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Real Mom Radio - February 3, 2013

This week on Real Mom Radio we're talking lunch and GRANNY PANTIES! Yeah. The moms behind Girls Lunch Out, Tina Seitzinger & Erica Voll, joins us.  Also, a return with some #MotherFunny, Mary Fran Bontempo, the author of 'Not Ready For Granny Panties' has some of the greatest advice for women to live by! Her humor and truths are a must hear. 

Becky Fawcett & Mary Fran Bontempo

This week on Real Mom Radio we hear from Becky Fawcett who is the founder of Help Us Adopt. She shares her struggle of fertility into finally adopting 2 children. Becky started Help Us Adopt to help other families afford the opportunity to adopt.

Mary Fran Bontempo visits again this time with the details about her new book Not Ready For Granny Panties. It's a funny story to help moms stay away from the dreaded 'granny panties' lifestyle rut that we can all easily fall into.

Mary Ellen Mannix & Erin Jay Flynn

This week on Real Mom Radio grab your tissues cause you're gonna need them. Mary Ellen Mannix joins us with her heartfelt story of losing her son shortly after birth and she has taken a negative in her life and created a positive out of it. Mary Ellen founded James Project, a child advocacy organization raising awareness & hope for families everywhere.

Erin Flynn Jay, author of Mastering the Mommy Track shares her tips and tricks on how to get ahead in the new world of motherhood.

Jennifer McDevitt & Victoria Adams

Victoria Adams, author of Triplets? Relax! Tips To Guide You Through First Year Sanity Intact! Vicky shares her story of how she got pregnant with triplets and how her life changed along the way. Plus her book details on quick, easy tips for moms and families of multiples!

From Fabulous Shoe Night (, Jennifer McDevitt mom to 3 boys shares her story on great ways to get out and enjoy your shoes!


Margo Fishler & Dr. Sue Cornbluth

This week on Real Mom Radio - we're talking dating and Dr's! Margo Fishler, author or 'It's Not Easy Dating Green: One Girl, 1000 Frogs & 1 Prince has great tips for moms who are jumping back into the dating game. Her humorous approach to dating is a must read for any single mom looking for love again! Pick up her book on Amazon & other great book outlets and

Move over Dr. Phil! Dr. Sue is in the house. Sue Cornbluth is clinical psychologist and Professor of Psychology at Temple shares her newest project at helping children really envision their life long dreams. Find Sue at

Joslyn Gray and Melanie Sole

This week on Real Mom Radio in Autism Awareness Month we catch up with Joslyn Gray-known as 'Stark.Raving.Mad' Mommy.  (  Joslyn is  a contributor to many publications including one of our personal favorites- Babble ( & Redbook plus Nick Moms.

Melanie Sole, from Visit Philly ( and mom of two awesome kids joined us with all the details of what to do with the fam in Philly!

Stephanie Baffone

Stephanie Baffone


Stefanie's story tugs at your heart strings. She opens up about her inability to ever get pregnant and why she chose not to go the adoption route. 

Loved having her on and getting insight on fertility from her kind perspective.  She's awesome!

"Aunt Steph" is a great resource for anyone battling infertility


Real Mom Radio Groove & Kelley Osborne Foust

Kelley, Sunshine Hope

Real Mom Radio

Kelley Osborne Foust

Kelley Osborne Faust is a Mom of two sets of twin girls and the Founder and President of Sunshine Hope.  Kelley is on a mission to inspire children to live lives filled with hope, possibility and resilience.  Sunshine Hope's recently released children's book, The SUPERPOWER of ME!, is the latest tool to help children realize how very special they are. Find inspiration for the child that you love at


 Helene Bailine also joined the show to talk about her life as a working mom and business owner.  (She actually has ANOTHER full-time job on top of helping her husband with Groove!)  

Busy moms rocking Philadlephia!


Real Mom Radio January 8 Show

Darla DeMorrow is a professional organizer.  And I'm convinced she'd lose her lid if she happened upon my house! ha.  Since it's the beginning of the year-we all can use some help getting things all together.

Darla owns the company Heartwork Organization ( and author of The Pregnant Entrepreneur.

She has amazing tips on those insane cords in the house that are all over - plus the best place to put the mail!

Darla - Part 1

Darla - Part 2

Real Mom Radio Sunday August 28, 2011

Real Mom Radio Sunday August 28, 2011


Lisa Lightner is the founder of


Lisa was tired of sending emails to her friends sharing the best deals around and decided to start Smart Spending Spot with the goal of helping others save money!


In addition to smart spending, Lisa shares her life as a mom to an amazing child with special needs.

After meeting her partner with A Day in Our Shoes at the doctors office, Lisa started the site  The site is a resource for parents of children with special needs.





Claudine is a mom to 3 awesome kids and obviously wants to tell moms the truth about how motherhood really is! lol


Her stories in herbook 'It Gets Easier and Other Lies We Tell as New Mothers' are a must read for any new mom!  


Are you sleep deprived?  Can't decide between cloth or disposable diapers?


Check out Help 4 New Moms and listen to Lisa & Claudine on Real Mom Radio!




PART 1 with Lisa & Claudine