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VTech Switch & Go Dinos

Having two boys in the house means I have seen my fair share of cars, animals, action figures, things that change from one thing to the other. We've seen A LOT! So when I was asked to check out the new VTech Swith & Go Dinos, I knew we were up for the task!

We have gone threw many toys that transform from a vehicle to a car or animal and let me tell you those things can be hard. I have given up on so many! But, the VTech Jagger the T-Rex transformed from a construction truck to a powerful dinosaur in a few simple steps. I knew if I could do it, my son would not get frustrated trying to do it on his own.

But Jagger doesn't stop there! With voice recognition technology, this mighty toy dinosaur is yours to command! This electronic toy fuses two of boys’ favorite things—dinosaurs and vehicles—into one awesome play experience your child will love!

There are 2 modes in which you can play with Jagger: truck mode and dinosaur mode. 

Play in truck mode with an awesome rotatable toy crane, a mini-transforming bulldozer, a voice-activated launcher-fired drill bit and realistic crane sound effects.

Switch to dinosaur mode to see Jagger's animated dinosaur eyes and his powerful stomping feet. Jagger even recognizes and responds to 24 specific voice commands. Say “Roar with me,” and hear him roar with his voice-activated motorized jaw. Sound effect buttons emit realistic dinosaur sounds and phrases that teach pre-historically awesome dinosaur facts! 

You can pick up VTech Switch & Go Dinos at VTech or Amazon!

iPieces Air Hockey and Fishing Game


iPieces Air Hockey

and Fishing Game


I love modern technology!!

Seriously.  LOVE IT.  So much so, that my 4 year old is a master at it.
We recently received two games from Pressman Toys.  Air Hockey & Fishing Game are great family fun!!



Experience the fast-paced thrills of Air Hockey. For the first time, players can hit the animated hockey puck with the iPieces hockey strikers. Players can represent a country of their choice to compete in a varietyof fun and exciting tournaments when they download the Air Hockey App.


Experience the challenge of catching a fish with your rod. The Fishing Game comes alive as you try and catch as many fish as you can before they are all in the buckets. To catch a fish, you need to use your iPieces fishing rod to catch a fish when it opens its mouth, and then drag it into your bucket. But watch out – there’s a hungry heron flying above that will try and sneak a fish from your bucket. The Fishing Game provides hours of fun for little ones.

What does your family like to play on iPads?


Alvin InterAction Figure

Introducing Remote Activation Interaction! Inspired by Jim Henson's "Dinosaur Train", InterActive Alvin Allosaurus is more than dinosaur play…it's a truly a remote interactive dinosaur experience for kids! Alvin comes to life with 50 Dinosaur Train sounds and phrases by the push of a button!

Press the button on his back to start "JUMP" sequence. Once Alvin is bending down, his friends will recognize that he will be leaping forward. After a designated time or a key reaction from his friends, watch Alvin JUMP forward and have fun with his friends!

Collect all of the Remote InterActive Dinosaur Friends today and bring Dinosaur play to life like never before!

Ages: 3 and up!

Price: $26.99

Magic Moves Electronic Wand

Magic Moves Electronic Wand

This will really get your child moving! The Magic Moves Elctronic Wand from Educational Insights encourages your child to get up and move around. This definitely helps get the energy out and keeps kids active! 

Product Description:

Shake it up! Work it out! Magic Moves is all about…MOVIN’! Stomp like an elephant! Soar like an eagle! Ninety fun, physical commands, a twinkling light show, and a variety of musical styles get little ones up and keep them moving, exercising their bodies, creativity, and listening skills!

Ages 36 months - 10 years.

Approx Retail:  $19.99

Tag Human Body Discovery Pack

Thank you to LeapFrog for sponsoring this review.  For more information about the LeapFrog Tag Human Body Discovery Pack, please visit their website #LeapFrogTag #spon

Tag Human Body Discovery Pack

One of my most favorite brands in our house is Leap Frog.  My 4 year old just loves to play with all his Leap Frog products.  My PERSONAL favorites is the Tag Products.  

I love these because they teach my son so many things.  From reading on his own, to learning about body parts with our latest Tag products!! 

