I know.  So I'm a day late... and not to mention a dollar short! ha.  (That's what my daddy use to say.)


Anyway. I took this vid with my iphone last night.  Now-the iphone is awesome-but takes LOWSY video at night.  Oh well... I tried to give it some light umpf.. and well-now it looks ghostly.


At least you get to see the Entertainment we enjoy at our house.  I sure had fun.  EVEN though I was FORCED to watch sports.. but when hubby and bubby are both dressed in their favorite team... it's already starting the 'if you can't beat 'em-join 'em' mentality. 

At least until December -than I am SOOOO footballed out.  I think that's when my drinking began? ha.  JUST KIDDING.. shew.  Ugly subject around my house.


Ok-Here's to Saturday night! 

Gotta go... think that's Saturday Night Live calling-I know we are that funny.  ha.