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#FitMadeFun with LeapFrog and CLIF Kid!

This is my adorable neighbor Sage!  She LOVED the LeapBand so much, she got to keep it!  You rock Sage!

This is my adorable neighbor Sage!  She LOVED the LeapBand so much, she got to keep it!  You rock Sage!

It's no secret that our country is struggling in the "being healthy" department. Obesity is a problem in America, built upon a foundation of bad habits passed down from generation to generation (as well as a food system wrought with GMO's, additives, trans fats, food dyes and more). We're fighting an uphill battle as adults, and if we don't fight hard, it will be an ever worse battle for our kids.  ((DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THAT PART. LOL))

I'm working on my health, because I know I have 2 small sets of eyes that watch everything I do. From the words that come out of my mouth to the food I put into my body, they are watching. I need to be a good example. Healthy eating and physical fitness must be a part of the whole message I am sending to my kids.

One of the trends that I've seen hit the shelves this year in toys is the devices to get CHILDREN up and OFF the couch!  I had a chance to show my kids and some of my mom friends that being fit can be FUN (and taste good too)! I got to throw a Fit Made Fun Party to celebrate Fit Made Fun Day with LeapFrog and CLIF Kids bars. LeapFrog, one of my favorite educational technology brands, sent us their latest gadget, the LeapBand to test out.

A LeapBand is a wearable activity tracker that encourages kids to get active with customizable virtual pet pals. The kids LOVED these little pet pals, and easily took on the challenges that were thrown their way. Boys love any opportunity to "earn points," so this group of kids couldn't wait to get enough points to unlock virtual rewards for their pets! 

Seriously - it was amazing how these LeapBands got the boys (and one girl) on their feet and moving around. They didn't even know they were being "physically fit." The best kind of exercise is the kind that doesn't FEEL like exercise - it feels FUN, right?!?!  

We played. Ran around the house, played some more, took turns with the LeapBands, fought over the LeapBands, played some more and then it was snack time.  LeapFrog partnered with CLIF Kid Zbar protein bars for this event so we had those and some fruit.  The CLIF Kid Zbars are are a delicious whole grain protein snack. You'll be floored with all the nutritional kid-friendly goodness CLIF packs into these babies! Loved by all.... INCLUDING myself.  MMMmmm.  (Don't tell them that I hid the peanut butter flavored box for myself, k?)

Learn more about how you can fitness FUN for you and your family! Connect with  LeapFrog and CLIF Kid on Facebook! @LeapFrog is also on Twitter.

Now I'd love to hear from YOU:

How do YOU prioritize healthy eating and fitness in your house? In what ways do you work to be an example to your kids?

Leave a comment - inspire me!

LeapFrog, CLIF & others provided me with these products for review. Otherwise all opinions are my own. 

Holiday Gift Guide: LeapFrog Creativity Camera

If your little one loves to take pictures, you want to check out the LeapFrog Camera!

LeapFrog Creativity Camera

Create, learn and stretch your imagination with photos! Designed for little ones with simplicity in mind, the LeapFrog Creativity Camera Protective Case & App combine the camera power of your iPhone or iPod touch with creativity-focused fun!

Your budding photographer can use 6 different modes to edit photos to make silly pictures, go on photo missions to create special albums and even play an exciting augmented reality game. This breakthrough app toy turns your device into the ultimate creativity camera.

Works with iPhone 4/4s/5 and iPod touch 4th & 5th generation (sold separately). Does not work with LeapPad or Leapster Explorer systems.

Appropriate for children ages 3 to 6 years.

Suggested Retail Price: $19.99

LeapFrog App Toys

LeapFrog App Toys


Another household name in our house, for sure. 


LeapFrog is a brand that just stands the test of time.  They are in homes all over the world and known for their amazing quality.

In my house, we call everything LeapFrog.

Maybe because we have EVERYTHING LeapFrog! ha. 

From the LeapPad to the LeapReader. 

To two new AWESOME products!

