Great Wolf Lodge Review

I've been DYING and trying to write this post.

Oh..for 2 weeks.

And here I am.  In the radio studio and finally can share the awesomeness of our experience.

I honestly have NO CLUE where the first couple weeks of October went.

But if you can tell me?  I'm down to hear it.  =)


My little family of 3 got this super awesome experience to go check out Great Wolf Lodge in the Poconos.

First off:  NEVER been to the Poconos.  I always think of the Poconos when I watch or hear of the movie Dirty Dancing.  Come to find out from my facebook friends-I Boston threw the eyes of a pineapple ring! hadon't even know if it was filmed there! ha.

Anyway, we drove to the mountains.  

The Poconos.  

It's sooo awesome how many short trips there are from Philly to family getaways.  

Honestly...Hershey?  Hour and a half.

Shore?  Hour and a half.

Baltimore?  D.C?  

You get the picture.

But the Poconos?

A family home run.

So-here is my review of the Great Wolf Lodge in Scotrun, Pa.

Yes.  I'm sure they've heard ALL the jokes.  (As that's what I told my husband..FUNNY guy.)

First off:  It was a 1st class deal!!  

They whisked us into the Family Suite (complete with a balcony, couch, 2 beds, fridge, dining table..and more.)

They then shared this super awesome new feature they have added to the park called Story Explorers.  (WHICH-by the way they are doing this UNREAL family giveaway!!!!  This contest is really awesome. all means check it out.))

I decided to switch it up a bit and ask my husband what he thought about the trip.

He doesn't get to do these things all that awesome-nor has he EVER blogged.  (He's kind of an important, busy man.  Ahem.)

This is was response:

- water slides were awesome...lines were a little long

- kid pool and slides were excellent - no lines and perfect for a 3 to 5 year old - they can go up by themselves

- loved the make your own stuffed animal thing - and the book was awesome

- food was medicore and service wasn't great

- night time story was very unique and cool 

overall I would go back in a heartbeat.  I thought it was a great experience...but I would go back on a weekday.

My take on the trip:

-The 'one stop' $ shop for the room that included the water park rocked 

-The bowling alley was RIGHT down my alley

-My husband and 3 year old are SUCKERS at the game room. (Yes. They won..again..the big claw game.)

-The bands for kids and family?  AHEM.  Should be different colors.  (Yes-I am the idiot that put my 3 year olds band on...then I had to run to the room for a bathroom emergency which in turn wouldn't let me in and a guy had to tell me that it was a kids band.  Yes.  Not so smart.)

-The food?  Eh.  TOTAL kid food.  

-Would have loved to go on more rides...but lines were awful.  Plus we had a schedule to keep so we didn't get to enjoy the waterpark as much as I wanted to....

-But they did have a cupcake making station.

-The storytellers exhibit was a HIGHLIGHT!!  I loved watching Boston pick out his friend then learn the story.  Plus the book is really cool that they make with your kid in it!!