Stacey Hill is the mom behind Truly Custom Cakery in Warminster.  
She's a Philly Social Media Mom and also an award winning cake baker!
She bakes out of her house and yet has time to be a mom, feed the fish & win awards!  
Stacey picked up 3 fabulous awards at City of Hope's 'Let Them Eat Cake' Event this past year, the first year she ever competed!


I have to tell you..She's amazing.  I truly mean that!  Stacey made my son's birthday cake and it was the hit of the party!!!  

She's an awesome artist and so kindly made a fab cake for Boston that includes his character...WOODY!!


Hear her interview with Real Mom Radio:

Part 1  --- Part 2

Here's a video where I got to interview Stacey: