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What a 'fast' game, and it looks like a race track too! With Fastrack, the action is non-stop and the fun is plentiful. Using the elastic cord, be quick and aim well to be the first to send all of the disks zooming across to the other side. WARNING: You may find it difficult to stop playing. 

This is a strategy game brought to you by Blue Orange Games. Playtime lasts roughly 10 minutes. Includes 12 playing pieces (six for each side), one wooden track and illustrated rules.

2 players required ages 5+

Average retail price: $21.99

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Gobblet Gobblers

Gobblet Gobblers

Gobble them up while you can! This game beats playing Tik-Tak-Toe on paper by a landslide. Line up three of your Gobblers in a row to win! The characters are hungry for fun - and other characters! The pieces are different sizes to make the game more challenging. Only a larger Gobbler can gobble up a smaller Gobbler.  Build those dimensional, memory and strategy skills in your youngster! See the video below to learn how to play.

For 2 players ages 5+

Play time: 2-5 minutes

1 wooden board and 12 wooden Gobblers included

Retails for around $19.99

Visit: for more information

Shoulder Buddies

Shoulder Buddies

I know, I know, laugh it out. I was just way too excited about these new crazy haired, Shoulder Buddies. Who's the buddy on my shoulder? PEACE! Peace travel's the world, meeting new people and sharing his "Peaceful Smarts" so that we can all live together in happiness. He has the funkiest, or should I say "grooviest" hair!

Shoulder Buddies are adorable collectible friends that kids can wear on their shoulders, backpacks, hats, shirts, hair…just about anywhere! Each figure has an embedded magnet that connects with a Magic Coin to help it stay securely in place. Shoulder Buddies each have a special “Smart” life lesson to share with kids (examples include friendship, music appreciation and fire safety). Their adorable belly symbols represent their special “Smart”. Shoulder Buddies come in dozens of characters – with over 30 new additions per year – so they are perfect for kids to collect, share and wear!

Shoulder Buddies were the winners of the Dr.Toy Award for Best Vacation Products 2011

For ages 5+

SRP $5.99

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Busytown Playsets, Vehicles and Figures

Busytown Playsets, Vehicles and Figures

Busytown Playsets will keep your children 'busy,' thats for sure! Their imaginations are going to run wild with this mini-world of fun. Your child can pretend like they are the mayor of the town, patrol traffic with Sergeant Murphy, visit the Town Bookstore, or save the day with Fireman Pig at the Town Fire Station. The stories your child can create are endless!

Product Description:

Richard Scarry’s Busytown toys let kids explore and play in their own Busytown world, based on Richard Scarry’s books and TV series! All the pieces fit together to form one fun-filled Busytown play environment. The collection includes Destination Playsets ($9.99 - $14.99), such as the grocery store and farm house, as well as Roadway Playsets ($19.99). The Deluxe Town Hall Playset ($39.99) is the center of Busytown with tons of cool features for extra play. The Busytown Vehicles ($6.99) come with one non-removable figure of a favorite Busytown character, and the collectible figures can be purchased in 2-packs ($6.99).
Together the whole Busytown collection will have kids feeling like they’re right there in Busytown with all their Busytown friends!


For ages 3+

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Paper Jamz Pro Series Microphone & Effects Amp

Paper Jamz Pro Series Microphone & Effects Amp

It isn't a party without music! Make everyday a blast using Paper Jamz Pro Series Microphone.

WowWee has taken the rockstar lifestyle for kids to the next level. Simply downoad the free app. Add your own music. Sing like a star!

Check out the Pro Series Set list for songs that are "Certified Compatible." (Available for download in iTunes). If you already own some of the songs on the set list, simply use the Paper Jams Pro desktop app to import them into "My Library" and sync them with the Pro Series Microphone & Amp. 

Heres just some of the special effects:

  • Auto mode adjusts effects on the fly to recreate a track’s original sound
  • Perfect Pitch: Corrects your pitch so you’re automatically in tune
  • Chorus: Multiplies your voice to add depth
  • Auto Vibrato: Adds dramatic effect to your voice
  • Melody Match: Tunes your voice so you always sing a perfect melody
  • Auto Harmony: Sound like part of a perfectly harmonized duo

Retails for around $24.99 for ages 8+

Buy it at Target.

