Yeah!  I get to enjoy another fun filled morning with Jennaphr Frederick from Fox 29 tomorrow morning!  I just read her latest blog post.  (Mainly because I'm always telling her to BLOG BLOG BLOG! lol)  I'm always the first to say - people want to see behind the magic curtain.  What is a person like in real life?  I've totally loved getting to know Jenn.  Not because she's a big-time-tv-talent....but because she is EXACTLY on tv what she is in person.  She's got this off the hook personality but can hit the straight edge when she needs too.  But most of all - she doesn't take herself too seriously & that's the bomb! 

Ok, back to the subject at hand... HALLOWEEN!  

TOMORROW (October 8, 2014) tune into Fox 29 starting at 7:30-10!  I'm heading to my sons pre-school to rock the costumes.  From DIY to the hottest kids' costumes of the season.  AND we even hit on some adorable baby/toddler costumes from Spirit Halloween & One Step Ahead.

Plus, the fabulously talented Sandy 'O' from Creative Juice Group has some AMAZING DIY costume ideas!  (And you have GOT to see the ones she brings that she personally made.  AWESOME!)

And lastly, tune in around 7:40a as we talk about the costume that is causing HUGE controversy.  I totally see why!  But we'll talk about that costume, the controversy & details on how to pick a safe costume for your kids.