Tag is just amazing to me.  I'm so fascinated by the technology on how that little point can actually READ!  When you tap it on the pages, they actually know what your touching.  I'd love to see a behind the science scene on these things but I digress. lol

Going "UNPLUGGED" is a big deal in our house.  My husband and I totally have the personal addiction of not knowing how to 'turn it off' when it's family time.  Night time is like our 'computer time'.  And we really try to make that extra effort to pay attention to my son and show him things that don't require him sitting in front of the computer.  

Tag is absolutely PERFECT for that!

I gotta be honest.  When we got the pack, I couldn't help but feel slightly like an idiot!  I studied body parts in college, I swear!!  But hearing my son say out loud some of these bones & body parts REALLY had me pondering my intelligence!  Really?

I also love the fact that by reading and playing with the Tag Human Body Discovery Pack, I can work with my child to really learn how to pick the right food groups and making smart choices.

Do you have a Tag? What are your favorite books for your children to read?


KRE-O Battleship Combat Chopper

KRE-O Battleship

Combat Chopper 

ROAR!!  Oh how I LOVE being a mom to a boy.  It surely makes life a little more fun. 

Except when I step all over these dang KRE-O's.  AHEM.

So..we have a KRE-O Korner in our house.  This mom has SURELY learned how to win that combat! haha

Product Description:

Pretend to take your mission to the sky! The only thing standing between the alien and conquest is the KRE-O COMBAT CHOPPER – an aerial battle vehicle that you can equip with enough firepower to blast any enemy out of the sky. With two firing missiles, and rotor blades that really spin, this awesome aircraft is capable of out-fighting anything in the air – especially with you and the elite KREON Fighter Pilot at the helm!

Build the awesome COMBAT CHOPPER! Features a real spinning rotor! 2 customizable missile launchers with firing missiles! Opening cockpit fits one KREON figure! Works with leading building brands!

Includes 174-piece COMBAT CHOPPER building set, with Fighter Pilot KREON figure, and Alien Scout KREON figure.

Ages 7-14. Product does not fly.  Cost is approx: $20

Classic Battleship Movie Edition Game

Classic Battleship

Movie Edition Game

YOU SUNK MY BATTLESHIP!! Ha.  I love this game.  So fun to be able to bring it back.  I use to get slaughtered by my retired-Army-Green-Beret dad growing up.  Now I play against my husband and slaughter him!

Thanks dad for the war training.  =)

Product Description:

You are at the helm in the fight for the future of the planet. Will you command the Alien Fleet or defend the Human Navy? Scan the battlefield for locations to conceal your highly-detailed, movie-based ships. Then, brace yourself for search-and-destroy battle intensity as you compete with the enemy to keep your ships afloat. Choose from three game variations for edge-of-your seat excitement!

Includes 2 game units, 5 Navy ships, 5 Alien ships, 2 Decks of Special Ops cards, red & white pegs, rules and reference card.

For 2 players.  Ages 7 and up.  Approx:  $20

Learning Resources Jumbo Endangered Animals

Learning Resources
Jumbo Endangered Animals

One of my favorite toy brands is Learning Resources.  

Their toys are always of high quality and awesome color!  Not to mention, the learning kids can and do get from them.  

This year, they have an entire 2012 list of new products and we received the Jumbo Endangered Animals.

One of the things in my house that we're struggling with is bathtime toys.  The ones we have are old and you know what years in a bathtub can do to a product! lol.  

So these little guys are now living in there with Batman.  And a few other strange objects.  

It's great though cause when got them, there was a learning packet in the box with details on the animal that I got to share with him.  Now I get the 'this is a Ryno mommy, it's endangered and people have to love them forever!'

Not bad for a 3 1/2 year old, huh? ha

The product is about $30 and great for kids ages 2-8.  

Find them on Facebook too:

Dub Garage By Toy State

Dub Garage By Toy State

Oh my Oh MY! These toys are a little boys dream!!!  Seriously!!

Toy State has teamed up with DUB Magazine and rolled out an exciting new line under the DUB Garage brand! These cars are totally souped up & your boys will LOVE them!

There are a great variety to choose from.  Prices range from $4.99 to $49.99.

The DUB GARAGE CONTROL FREAKZ Remote Control car is the coolest.  It comes in Ford Mustang & Chevy Comaro.  The wheels litght up & has real car sounds!

