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OLLY Shoes

I've had the wonderful opportunity the past 6 months to really get to know more about one of the most popular kids' shoe stores in the Philadelphia area.  OLLY Shoes is an awesome store.  I first met the President of the company, Kirby Lohff at the grand opening of the store near my house in Plymouth Meeting. 

When I went in the store last fall when they opened-I was in awe with such cute cute stuff they had!

Since then, I've had the pleasure of working with them on the launch of their e-commerce.

I can HONESTLY tell you how great they are.  I love the store-and love even more than the store?  The people.  OLLY Shoes was started by a mom, who just wanted to make shoe shopping for kids easier.  And that she has!  Everytime I go in there-Boston has to play on the train. BRILLIANT idea on their part.  The patented OLLY Scan finds the perfect fit for kids.  Sadly, I was just in their the other day with Boston to get him sized.  I mean, I knew he was bigger than his shoes...but I feel like SUCH a jerk now.  I thought he was a 6... and that poor kid is a 7 1/2!!!!  No wonder he's been walking and whining so much lately!

Anyway... I was apart of their Grand Opening for a new store in Collegeville, Pa.  And you know me... It wouldn't be me if I didn't put together a video of my experience! ha. 

This is how they treat their customers....

**Be sure to check back often because with the fall/winter sashaying in-OLLY has some awesome sales on the way!

Best Buy TechBites - Frigidaire

I won I won I won!!

This past Saturday, I got up-and rocked out the house to go and support a couple of my friends with Just Centsible Consulting.  They put together a really awesome event at Best Buy.

I got there a few minutes late (imagine that. ME??? late?? grr) but just in time to get dessert from Seasons 52.

They were set up in the home appliance section. 

I went around-learned some fun things about Best Buy and their products and swung back by to register to win.

Now mind you... I NEVER win anything.  Being in the radio biz you have TONS of winners-but not me. 


Yeah.  Not only did I win.  i WON.  BIG!

Most Favorite Vlog Ever.

Ok-so I'm SURE you are "Elmo'd" out.  But I put this together today-tried to do it yesterday before doing my blog post about Boston's birthday-but obviously didn't get there.

I'm proud of it.  I guess cause it's so fun.  Sweet. And shows my strength and vulnerability I have over that little stinker.

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