Hi all!

Many have asked me 'what happened to Real Mom Radio on Ben FM?'

I mentioned many moons ago that I was leaving the station because I needed to let go of something with all the tv stuff I was doing.  Plus the traveling this year to Sundance Film Fest, Dallas, KC, Disneyland, NYC 10 times.... just to name a few. 

I LOVE my days of being on the radio - but it was time to 'let go' of something.  Believe it or not - that was the least in value of all the things I was doing.  Not to mention the hours and hours I put into the show and the station was becoming a conflict of interest in the other avenues of my career.  I'm very thankful to them, though for the opportunity and being able to highlight moms in and around Philadelphia.  Through that opportunity I was able to give women who likely would never get the chance a mouthpiece to express their lives to our community. 

Philly is definitely a different ball game when it comes to women in radio and targeting women 25-44 through media.  My husband is a program director for a sports station and he pretty much sums it up...

Philly is a sports and a rock town.  

That, my friends - I know NOTHING about.  No clue on sports and not a rock music fan. 

It's Hot AC (John Mayer, Pink, Maroon 5) all in my blood. 

But, through the changes in life and the changes in media - it has put me where I am today...and I surely wouldn't change it for the world. 

An old radio friend said to me once, "Joey - as we're all trying to balance career and motherhood - you've got the dream.  You made a career out of motherhood!"

And I totally thank her for that.  Because it opened my eyes to the truth. 

Life is good. 

Stay tuned though - there might be more 'tuning in' coming to this spot soon enough!

Cheers! ~Joey