I'm sitting in a coffee shop trying to get some pressing work done...but there is a support group sitting next to me.  Moms of course.  They are all new moms who are new to the area.  And they all are sharing their heartaches of being once successful woman and now they feel they've lost their identities and trying to find them.....


I just want to get up and tell them sorry I was eavesdropping & hug each and every one of them.  Then tell my story and that it WILL get better.  It DOES get easier.  And you CAN be a mom and have yourself too.  

Every time I meet other women that went through the pure hell that I had the first years of my adorable sons life...I wish I could just turn on a light in their heads with ways to make it better.  I wish I had someone like that...maybe it wouldn't have taken so long to figure it out on my own. 

Motherhood is HARD.  No matter whether you're a SAHM by choice, or forced like I was.  Or a working mom.  NONE of them are different than the other.  We ALL struggle with the same thing.  The balance.  The regret.  The pressure.  The sadness.  The happiness.  The stress.  The arguments with our husbands on who does more around the house.  It's all the same.  

But it really is the best job in the world when you get out of your own way & make it what you need it to be.  (Or train your husband to be so understanding that you can go out on a FOOTBALL Sunday to a coffee shop so you can be there for your son on Tuesday when he has to get oral surgery!)  

I may have wanted to hang him by his ears when Boston was a baby... but man alive.  

To SURVIVE that with any woman & come out the other side involves a gold medal for any man too.  

Ok, so I better get back to the REAL work as I'm sure he's counting down the minutes to do the handoff with this cute blonde headed kid that squeals like a hyena.