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Real Mom Radio Sunday July 24, 2011

Real Mom Radio Sunday July 24, 2011


This week on Real Mom Radio, we were joined by Debbie Bookstaber and Ashley Kanoff!

These two extraordinary women were such a blessing to talk with!  Debbie Bookstaber, a force to reckon with, mom of two boys; 4 months and 3 years old talks about juggling life & living all as one.

Debbie has become a great friend of mine after I wrote an article openly discussing my Post Partum Depression in part of Postpartum Progress and their annual Mother's Day Rally.  When I wrote that article I had no idea such amazing women would come out of the woodwork and connect with me.  

Debbie BookstaberDebbie has done so much for women in the blogosphere.  She's really an amazing person and definitely puts her money where her mouth is!  She and a partner founded Bloganthropy; a website highlights 'blogs that do good'.  Debbie is a Yale Grad, former top notch exec for Expedia and all around success in life.  And in our interview she talks about her struggles with being accepted.  And how postpartum has affected her life.  To learn more about Debbie and all the great things she juggles in life visit her sites:

Ashley KanoffSwitching gears with Ashley Kanoff, a dear friend for many years!  Ashley is a mom to one year old Ari and 3 year old Brody.  She is a film grad with a knack for celebrity news & photography!  Ashley brings her life to life in photos.  She talks with us on how she keeps it all together.  Being a mom, meeting the mailman & pottytraining!  To learn more about Ashley visit her site:

Debbie Bookstaber & Ashley Kanoff:  Part 1 - Part 2