First off, the Creativity Camera Protective Case is fabulous!  My son LOVES to take shots with my iPhone.  And to be honest...sometimes it drives me NUTSO.  He snaps and snaps and snaps!  With this camera - he can snap AND he can create!  (When I skim through my camera roll I smile at how creative he gets with this product.  It's not just 25 same pics.  Kids got an eye!)

We're kicking off the holiday season EARLY in our house.  So I share with you my dudes artwork. haha  He's a funny kid!  He also loves to play augmented reality with the camera.  And yes.  You might want to buy your kid his own device as I often lose my phone with this toy!


Another really fun product out just in time for the holiday season is the Learn to Write with Mr. Pencil Stylus and Writing App.  

I would not be honest with you if I didn't tell you that I've used this PERSONALLY about 20 times so far. hahaha I LOVE how it writes!  My notes are fabulous with them.  

Boston has an issue with how hard he writes and what's great about this pencil is that it is sooo soft.  I'm not worried about him scratching up the iPad.  There are more than 85 different activities to enjoy with this app and stylus. 

We haven't even made it through half of that yet!  



Tag: Get Ready For Kindergarten

Thank you to LeapFrog for sponsoring this review.  For more information about LeapFrog Tag Get Ready for Kindergarten, please visit their website #LeapFrogTag #spon

Tag: Get Ready For Kindergarten


Is that something I have to think about yet? lol.  Actually, I'm totally down with it. haha

Not because I wanna toss my kid to the curb for the bus-but because that means he's ready for the big boy school.

I can't believe he's 4.  And with one on the way?  I need all the educational materials I can get my hands on, ya know?

This mom thing is hard work sometimes.  

I mean, I love reading and teaching-but I'm NOT a teacher!  (I'm a theatre major for that matter....)

Get me to do crafts with my kid?  DONE.  But teach him MATH or READING? there a class for me on that?

I guess I just don't value myself as much as I should. 

But I can honestly tell you-the Tag books & games we use, definitely give me the confidence to REALLY help Boston learn!

This latest one "Get Ready For Kindergarten" Is probably one of my favorites.  

It pretty much covers every single subject besides recess!  This little book is so full of content.  From reading, science, math, social studies and culture.  With all that-I can cover the recess part! lol

This book is a really great value too.  It's only about $14 and provides hours and hours of education and entertainment for kids.

We love to take our Tag System wherever we travel.  It's small, compact and travels well both in the car and on a plane!  (You can hook up earphones to the System to avoid annoying siblings and other travelers.)

BIG fan of Tag.  My favorite of all the Leapfrog Products.

What is your favorite book?



Tag Human Body Discovery Pack

Thank you to LeapFrog for sponsoring this review.  For more information about the LeapFrog Tag Human Body Discovery Pack, please visit their website #LeapFrogTag #spon

Tag Human Body Discovery Pack

One of my most favorite brands in our house is Leap Frog.  My 4 year old just loves to play with all his Leap Frog products.  My PERSONAL favorites is the Tag Products.  

I love these because they teach my son so many things.  From reading on his own, to learning about body parts with our latest Tag products!! 

Tag is just amazing to me.  I'm so fascinated by the technology on how that little point can actually READ!  When you tap it on the pages, they actually know what your touching.  I'd love to see a behind the science scene on these things but I digress. lol

Going "UNPLUGGED" is a big deal in our house.  My husband and I totally have the personal addiction of not knowing how to 'turn it off' when it's family time.  Night time is like our 'computer time'.  And we really try to make that extra effort to pay attention to my son and show him things that don't require him sitting in front of the computer.  

Tag is absolutely PERFECT for that!

I gotta be honest.  When we got the pack, I couldn't help but feel slightly like an idiot!  I studied body parts in college, I swear!!  But hearing my son say out loud some of these bones & body parts REALLY had me pondering my intelligence!  Really?

I also love the fact that by reading and playing with the Tag Human Body Discovery Pack, I can work with my child to really learn how to pick the right food groups and making smart choices.

Do you have a Tag? What are your favorite books for your children to read?