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Special Needs

Colleen Mook

Colleen Mook from shares her personal journey from dream idea to a financial reality! 
Plus hear her story, strength and hope raising a child with special needs in a family of 6!

Mary Ellen Mannix & Erin Jay Flynn

This week on Real Mom Radio grab your tissues cause you're gonna need them. Mary Ellen Mannix joins us with her heartfelt story of losing her son shortly after birth and she has taken a negative in her life and created a positive out of it. Mary Ellen founded James Project, a child advocacy organization raising awareness & hope for families everywhere.

Erin Flynn Jay, author of Mastering the Mommy Track shares her tips and tricks on how to get ahead in the new world of motherhood.

Aviva Weiss & Tall Pines Day Camp

Aviva Weiss, founder of Fun and Function AND mom to like an entire soccer team joined the show! ha.  I say that jokingly...but she's due with baby # 6.  Yes.  SIX.  

She was such a sweetheart and her whole mantra in helping kids with special needs to enjoy their everyday life was golden.  Her website and business is booming!  You totally gotta check her out.  

Her Facebook Page is alive with awesome tips for making life easier raising children with special needs.

We also heard from the folks at Tall Pines Day Camp-this super awesome summer camp in New Jersey.  After chatting with them-I TOTALLY want to be a kid again!