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Real Mom Radio Sunday June 26, 2011

Real Mom Radio Sunday June 26, 2011

What is motherhood like with 2 teenage girls?  Sarah Peppel from Genesis Moments ( & DIY Frugal ( talks about what teens face today compared to when we were young.  Sexting, cell phones in school & facebook for kids - how do you handle it?

Also hear from Jessica Cohen from Found The Marbles ( on food allergies.  Her son struggles with dangerous allergies and she has some great resources if you have a child with food allergies.

Trina O'Boyle started O'Boy Organics ( after she tried organic banana baby food and realized it didn't even taste like banana!  She shares how her family brings healthy eating into their everyday life.

Tara Ziegmont, a former high school teacher from Feels Like Home Blog ( shares recipes, crafts and details of life as a mom to a 6 month old and a toddler.