I’m slaughtering stale, competition, I got the whole block wishing they could run with my division but they gone fishing -with no bait, kid your boy hold weight - I got my soul straight, I brush your mouth like Colgate.
— John Cena

Why yes.  I said it. 

First week of 1st grade is all set and in the history books.  

My adorable and loving SIX year old is 'too cool for school'.  He went from being a kid to a grownup in 3 months!  One who is obsessed with wearing bright neon crazy-a$$ socks too.  

So, this has been the run down of the week. 

ME: "Hi Boston!  How was your 1st day of 1st grade?"

Boston:  "Good. "

radio silence. 

ME: "What does GOOD mean?"

Boston:  "I dunno. It was just good mom."


And the other days went from GOOD to FINE.  So, it is my motherly duty to share with YOU my warriors in this parenting battle:

9 Ways to Ask Your Kids How School Was Without Getting FINE as an Answer

1.  "Tell me ONE THING that happened to YOU today that no one knows!"

2.  "If today was a COLOR, what would it be?"

3.  "If a WWE WRESTLER showed up in your class, who would they pick to TAG TEAM with you?"  ((Ahem. If you can't beat em.  JOIN THEM.))  

4.  "If you could share your ice cream with ONE person in your class who would it be?  And is there someone in class you would NEVER share your ice cream with and why?"

5.  "Did anyone fart in class today?"  


6.  "What did you eat that was sweet today?"

7.  "What was the name of the book you read today?"

8.  "Where is the one place you go in your classroom to curl up with a book?"

9.  "Did anyone make you laugh so hard your cheeks hurt?"  (And if it was a sucky day - find out if anyone cried in class and why.  Man alive, I don't want one of those days - no way.)


What about you?  Is there anything you say to really open up the conversation with your kids about their day?  #RealMomProblems