Razor GFD Fury Review #RealMomGiftGuide


Oh yes we do. But one thing is sure - we REALLY make sure they are age appropriate.  Hudson is dying to get in on the ride in fun - but I'm just not going there with him. He's WAY too young.  And honestly, If you have a kid riding on an electric scooter - you totally have to make sure they are age appropriate.  TRUST ME.  It's not fun when a kid gets hurt!

But, I'm CLEARLY over the age recommendations too...HA.  (And weight for that matter) But ya know, someone has to try out this fun filled Fury

#RealMomGiftGuide Great Gifts for Adults

#RealMomGiftGuide Great Gifts for Adults

#RealMomGiftGuide Great Gifts for Adults

Check out these great gift ideas!



MUST RELAX AWESOME:  www.Homemedics.com Quad Shiatsu Massage heat cusion

BRING IN THE SUN GIFT:  9Novogratz Bedding - EXCLUSIVELY at Wal-Mart.

FOR THE ECO FRIENDLY: www.eccocentricmom.com

FOR THE FASHIONISTA - Cate & Chloe VIP box - www.cateandchloe.com

Teddy Tanks

This is such a SUPER FUN new product that I got my hands on!

The story of how the Teddy Tank came about totally excites me as well. They are created by a 22 year old Entrepreneur who sounds like a total kid at heart!

Wireless Printer Review

HP ePrint Wireless Printer Review


When I got an office I ended up moving my printer.  And needless to say-I've been meaning to get a new one since I can't print out ANYTHING at my house for oh... MONTHS.

To be frank-I didn't like the 'old printer' that much.  It was a pain in the rear.

So much so....that I stopped doing any crafting/scrapbooking because I got so tired running UP and dOWN and uP and dOWN the stairs to print.  


Momma's got a GREAT new toy. 

The HP DJ3052A e-All-In-One Printer is awesomeness.  And I MEAN that.  

I can actually sit downstairs and PRINT all the way upstairs without having to chase all over the house to get it!!!

This printer is wireless and it connects via our home wireless network.  It was super easy to set up

Best part?  I can print pics of my little monkey from my iPhone and iPad anytime I want.  No more emailing to self-then connecting to printer-then printing pain.  

Piece of cake right?

Now check out my Printing Party.

HP DJ3052A e-All-In-One Printer was provided for this review from MomSelect & WalMart.com/HPePrint.  Shop till ya drop sistas!

Small Gift Ideas

Great stocking stuffers or other random gift ideas!

Anyway-there are some awesome 'learning' gifts for stocking stuffers!

Be sure to check out Marbles, The Brain Store to get your brain on!

Do you have any of these?  


Body Image.

((I can't do these wordless Wednesday posts without words!! hahaha)

Ok. So I'm going out on a limb here.  And getting rather personal with you.  Body Image.  And ME.

It's not pretty.  Obviously.  Anyone with an 'Operation Skinny Butt' section has some serious self esteem and body image issues, ya know?

I don't know.

I stop and think about it far back as my childhood.  And yet....I tried to say 'NAWWWW. I JUST became psycho with food."

That's a lie.  FOR SURE.

I broke my rule of 'no longer than 3 minutes' for a video.

That shows you how I feel about this.

Share your story with Liz & Christine.    Join in, please.  Open up your heart and face your body image fears. 

Getting Gorgeous in NYC with Degree

I swear-when I get a ton of great video...I fight with myself during editing!!!  I know that 12 minutes is wayyyyyy too long. ha.

So, I was able to knock it down a bit.  (And you'll notice I had to speed it up a lot to get the goods in. hahaha)

What a wonderful time I had this past Saturday in NYC.  I love that city.  And I've only been there a handful of times!  This time was even better.  Cause Chevy gave us fab cars to drive!  Not only that-they gave us a gift card to cover tolls, parking, etc. 

THEY GET IT.  I can't say the same about the other car brands, that's for sure!

I love how 'mom friendly' they are. 

Check out our time in NYC.  Thanks again Vera & Audrey!

DotGirl Products

Love this.  And super fun.  Strange?  Weird?  Yet, I'm not really sure. hahahahaha

Meet DotGirl.

CBS The Talk

I'm so excited about this!  What a GREAT week I've had!!!

On Monday, I got to interview the Rockettes in NYC and today Boston and I are going to be on The Talk! 

It's a newer talk show on CBS.  It's on 2p ET and I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

There are so many reasons why.  The best part about it - The hosts are REAL.  And that is so hard to find nowadays!!  I don't want to be ugly but I stopped watching The View because I couldn't stand their bickering...and the fact they focus only on celebs and guests. 

But on The Talk - they have the guests...and celebs...but they TALK about things that REAL people have to deal with !!  Marissa is my fave.  She always has her son on and she does segments on different things about parenting.  She's not a stick figure and she's a real person.  She'd be a total blast to have a playdate with!!

 'LIKE' Them on Facebook and FOLLOW them on Twitter!

Ok... I'l be sure to DVR it and share it here.  I swear!  Boston has been on more tv in his short 2 1/2 yrs than I have in a lifetime! =)



Hey!  Here's the 3 seconds we were on.  What fun that was!

OLLY Shoes

I've had the wonderful opportunity the past 6 months to really get to know more about one of the most popular kids' shoe stores in the Philadelphia area.  OLLY Shoes is an awesome store.  I first met the President of the company, Kirby Lohff at the grand opening of the store near my house in Plymouth Meeting. 

When I went in the store last fall when they opened-I was in awe with such cute cute stuff they had!

Since then, I've had the pleasure of working with them on the launch of their e-commerce.

I can HONESTLY tell you how great they are.  I love the store-and love even more than the store?  The people.  OLLY Shoes was started by a mom, who just wanted to make shoe shopping for kids easier.  And that she has!  Everytime I go in there-Boston has to play on the train. BRILLIANT idea on their part.  The patented OLLY Scan finds the perfect fit for kids.  Sadly, I was just in their the other day with Boston to get him sized.  I mean, I knew he was bigger than his shoes...but I feel like SUCH a jerk now.  I thought he was a 6... and that poor kid is a 7 1/2!!!!  No wonder he's been walking and whining so much lately!

Anyway... I was apart of their Grand Opening for a new store in Collegeville, Pa.  And you know me... It wouldn't be me if I didn't put together a video of my experience! ha. 

This is how they treat their customers....

**Be sure to check back often because with the fall/winter sashaying in-OLLY has some awesome sales on the way!

There WAS a Party in My City! Yo Gabba Gabba!

Oh. My. Gosh.  So seriously?  Yeah.  We got the awesome opportunity to check out Yo Gabba Gabba in Philly on Sunday.  I wasn't too sure if Boston was going to handle it and it actually turned out to be a total blast!

He did lose concentration a bit...but he came to his senses! ha.

We were given front row seats... which is AWESOME at a rock concert-but with a two year old??? Um. Not so much.  Matt & I loved it cause we were 'up close'... but Boston?  He got scared to death a couple times.

I can understand why.  I mean...these characters are TINY on TV..And on stage?!?!? HUMONGOUS! 

(((I doubt I spelled that right. Oh well.)))

All in all, we had an awesome time.  But if you have little kids-I suggest getting seats back a bit... and in the middle. 

Check out my video:  ((I LOVED making it! hahaha))

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