Motherhood My Way

I can't believe that Mother's Day was a WEEK ago.  And I'm just now getting to share with you my joys.  I guess there's some truth to it when it comes to Motherhood My Way for the title. 

I just can't catch up on my life.  The lists - OH - the lists.  Miles long yet I can't even slow down time enough to grab a snapshot of my me how to slow it down, would ya?  Not sure if you remember last Mother's Day, although I'm not sure how you can actually FORGET because Hudson was really the cutest kid on the entire planet.  He sure has changed so much within the last year that I'm not sure if he's a baby or a todder.  A boddler, maybe?

Boston is almost 7 going on 17.  What a little stinker that kid is turning into.  Sometimes I wonder if I am missing something. In fact, tonite was an eye opener in parenthood for sure.  So, I was trying to get a few things done and I looked across the living room only to see Hudson sitting there playing sweetly with his toys.  Then I glance over the room, Boston is on the computer.  Honestly, for the first time ever-I opened up some of his school programs for the computer and I let him learn for a bit before bedtime.  Then I looked over at my husband who was on his phone surfing who knows what. 

And there was Hudson.  Playing with a truck.  

For some weird reason, I was compelled to look up from what I was doing, only to have a 'put yourself in his shoes' moment with Hudson.  I turned the tables and looked at the big picture with his older brother on a computer, me on a computer and then my husband was surfing his phone.  That little 2 year old kid saw all of us not paying attention to him. 

That bugged me.  Big time.  

So, I did what any good mom would do.  I turqned it off. I made my husband and my 7 year old turn it off too. You could see the excitement in that kids eyes when we sat down on the floor next to him.  It was pretty cool. Personally, it reminded me how quickly their lives are moving and if I don't stop and stare a bit.... I'm going to miss the whole thing.

Today, I convinced Hudson that he needed to give all his pacifiers to the babies at his preschool because they needed him.  You could totally see the hesitation in his eyes.  He wasn't sure what to do and he wanted to make me proud -yet he wasn't sure if giving away his binkys were the right thing to do or not. 

He did it though.  Like a total champ. 

Today, I'm living motherhood my way.  It may not be the most glamorous or the most cool - but it's what I've got to live for.  My two kids are everything and more to me.  And seeing them be kids are what it's all about.  

Last year for Mother's Day, my boys got all dressed up in adorable Kids Headquarters and this year we spent the day sweating our brains out at Magic Kingdom for Disney Social Media Moms Celebration. Soooo.... with that being said - a little good looking kid-spiration didn't hurt anyone!

Happy Mother's Day to you moms EVERYDAY and not just on Mother's Day!  (And check out the cuteness.  Hi.  They are available to date your daughters in 20 years.  =)

Check out my cute dudes dressed in adorable Tommy from Kids Headquarters!  Be sure to say hi them on social as well!

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Thanks to Kids Headquarters for outfitting my boys for Mother's Day.  All opinions are my own.