and dining at some super amazing restaurants! 

Shhh.  I'm gonna try to fit in butterscotch pancakes from Uncle Bill's Pancake House.


I really could live at the shore.  Summer, Winter, Rain, Shine.

Something about that smell.  The breeze.  The feeling you get. 

Excited to share my time!  Wish you were going too!

Do you have a special vacation place that you feel so at home when you're there?





DISCLOSURE:  I am soooo grateful and sooooo thankful to be able to enjoy such a gorgeous little town.  So relaxing, peaceful and full of summer.  This little getaway is courtesy of Cape Resorts Group-but trust me when I tell you...ALL opinions are my own.  And they are 100% TRUE!  See ya at the beach!