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Liv Dolls - Twist & Dance

Liv Dolls - Twist & Dance

Who's ready for a dance party?! Get pumped up and shake it like a polaroid picture.

I love these new SpinMaster's Twist & Dance Liv Dolls. Each one (there are six in total in the series: Daniela, Alexis, Katie, Sophie, Hayden, and a dashing DJ named Chase) is made with bendable joints at the neck, shoulders and hips that move together to create a really cool dancing effect! You can even try it out while your Liv Dolls still in the box! Twist her wig to create different hairstyles and each comes with a few unique accessories like a hairband, purse and brush. Check out the girls at

This is for children 5+

Retail price: $19.99 but prices may vary

These Liv Dolls don't dance on their own, so make 'em shake their tail feathers!



Nurture one or more of these adorable plush electronic toys that "come to life." 

Brush, feed and change her into 2 seperate outfits.  And nothing is better than snuggling with these fuzy animals.  Choose between: SNUG-A-SPANIEL (a cream and white puppy), SNUG-A-HOPSY (a grey and white bunny), or SNUG-A-TICKLES (a cream kitten), or choose all! 


Give these little ones a home, grab a blanket, and snuggle up. 


For ages 4+ and retails for around $12.99

Skip the lines and buy it on

Don't forget the "AA" batteries!!



Don't judge these babies by their binkies!! There's a lot more to these little dolls than you think...

Each funky and fashionable CRIB LIFE doll has a unique style that matches her personality and attitude.  There are a total of six CRIB LIFE CUTIES to collect: girly-girl SARINA CUTIE, sporty LULU LAKE, free spirit MAKAYLA SONG, music-loving ELLA SONG, tech-savvy LILY SWEET, and confident and worldly HAILEY HULA (each doll sold seperately).  Also included: a keychain and a doll charm freaturing a special online code that unlocks a CRIB LIFE character's world of fun and adventure at On the website girls can interact with the CRIB LIFE crew, read "Crib Chat," customize a "crib" of their own, and play fun-filled games! 


It's for ages 5+ and retails nationwide for about $14.99.

And if you don't feel like running out to the store, it's available on

Disney Swimming Ariel

Disney Swimming Ariel


Yet ANOTHER reason why I hope to someday have a girl!!

With boys-you can put trucks and boats and so many toys in the bathtub.


This doll is too cute.  I got one for review but ended up donating it to a local charity cause silly would I look putting a DOLL in the bathtub with ME?!?!?!  My husband might get rid of me. lolol.

Anway-I've read a many reviews on it.  And it's LOVED by little girls of all ages.



The story of The Little Mermaid continues to touch hearts, years after its debut! And the story comes alive when you bring this beautiful Ariel doll into the water with you. She even swims by moving her tail up and down!

It's for ages 3+...No batteries...No assembly.  Retails for about $20.

Happy Bath time!

Angelina Ballerina Dancing on Ice

Angelina Ballerina Dancing on Ice

Boston says "Mommy-that's a girl show!" I say "I'm a girl Boston!!" 
This DVD comes out October 11, 2011
About $15 to buy.


It’s an “ice” time to be a dancer!  Angelina, Alice and all of Camembert Academy prepare for the big ice show in the delightful new Angelina Ballerina: Dancing on Ice, skating onto DVD, Digital Download and On Demand October 11, 2011 from Lionsgate and HIT Entertainment.  Whether learning a difficult new dance, looking for lost skates, juggling two events at the same time, or creating an original project for “Make-It-Up-Day,” the mouselings always strive to put their best toe forward!


Some sparkling performances are coming to Camembert Academy on the ice and on the dance floor! Angelina, Alice and all of their mouseling friends know the importance of practice for the big show. But when Angelina’s skates go missing, will she find them in time for her ice skating solo?  And will AZ ever learn how to do the “Cheese Roll” like his Granddad taught him?  With help from her friends and some creativity, Angelina discovers the magic of working together in this very special treat! 


  • “Angelina’s Lost Ice Skates”
  • “Angelina and Alice’s Big Night”
  • “Angelina’s Cheese Roll”
  • “Angelina’s Lunch Table”
  • “Angelina and Gracie’s Creative Day”


·       Polly’s Picture Matching Game



Year of Production: 2011
Title Copyrights: © 2011 Hit Entertainment Limited.  The Angelina Ballerina name and character and the dancing Angelina logo are trademarks of Hit Entertainment Limited, Katharine Holabird and Helen Craig.