Cars 2 - Talkin' Race Pals

Cars 2 - Talkin' Race Pals

Brought to you by Just Play and Disney Pixar Entertainment, your child can have a dialog going between Lightning McQueen and Mater. Watch their mouths move as these soft, plushy cars say 5 phrases each. There are no boo-boo's with this toy either! (Wipes sweat off face).

Check out the video from Time to Play!

For ages 3+ 

Retails for about $17.99

Purchase now at ToysRUs!

Power Rangers Samurai

Power Rangers Samurai

This puts a spin on Power Rangers like you wouldn't believe! I just love their new costumes and super hero flair. For those of you that do not know, Power Rangers is an iconic kids action brand universally recognized throughout the world. 

In this latest installment airing on Nickelodeon, a new generation of Power Rangers must master the mystical and ancient Samurai Symbols of Power which give them control over the elements of Fire, Water, Sky, Forest, and Earth. The whole series includes action figures, vehicles, role-play items and Megazords.


The 4" Figurines are crafted with great detail and quality. Each Power Ranger comes with a Samurai Spin Sword and special unique weapon, making them ready for battle straight out of the box! Retails for about $6.99

The 6.5" Switch Morphin Power Ranger's morph from a secret civilian identity to a heroic Ranger mode with the press of a button. Also flick a button to make a quick swoosh of the sword. It keeps the villains away! Retails for about $10.99.

Deluxe Megazord returns with a sleek Samurai look and is a must have for children and collectors. Morph into ClawZord or Zord mode. Collect and combine with the ZordBuilder Collection (Cycles or Zord Vehicles sold seperately). Retail price is around $29.99. 

The Samurai Mega Blade is perfect for role play. The futuristic sword not only swings open from its compact carrying mode at a pull of a trigger, but it extends 2 feet long! Various battle sounds will make your kids feel like real Power Rangers, Samurai style. Buy it for the price of $24.99.

Get a glimpse of the Power Rangers Samurai collection on their website.

Voice Rockrz Mic

Voice Rockrz Mic

Your child can immitate their favorite rocker or pop-star with the Voice Rockrz Mic from First Act. Set your living room into a stage and watch your child shine. My favorite part? You can plug in any MP3 player into the jack on the Mic so they can sing along to their favorite songs!

Did I mention the Mic has incredible voice effects? Tap the ring to the Mic to activate the Hi-Note voice effect; tap the bracelet to the Mic to change up the show with the Echo-Tastic voice effect; or tap the ring and bracelet in succession to uncover the Robot-Riffic voice effect. And a rock concert cannot be complete without concert sound effects like audience applause or a crescendo-ing drum roll using the FX button. 

Perfect for a karaoke night, sleepover, birthday party, or a hang out after school. 

Fun fact: First Act is a prominant musical instrument company that has created instruments for artist such as Kelly Clarkson and Adam Levine from Maroon 5!

For ages 4+ and retails for around $24.99. Needs three "AAA" batteries. 

Visit their website:

The Trash Pack - Two Pack and Collector's Trash Can

The Trash Pack

Get ready for filth and fun with the Trash Pack gang. There are more than 100 Trash Pack characters to trade and collect with names like Soggy Tomato, Putrid Pizza, King Rat and Garbage Gull. Each Trashie figure comes in three different colors and is awarded a special status – common, rare, ultra rare, special edition or exclusive – depending on its collectability and how easy it is to find. Kids are going to love sharing and swapping these collectible toys with their friends. 

The Trash Pack Two Pack

Perfect for beginners to start their Trash Pack collection. It contains one large can, two Trash Pack characters, and one collector's guide for easy reference of all the Trashies™. 

Appropriate for ages 5+ and retails for around $2.99

The Trash Pack Collector's Trash Can

A real can for a Trash Pack fan! The Trash Pack Collector's Trash Can is the perfect place to store their Trashies™ and small cans. Containing one trash-can shaped collector tin and two small cans, this Trash Pack set is an ideal gift for trash collectors. Kids will also discover two exclusive Trashies (Spew-Shi and Skummy Skull) in the Trash Can, which can hold up to 18 characters and small cans. 