I'm excited over these toys and I'm just a MOM! ha (PS. I love anything remote controlled!  =)  

They just came out this past October with RIM ROCKERZ, CUSTOM RIDEZ (me likey cause they have a big truck! ha), BLAZERZ that light up, CONTROL FREAKZ is the great r/c car & even a DUB GARAGE D-JAYZ where you get to mix and scratch your own tunes!  Fun, right?

Boston sat on Santa's lap and said 'I want a fast racecar for Christmas!' so I guess that's what Santa will bring under the tree this year!

Happy driving.

**MOMS DON'T LET MOMS TEXT AND DRIVE DUB CARS. DRIVE SAFELY. (Or don't tell your kids you're playing with their toys, k? haha)

Family Game Night 4

Family Game Night 4

I absolutely love board games.  For some reason they just make me smile!  They're fun.  And UNPLUGGED.

Well...they use to be.  hahaha

EA Games so kindly sent us Family Game Night 4 to review for Wii.

There are 5 games you and your family can play.  CONNECT 4 Basketball, Yatzhee! Bowling, SCRABBLE Flash, BOP-IT & SORRY! Sliders.  You can win Monopoly cash after each game.

So you can bring all the great classics together!

Pick it up pretty much anywhere... The game is approx $40.

Lite Sprites

Lite Sprites

Ok. If you have a daughter she is gonna LOVE LOVE LOVE this toy!


While at the Time to Play Showcase in NYC, I could NOT put these down.  Wowwee Brands ROCKED these!  What I love is the imagination in the game.  And how they even have an evil ‘sister’ if you will.  hee hee.  

The central playset is the Tree of Lite. This is home to all the fairies and has room for them all to be hung in their pods from the color-change canopy, or stand together on the balcony. The playset will cost around $40.
There are four more playsets in the range, each costing $20: a windmill, flower, waterfall and swing. 
AWESOME DISCOUNT CODE:  go to and at checkout put in: blogpromo6 for discount!


Team Umizoomi - Preschool Math Kit

Team Umizoomi - Preschool Math Kit

Developed by a team of early childhood experts, this Team Umizoomi Preschool Math Kit is packed with engaging and educational content that can help prepare your child for kindergarten and beyong! 


  • A "Carnival" episode DVD that introduces a high-stakes math mission. 
  • A 24-page "Carnival" storybook that invites your child to join Team Umizoomi on a Math Adventure. 
  • Mighty Math Mission Cards
  • A 48-page Mighty Math Activity Book reinforces math skills in a playful way.
  • A 48-page "Numbers, Counting and Paterns at the Carnival" workbook gives your child lots of opportunites to master what they've learned.
  • Team Umizoomi pencil case, pencils and eraser included!


Purchase at Nickelodeon's

A great deal for $19.99!

Dora the Explorer Talking Digital Camera

Dora the Explorer Talking Digital Camera

Say cheese! Or shall I say, 'sayyy, swiper no swiping!' Make sure you buy the 2AA batteries to go with this gift because your little one will want to use it right away. It's a great beginner camera for kids. The camera is also said to have the capability to be used as a webcam and a video camera! 

Product Description:

Your little girl will love taking pictures of her adventures with the Dora the Explorer Talking Digital Camera. This camera says three different encouraging phrases. The internal memory holds up to 120 images, and the included Dora SnapShots software lets her create albums, write a story, and play 5 games. Dimensions: 4"W x 1"D x 2.5"H. Weight: 5 oz. Warranty: 1-year manufacturer's warranty.

Retails between $24.99 and $29.99. 

This is a great kid-friendly camera, and not to mention, affordable!

Check out Toys R Us if you want to purchase immediately! 

Bop It! XT

Bop It! XT

Twist it, shake it, flick it, spin it, pull it, TRY it! Bop It is back with the new XT edition. It now comes with voice commands and a "shake it" feature. This Bop It experience is more challenging and crazier than ever before. What's even cooler is the fact that you can plug in headphones or speakers for quiet, or extra loud play. (Not Included though, shucks.) 

Product Description:

It’s time to get moving. Can you keep up? When you turn it on, this totally cool Bop It game calls out commands. It’s up to you to “pull it”, “bop it”, “twist it” — or “flick it”, “spin it”, “shake it”! Can you keep up as the tempo revs?

Play Bop It! XT in party mode or solo — you can even plug in your headphones to keep the game all to yourself. Get it right and you can keep going, but if you get the moves wrong, your turn is up. Think you’ve got what it takes to beat it? Then, start the action!