Type: TV on DVD

Rating: NR

Genre: Children/Family/Animated

Age Target: 2-7 years old

Closed Captioned: English

Format: Widescreen

Feature Running Time: 61 minutes

DVD Audio Status: English, Spanish and French 2.0 Dolby Digital

Program Website:


Math Slam

Math Slam

Read the question, jam to the beat, scan the possible answers, and slam the one that’s correct Better move quickly, though, each game of 10 questions is timed – the faster you get through the questions, the better your score! Incorrect responses are recycled until they are correctly answered. Three levels, flashing lights, and fun sound effects keep players interested. Ages 6+ (works on number order, addition, subtraction, algebraic addition, triple number addition and subtraction)  Retail:  $30


Ok-so this thing is SERIOUSLY cool.  I mean, I CAN USE IT!!!  Trust me when I tell you my math stinks.

Who Would Win, Joe Name It, Take the Cake

Whoe Would Win & Joe Name It

Gamewright has the best games for all ages!

Two new ones out is Joe Name It & Who Would Win.

They are in small boxes made GREAT for traveling!

Joe Name It is for 2 or more players 12 & up.  The questions are great, especially if you know your celebrities!  Answer questions like-name a movie with 2 sequels?  Or name a music group with 3 members?  All the questions revolve around numbers too. 

If you're looking for a fast game this is perfect!

Another great family game is Who Would Win.  A very silly, fun game where you settle timeless random celebrity matchups where you draw cards and convince the judge why your character would win a randomly chosen event.  Like, Who would win a hot dog eating contest: Donald Trump or Albert Einstein?  Ages 12+ (3 or more players) Retails:  $10

Now I of course have a those games are a bit old for our house.  But one that Boston LOVES is Take the Cake!

Although it says ages 4 and up-he could rock the game since he was 2!  It's a fun game of shapes, shakes, and cupcakes. A batch of yummy cupcakes is fresh out of the oven and it's time to decorate. Shake the sprinkle shaker and see what colorful shapes pour out. If any match a cupcake, add them to the card. Collect the most cards and winning is a piece of cake.

ALL of these games are around $10.  Does it get any better than that?!?!  Nothing like unplugged family fun!


Wheel Pals Spring Stroll Assortment

Wheel Pals Spring Stroll Assortment

Enjoy a stroll through the countryside or jungle with this interactive animal assortment. Lift the bridge to send the hippo through the Splash ‘n Bath playset and help the horse refuel at the Filler Up Farmstand set. Playsets include one animal friend on wheels; each sold separately.

(PLAYSKOOL/Ages 18 months & up/Approx. Retail Price: $9.99/Available: Spring 11)

Razor Graffiti Scooter

Razor Graffiti Kick Scooter

Inspired by Razor's original A kick scooter, the Razor Graffiti Kick Scooter adds a bit of artistic style and color to the neighborhood.
This Razor A Kick Scooter has been modified with a new patented foot-controlled graffiti device that adds three chalk sticks to your ride. The Razor Graffiti Scooter is a handy little ride for kids and teens alike.
Though it'll never replace the internal combustion engine, the scooter will get your child from point A to point B much quicker than on foot alone, and requires just a few scoots of one's shoes in the process.
What a super fun scooter!
A great way to share your kids creativity!
Average Retail Price:  around $50
**Don't forget your helmet!

Play-Doh Smashed Potatoes Game

Play-Doh Smashed Potatoes Game

I can honestly say I've never seen a play-doh set that is actually a game!  Have you?!?!?!?

This looks like a ton of fun. Even more so?  A total mess! ha.

Play-Doh Smashed Potatoes Game: Uh oh! Your little spud pals are in big trouble - they're in the kitchen and they could be made into "food"! Mold potato pal pawns out of PLAY-DOH modeling compound and then use the spinner to move them across the board. But be careful of where you land, or else your spud buddy could get snipped, sliced, pressed into "fries" or cranked into "chips!" Help your pal get out of the kitchen and back to the farm first and you're the winner!  5 years and up
approx - $20


Play-Doh Cookie Monster Letter Lunch

Play-Doh Cookie Monster Letter Lunch

If you kid loves cookie monster-theyr're sure to love this awesome Play-Doh kit!  The letters look super cool on the box-can't wait to really start making them!


"Feed" your Cookie Monster figure a "healthy lunch"! Mold letters and "vegetables" out of Play-Doh modeling compound and then use the presser tool to create "pasta." Put it all together in the bowl and serve up a yummy-looking "vegetable soup" for your "hungry" friend. Your Cookie Monster figure's head moves so you can even help him "eat" his meal! When he's finished, use the mold to create his very favorite dessert - "cookies"!

Set includes Cookie Monster character playset with bowl, lid, knife, spoon, fork, roller, more than 45 molds, presser tool, playmat and 4 two-ounce cans of PLAY-DOH modeling compound. 

