Oh my gosh.

Here I am... Wednesday evening at 8:30pm.

And I'm JUST getting the chance to tell you about my awesome baby boy's #2 birthday.

Seriously. It was crazy!  Yesterday Boston was the best little boy in the entire world.  He was so awesome.  Bless his sweet sweet heart.  From the moment we woke up he was GoGOGo. 

It started out by taking him to his favorite place that daddy takes him to every Saturday and Sunday.

DunkinDonuts for strawberry milk and a strawberry doughnut.

(I am NOT a fan of Dunkin, FYI-so I am NOT getting compensation for this plug.  Heck..they may never let me in the door again now that I told my truth.  I'm such a Starbucks snob, sorry.  Oh well...)

Then we went home and he helped me with his balloons.  It was the cutest thing ever.  I wouldn't let him blow them up -cause something about a 2 year old and a thing of helium just doesn't sound right

But this Momma can't tell a lie.  My heart just melted, over and over.  He was so excited to see Elmo.  Obviously!  He was decked out in it all day

long and Auntie Jewie (Julie) gave him the coolest Elmo hat.  I had to PRY that thing off his head.

I can honestly say-we watched EVERY SINGLE "Sing With Me Sesame" on Demand, without a doubt!

He held onto the balloons for pretty much the entire time.  Till he about blew away! ha.  Naw... He handed them over and said "All done."

So then we ran out the door picked up our food and cake for the party.  Returned to the house and I gave him a bite to eat and off to bed at 2p.  Um.  Only 3 hours late. 

Hey, I needed him to nap all the way up to the party!

And that he did.  And what a party it was.  I took every single 'play on' and 'play with' toy in the house and dragged it out onto our driveway.  GOOD idea if you are ever short changed for birthday cash and can't do a bounce town or have a big party!  It was a HIT!  Well... at least it kept the kids busy.

Man alive.  I have to PRY that kid away from his water table!

BonBon's Party People arrived and started making awesome balloon animals.  They were FANTASTIC!  i couldn't believe some of the fun things they were making!  Let me just take a sidenote and tell you how AWESOME they are.  If you are ever looking for someone for your kid's party-BonBon's is PERFECT!  I can't even go on and on about how great they are.  ((If you book-mention my name, Bonnie will give you $10 off!))


Ok back to the party-They did the balloon animals then it was time for the

star of the night to come out.


I had no idea how big of a hit he would be!  You would have thought Bono was in that suit!  Seriously!! 





almost didn't get the chance to get the birthday boy in front of Elmo! ha

Then the kids came like the great flood!!  I have to say-it was so cool to see how excited these kids were by Elmo.  It felt so good in my heart that I could bring such great joy to them.  They were OUT OF THEIR MINDS!!!!

Ok... so I realize this blog post is about 20 miles long-and you may very well have already bailed on me! ha  So... for the diehards-I'll continue. =)



Elmo partied with the kids-we did a few games with a parachute then Elmo posed for some pics.  ((And can I tell you-it was like 90 degrees!!!  Elmo HAD to have been DYING in that thing!!!!  But what a great sport Elmo was.  (S)he showed no sign on being annoyed by pulling kids...or the fact that they had to wear a zillion degree suit.

I took a pic of all the kids with Elmo. 


Then it was our turn.....

 Yeah. I'm not ashamed to brag. 

I have One.Cute.Family.

And Boston's birthday reminded me how lucky I was.  How much God has given me and how I really need to embrace 'this life' more.

I've had a few of those reminders...here and there... but nothing like the masive blow to the head I got yesterday. 

That kid has an infectious face. 

And hubby with that goofy grin.

Life is good.

Happy birthday sweet Boston. 

May every birthday be as wonderful as you are.

(PS. Don't get used to it.  We may be too broke after this one to have another party for you.  Oops.  Sorry.)

Here are a few other fun pics from the event ((click on the thumbnail)):












Isn't he the cutest thing you've ever seen?

Yeah.  I love my little Elmo! 

Where'd everybody go?!?!?!

Too funny.  Bubba was left with Brady and a tasty juicebox.

Joy Joy.





I told my husband after everyone left and we were cleaning up-it felt like a FRAT party...without the alcohol!

You know how the end of a frat party everyone is sloppy drunk and NEEDING to go home?!?!  Yeah.  Those kids were in MELTDOWN mode. 

There was cake and food smooshed in our driveway. 


Love you Boston...

Love Mommy