Includes Bop It! XT game unit and instructions.

Includes 3 “AAA” batteries.

For 1 or more players.

Ages 8 and up.

Visit and purchase it on their website, or click on Where to Buy.

Paper Jamz Pro Series Microphone & Effects Amp

Paper Jamz Pro Series Microphone & Effects Amp

It isn't a party without music! Make everyday a blast using Paper Jamz Pro Series Microphone.

WowWee has taken the rockstar lifestyle for kids to the next level. Simply downoad the free app. Add your own music. Sing like a star!

Check out the Pro Series Set list for songs that are "Certified Compatible." (Available for download in iTunes). If you already own some of the songs on the set list, simply use the Paper Jams Pro desktop app to import them into "My Library" and sync them with the Pro Series Microphone & Amp. 

Heres just some of the special effects:

  • Auto mode adjusts effects on the fly to recreate a track’s original sound
  • Perfect Pitch: Corrects your pitch so you’re automatically in tune
  • Chorus: Multiplies your voice to add depth
  • Auto Vibrato: Adds dramatic effect to your voice
  • Melody Match: Tunes your voice so you always sing a perfect melody
  • Auto Harmony: Sound like part of a perfectly harmonized duo

Retails for around $24.99 for ages 8+

Buy it at Target.

Voice Rockrz Mic

Voice Rockrz Mic

Your child can immitate their favorite rocker or pop-star with the Voice Rockrz Mic from First Act. Set your living room into a stage and watch your child shine. My favorite part? You can plug in any MP3 player into the jack on the Mic so they can sing along to their favorite songs!

Did I mention the Mic has incredible voice effects? Tap the ring to the Mic to activate the Hi-Note voice effect; tap the bracelet to the Mic to change up the show with the Echo-Tastic voice effect; or tap the ring and bracelet in succession to uncover the Robot-Riffic voice effect. And a rock concert cannot be complete without concert sound effects like audience applause or a crescendo-ing drum roll using the FX button. 

Perfect for a karaoke night, sleepover, birthday party, or a hang out after school. 

Fun fact: First Act is a prominant musical instrument company that has created instruments for artist such as Kelly Clarkson and Adam Levine from Maroon 5!

For ages 4+ and retails for around $24.99. Needs three "AAA" batteries. 

Visit their website:

Poptropica 30-Inch Deluxe Inflatable Blimp

Poptropica 30-Inch Deluxe Inflatable Blimp

Believe it or not, this thing is an actual toy blimp in a box. Now, it actually doesn't go up, so manual, fun "labor" is involved. But kids will have loads of fun physically playing with the blimp rather than just the online version ( Now don't get me wrong, the website is fantastic and full of engaging quests, stories and games for your child. Check both out why don't ya!

Travel to the edges of Poptropica and beyond with your own inflatable, 30-inch Poptropica blimp. Players who get the Poptropica blimp will unlock an exclusive in-game adventure! 

For ages 6+ and retails for $29.99. 

Take the Poptropica quest! 

Gomu Eraserland

Gomu Eraserland

I might just write stuff down on paper to purposly erase it now. Or just collect and save them up for when Boston starts doing his homework in a few years!

Product Description:

Introducing Gomu, the only collectible eraser with a world of fun and collectibility. Each eraser has a different Gomu point value. Gomu points let you know how rare your eraser is. The higher the point value, the more rare the eraser is. Mix and match your eraser colours or trade them with friends. The Gomu collector tool gives you information on every eraser so you know just what your collection is worth. There are 10 different themes and over 100 erasers to collect with more coming soon. It’s not just an eraser, it’s Gomu!

Price: $1.95 /pack

Reccomended for ages 6+ (we don't want choking hazards for the little ones!)

Check out their integrative website:

Disney Princess Magic Rise Oven

Disney Princess Magic Rise Oven

I can just picture every girl wanting to dress up, have a play-date with friends and bake up some fun with this toy set.

Part of the Disney Princess: Magic Rise Collection, this puts an added twist to the old Easy Bake Oven. With a wave of a special magic wand, the cake rises! Essentially, play baking, without the mess. The box includes all of the important ingredients: 16 accesories, light up topper, interchangable play frosting, and 2 display areas. Not to mention, magical sounds. Isn't that why we just love Disney?

For ages 3+ and retails for about $25. Amazon's got it as well as other participating retailers.