Appropriate for ages 5+ and retails for around $17.99 

Check out the collection, products and more on

Poptropica 30-Inch Deluxe Inflatable Blimp

Poptropica 30-Inch Deluxe Inflatable Blimp

Believe it or not, this thing is an actual toy blimp in a box. Now, it actually doesn't go up, so manual, fun "labor" is involved. But kids will have loads of fun physically playing with the blimp rather than just the online version ( Now don't get me wrong, the website is fantastic and full of engaging quests, stories and games for your child. Check both out why don't ya!

Travel to the edges of Poptropica and beyond with your own inflatable, 30-inch Poptropica blimp. Players who get the Poptropica blimp will unlock an exclusive in-game adventure! 

For ages 6+ and retails for $29.99. 

Take the Poptropica quest! 

Nerf Super Soaker Hydro Cannon Water Blaster

Nerf Super Soaker Hydro Cannon Water Blaster

Take cover! This thing is going to really soak you. 

Blast your enemies (and friends) from up to 35 feet away with the massive power of the NERF SUPER SOAKER HYDRO CANNON water blaster. Simply pump to pressurize then pull the trigger to let loose a massive burst of water. Customize your HYDRO CANNON water blaster with the detachable shield accessory, included. 

Ages 6+ and approx. retail price is $24.99. 

Browse all of the Super Soakers at

My Little Pony Twilight Sparkle's Twinkling Balloon

My Little Pony Twilight Sparkle's Twinkling Balloon

Who remembers the My Little Pony jingle? This adorable toy for girls lights up and plays the tune with the press of a button. I know because I pressed it 5 times already and love it!

Product description:

Take your friends for a starlight “ride” with this TWILIGHT SPARKLE’S TWINKLING BALLOON vehicle! Put your TWILIGHT SPARKLE pony figure and her SPIKE THE DRAGON friend figure inside the basket of this electronic balloon vehicle — and then turn it on so it lights up and plays music as they “fly”! Your SPIKE THE DRAGON figure can sit perched on the edge of the basket or even on top of the balloon to keep watch with the “telescope.” When you’ve “landed” the balloon vehicle, switch it to night-light mode so it will gently glow in your bedroom as you drift off to dreamland.

Balloon vehicle comes with TWILIGHT SPARKLE pony figure, SPIKE THE DRAGON figure and a “telescope.” Includes 3 “AAA” batteries.

For ages 3+ Retail Price $19.99.

Hint hint everyone, this toy might be in our 2011 Holiday Gift Guide. Stay posted. 

Littlest Pet Shop Hamster Playground Playset

Littlest Pet Shop Hamster Playground Playset

Parents, I know you will be excited for this one... It includes all of the perks of having a live hamster without the hassle and mess. 

In the Littlest Pet Shop Hamster Playground, the hamsters can be placed inside the hamster ball for on-the-go exploration. Or, they can spin inside the 'exercise' wheel. After a busy day, your little one can tuck them in for a little 'nap' in their sleeping area until it's time to play again! Kids will be delighted with all of the colorful accessories they can share with their pets, including cheese, carrots and apples. The playset comes with two exclusive pets. Additional pets can be purchased seperately.

For ages 4+ and retails for approx. $19.99. Available at most major toy retailers nationwide and on



Give your little Dinosaur Train fan the chance to join everyone’s favorite T-Rex Buddy to meet, explore, and have adventures with all kinds of friendly dinosaurs aboard The Dinosaur Train from Mega Bloks! Sit bobble head Buddy in his Dinosaur Train passenger car and get ready to find out all about his favorite prehistoric friends with the included fun and informative dinosaur fact card! 


  • Buildable Buddy passenger car and scenery block!
  • Authentic colors and design straight from the Dinosaur Train cartoon!
  • Includes bobble head Buddy figurine! Give him a shake!
  • Includes fun dinosaur fact card that teaches all about different types of dinosaurs!
  • Combine with other toys to mix and match pieces and build your own adventures with Buddy and his family on the Dinosaur Train!

For ages 3+ SRP: $6.99 Pick this one up at Kmart, Toys"R"Us and Amazon

Visit the Mega Bloks website for this product and more! 

MEGA BLOKS Dinosaur Train “All Aboard the Dinosaur Train!”

