What I find to be simply hysterical is the amount of self help books I have at my disposal.

I was cleaning up before the cleaning lady came the other day (I know.  HOW IRONIC, RIGHT?!?!? hahaha) and I couldn't help but stop and look at these books that sit on my bathtub.  Waiting to be picked up.

My favorite thing to do is to take a hot bath.  

When we were looking at houses-this one was sold on me because of the jet bathtub.


It's the only place I can go to just..chill, ya know?

It seems to calm my mind.  

I have to laugh because of all the books.

I've NEVER been a book reader.  EVER.  And probably in the last year...or year and a half I've bought lots of books.  

And they all seem to be self help books.

Think I need some help??? hahahah.

Yeah.  I do.

In Ohhhh so many ways.  

The books in the picture all help in different ways.  

What do you do to spark your mind and heart?