PLAY-DOH Story of the Three Little Pigs

PLAY-DOH Presents the Story of the Three Little Pigs


Once upon a time…there was a fun and fanciful PLAY-DOH fairy tale set! Use the house mold to create the pig characters from the Three Little Pigs story and the stick house and wolf presser to set up the scene. Then, read along on the playmat and act out the story as you go! Let your imagination run wild — just make sure everyone lives happily ever after!


Set includes house mold, straw house, stick house, wolf presser, playmat and 2 one-ounce and 1 two-ounce cans of PLAY-DOH Brand Modeling Compound.


Ages 3 and up.


Disney Fairies Silvermist Pixie Bathroom

Disney Fairies Silvermist's Pixie Bathroom

Disney is a child's dream come true!

I don't have a girl-but if I did I know I'd be smothering her with these adorable sets!  The Pixie Bathroom comes with a cute tub, robe and of course Silvermist!

You can buy this set at most retailers.

Retail value approx. $15.

Makes a GREAT birthday party gift!  (ages 4+)

Timmy Time Talking Yabba

Yabba and Timmy Talking Plush

Timmy’s friend Yabba has his very own Talking Plush.  Just press his tummy and Yabba can utter 6 different silly sounds. 

It's adorable and a great toy for kids to cuddle up to.

This fun Talking Plush also comes as Timmy.

HIT Entertainment & Jakks Pacific is amazing at coming out with great toys for kids!  This season is like no other.  These cute & cuddly toys are based on the new TV show. 

Retail Value around $20.

Mix Pups

Mix Pups are so adorable!  I love their cuteness & how small they are.

There are so many different varities to choose from.

Mix Pups Double Pack

Each dog is numbered and comes with a personalized dog bed with their name on it.  They each have 3 accessories. Ages 4+ PRICE:  $9.99

Disney Princess Magic Rise Oven

The Disney Princess Magic Rise™ Oven, inspired by our classic Princess stories with culinary magical moments, showcases role play baking, decorating and displaying. Little girls can put their delectable pies and cakes and cupcakes in the oven; wave their magic wand, say a few enchanting words, and watch their masterpieces magically come to life. Girls can customize their creation with icing and toppers, where the toppers light up with another wave of their magic wand. The Disney Princess Magic Rise™ Oven offers two-sided play, with the front as the oven, and the back is the storefront display area for hours of royal fun. Additional cake and cupcake accessories are sold separately for larger pretend parties.

Ages 3+, SRP $34.99


Ages 3+
SRP: $24.99

Vehicle fun goes prehistoric with this Motorized Dinosaur Train Set! With a motorized engine leading the way, this train set includes multiple prehistoric destinations familiar to fans of Dinosaur Train and more than       12 feet of track to create your own dinosaur adventures! It also includes three collectible dinosaur figures and the three car train, which features the same look as the series’ real Dinosaur Train. 

Playmobil Large Zoo


(PLAYMOBIL/Product #6754/Suggested Retail Price: $44.99/Available: Now)
Learn about different animals with the Large Zoo.  Includes five figures, elephant, giraffe, ponies, zebra, monkey, lamb, tractor with detachable trailer, baby stroller, and many other accessories.  The set’s large, colorful, rounded pieces help children learn through play.  Recommended for ages 18 months and up.  Suggested Retail Price: $44.99



(ILOVEROBOTS/Ages 4 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $59.99/Available: Fall 2010)
Penbo is a lovable, interactive and waddling penguin with her baby. She responds to touch with blinking eyes, flapping wings, and cooing sounds.  This adorable penguin robot comes with a surprise: she lays an egg!  When the egg is opened, out comes Bebe - a fluffy baby penguin that will chirp and communicate with its mother. Mommy listens to Bebe and responds in her own Penguish language! When the child places Bebe in Penbo’s pouch the two sing to one another while the mom dances with joy.  Penbo plays five fun games with you and Bebe including tag, hide and seek and peek-a-boo.  Requires six AA batteries, included, and two LR44 button batteries, included.  Available at most major toy retailers nationwide and online.



(HASBRO/Ages 4 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $59.99/Available: Fall 2010)
Girls can em-“bark" on their very own adventures this fall with the FURREAL FRIENDS GOGO, MY WALKIN' PUP pet! Attach GOGO's leash and this perky puppy knows you're ready to walk her! She'll wag her tail, pant and bark just like a real pup to let you know she is excited to get moving. Girls are in charge as they control GOGO's hot pink leash to make her walk left, right or straight ahead -  GOGO can even walk in circles or figure eights! GOGO loves to be petted and will respond to your touch. Gently stroke GOGO's right and left side or the top of her head and she'll playfully bark to let you know just how delighted she is to be your friend. Requires four “C” batteries, included. Available at most major toy retailers nationwide and on