MEGA BLOKS Dinosaur Train "All Aboard the Dinosaur Train!"

All aboard! This train set is perfect for the imagination. Your kids will have a blast for hours. And just look at those fun colors!

Product Description: 


Have your little dino-engineers join Buddy and Tiny on their adventures through the Age of Dinosaurs with their tour guide Gilbert aboard the Dinosaur Train from Mega Bloks! Build and rebuild the set with two observation cars, opening doors and replica brown roof as it pulls into Pteranodon Station to pick up a new group of passengers. Make sure children have their tickets ready so they can visit the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous time periods and meet all kinds of cool dinosaurs with Buddy, Tiny and Gilbert!



  • Buildable Dinosaur Train and Pteranodon Station
  • Authentic colors and design straight from the cartoon
  • Mr. Conductor sticker and big red wheels that really spin
  • Includes all three characters


Ages 3+ SRP: $32.99 Save at Amazon

Liv Dolls - Twist & Dance

Liv Dolls - Twist & Dance

Who's ready for a dance party?! Get pumped up and shake it like a polaroid picture.

I love these new SpinMaster's Twist & Dance Liv Dolls. Each one (there are six in total in the series: Daniela, Alexis, Katie, Sophie, Hayden, and a dashing DJ named Chase) is made with bendable joints at the neck, shoulders and hips that move together to create a really cool dancing effect! You can even try it out while your Liv Dolls still in the box! Twist her wig to create different hairstyles and each comes with a few unique accessories like a hairband, purse and brush. Check out the girls at

This is for children 5+

Retail price: $19.99 but prices may vary

These Liv Dolls don't dance on their own, so make 'em shake their tail feathers!

Cars 2 Tokyo Spinout Track Set

Cars 2 Tokyo Spinout Track Set

It's Lightning McQueen Heaven in my house!!!

Speed, jump, spin & be part of Lightning McQueen's stunt defying race. 

Cars 2 Tokyo Spinout Track Set Two cars race through the streets of Tokyo, but only one will be the winner! This track set features a double launcher and dramatic, spinning platforms to pit two of your best Cars racers against one another. Based on an exciting scene from Cars 2, one vehicle claims victory while the other spins out of control and flies off the track. Includes one exclusive plastic Cars vehicle. TV Driver.


  • Release Date: May 16, 2011
  • Manufacturer's Suggested Age: 4 Years and Up
  • Power Source: Manual
  • Dimensions: 12.0 " H x 16.0 " W x 3.0 " L
  • Product Weight: 1.51 Lb.
  • Approx. $30 retail

Cars 2 Secret Spy Attack Finn McMissile

Cars 2 Secret Spy Attack Finn McMissile

Yeah. Seriously.  This movie is going to be REDICULOUS to get into!!

Cars 2 comes out the end of June and the toys are RUNNING WILD...

This movie is like Toy Story.  A CLASSIC.  I remember my nephew love this movie.  And. GULP. He's going into like 4th grade I think.  Now my son is in love with it. 

The 1st movie came out in we're definitely due another one.

Ok-nuff about the movie.  THE TOYS!!!!!!!!!!!

Finn McMissile is the new hottie car in the new movie.  This toy is super awesome.  Fully loaded with 'top secret' spy weapons, firing missiles, sound effects & awesome transformations.  Recommended for ages 4+.  And around $30.

Mini Dinosaur Projector

Uncle Milton Mini Dinosaur Projector

This is great. If your kid LOVES to play with flashlights then they'll love this!

It's got a great price point and it's a ton of fun.



Check out the many features:

  • Each projector has 6 interchangeable images
  • Each style sold separately.
  • 2 AA batteries required. (not included)
  • Ages 4 and up
  • Adult assistance recommended
  • WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

Wheel Pals Spring Stroll Assortment

Wheel Pals Spring Stroll Assortment

Enjoy a stroll through the countryside or jungle with this interactive animal assortment. Lift the bridge to send the hippo through the Splash ‘n Bath playset and help the horse refuel at the Filler Up Farmstand set. Playsets include one animal friend on wheels; each sold separately.

(PLAYSKOOL/Ages 18 months & up/Approx. Retail Price: $9.99/Available: Spring 11)