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Real Mom Media - May 26, 2013

This week on Real Mom Radio we're 'howling' the praises of dear old dad! Yes, Susie from Great Wolf Lodge joins us with the details of a survey they did with dear old dads'. Listen to find out who REALLY does the vacation planning in families! PLUS, a big announcement you don't want to miss for Father's Day with Real Mom Radio!

Sharon Snyder from Kisses for Kyle returns with the awesome details of their Fun Festival and Ladybug Motorcycle Run coming up on June 1st! To learn more check out!

Real Mom Media - May 19, 2013

Grab your girlfriends and join us for A Perfect Fit with Career Wardrobe! ( Sheri Cole joins Real Mom Radio to share all the details about the event happening June 5th. From dining, fashion & drinks to so much more! Joey Fortman, host of RMR and Marilyn Russell, host of Woman of the Week will be on hand for the fab fashion show. 

Becky Fawcett & Mary Fran Bontempo

This week on Real Mom Radio we hear from Becky Fawcett who is the founder of Help Us Adopt. She shares her struggle of fertility into finally adopting 2 children. Becky started Help Us Adopt to help other families afford the opportunity to adopt.

Mary Fran Bontempo visits again this time with the details about her new book Not Ready For Granny Panties. It's a funny story to help moms stay away from the dreaded 'granny panties' lifestyle rut that we can all easily fall into.

Mary Ellen Mannix & Erin Jay Flynn

This week on Real Mom Radio grab your tissues cause you're gonna need them. Mary Ellen Mannix joins us with her heartfelt story of losing her son shortly after birth and she has taken a negative in her life and created a positive out of it. Mary Ellen founded James Project, a child advocacy organization raising awareness & hope for families everywhere.

Erin Flynn Jay, author of Mastering the Mommy Track shares her tips and tricks on how to get ahead in the new world of motherhood.

Jennifer McDevitt & Victoria Adams

Victoria Adams, author of Triplets? Relax! Tips To Guide You Through First Year Sanity Intact! Vicky shares her story of how she got pregnant with triplets and how her life changed along the way. Plus her book details on quick, easy tips for moms and families of multiples!

From Fabulous Shoe Night (, Jennifer McDevitt mom to 3 boys shares her story on great ways to get out and enjoy your shoes!


Sharon Snyder Kisses for Kyle


Wowzas.  This is the one that had me all cut up.  Sharon Snyder is a remarkable woman..doing extraordinary things for families fighting childhood cancers in our community.

She had me in tears in this interview-hearing about her life as a mom-and the struggles she faced along the way with her sons battle with cancer and her battle with grieving his loss.

Please support the Kisses for Kyle Foundation.  They do beatiful things for families!




Real Mom Radio Sunday July 24, 2011

Real Mom Radio Sunday July 24, 2011


This week on Real Mom Radio, we were joined by Debbie Bookstaber and Ashley Kanoff!

These two extraordinary women were such a blessing to talk with!  Debbie Bookstaber, a force to reckon with, mom of two boys; 4 months and 3 years old talks about juggling life & living all as one.

Debbie has become a great friend of mine after I wrote an article openly discussing my Post Partum Depression in part of Postpartum Progress and their annual Mother's Day Rally.  When I wrote that article I had no idea such amazing women would come out of the woodwork and connect with me.  

Debbie BookstaberDebbie has done so much for women in the blogosphere.  She's really an amazing person and definitely puts her money where her mouth is!  She and a partner founded Bloganthropy; a website highlights 'blogs that do good'.  Debbie is a Yale Grad, former top notch exec for Expedia and all around success in life.  And in our interview she talks about her struggles with being accepted.  And how postpartum has affected her life.  To learn more about Debbie and all the great things she juggles in life visit her sites:

Ashley KanoffSwitching gears with Ashley Kanoff, a dear friend for many years!  Ashley is a mom to one year old Ari and 3 year old Brody.  She is a film grad with a knack for celebrity news & photography!  Ashley brings her life to life in photos.  She talks with us on how she keeps it all together.  Being a mom, meeting the mailman & pottytraining!  To learn more about Ashley visit her site:

Debbie Bookstaber & Ashley Kanoff:  Part 1 - Part 2


Real Mom Radio Sunday July 3, 2011

Real Mom Radio Sunday July 3, 2011

Not one parent in the world would want to see their child get hurt or even worse, killed from a furniture tip-over accident.

This week on Real Mom Radio, Judy Lambert joins us to share her heartfelt story of losing her daughter Katie after a piece of furniture that wasn't tethered fell over on her daughter.

The statistics are alarming.  And in part of her grieving process, Judy and her husband started the Katie Elise Lambert Foundation to raise awareness to other parents of the dangers of furniture safety.

Judy's an extraordinary mother in Philadelphia for her efforts.  Please join in celebration and awareness for Katie's 10th birthday where the Foundation is hosting their 2011 Memorial Butterfly Release.  

If you've never been to a butterfly release-it's one of the most beautiful experiences ever.  I have been given the honor to say a few words for the 3rd year in a row.  The event on June 30, 2011 from 1-3p at Jeanes Hospital in Northeast Philly.  Be sure to check out their website to find out how you can release a special butterfly for your loved one!

Hear Judy on the show here Part 1 & Part 2.

And to check out our video from years past go HERE!