I've been a slacking on my Sesame Place recap!  I just had sooo much video-and sooo much fun.. I was worn out this week.

It really was a great time.  If you've never been-and your kid likes even a SECOND of Sesame Street-you'll LOVE this place!!!

I had been looking forward to the tweetup courtesy of Mom Blogger's Club for quite some time.  Plus I had the awesome opportunity to have extra tix to giveaway.

I gotta admit-there's a BIG chance we buy a season pass!! 

The only downfall, it's kind of a hike from our house..

The day was awesome-but next time-DUH Joey-bring your bathing suit!!!!  I didn't realize they'd have all the fun water stuff open-so I didn't even think about taking a suit!

We had lunch with Grover & Zoey.. Boston warmed up to them a bit too which was fun.  Speaking of warm, OMGOSH!!   What kind of heat wave was that??? Shew.

It warmed my heart to spend that special day with my family after the rough week I had before.

After all... isn't that what lifes REALLY all about?  FAMILY.

Check out our video - and YES.. I do have video of B as a baby with his daddy addicted to games!!  Aren't all men like that though???! ha.