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Razor GFD Fury Review #RealMomGiftGuide


Oh yes we do. But one thing is sure - we REALLY make sure they are age appropriate.  Hudson is dying to get in on the ride in fun - but I'm just not going there with him. He's WAY too young.  And honestly, If you have a kid riding on an electric scooter - you totally have to make sure they are age appropriate.  TRUST ME.  It's not fun when a kid gets hurt!

But, I'm CLEARLY over the age recommendations too...HA.  (And weight for that matter) But ya know, someone has to try out this fun filled Fury

Getting Gorgeous in NYC with Degree

I swear-when I get a ton of great video...I fight with myself during editing!!!  I know that 12 minutes is wayyyyyy too long. ha.

So, I was able to knock it down a bit.  (And you'll notice I had to speed it up a lot to get the goods in. hahaha)

What a wonderful time I had this past Saturday in NYC.  I love that city.  And I've only been there a handful of times!  This time was even better.  Cause Chevy gave us fab cars to drive!  Not only that-they gave us a gift card to cover tolls, parking, etc. 

THEY GET IT.  I can't say the same about the other car brands, that's for sure!

I love how 'mom friendly' they are. 

Check out our time in NYC.  Thanks again Vera & Audrey!