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The LEGO Movie Books


The LEGO Movie Books

My life will never be the same since watching The LEGO movie. My 6 year old: OBSESSED. From quoting the movie to talking about how #EverythingIsAwesome!!!

I love how LEGO has taken something as simple as building blocks and taken them to a new level of interactive. As a parent, I also appreciate the positive message the movie bestows to it's viewers.  Ok.  Let me totally come clean here.  YES.  I am personally obsessed with the movie too.  And YES.  When I did the segment on Fox 29 I did have LEGO pieces made out of KRAGLE.  Whatcha gonna do now?  Heh.  

One of the things that Boston loves is connecting to his older cousin Tyler and talking LEGO's.  Tyler and Boston are the only boys - so Boston really looks up to him!  (So yes - we do have Hudson - but he's still in baby mode lol)  Tyler sends Boston little packages of LEGO awesome often & one of the things he loves the most is the LEGO sticker books!  They are fabulous!  I'm always so amazed at how he knows who all the characters are. 

With the new LEGO Movie - comes new LEGO books!  

So, when I was asked to review the LEGO books, I was THRILLED about the opportunity! 

“The LEGO® Movie: The Essential Guide,” ($12.99)


For fans of the movie, this essential guide is a must-have! Recommended for kids 6 and older, this book is jam-packed with illustrations from the movie. The book also explores the characters in-depth and provides behind-the-scenes information for even the littlest fans. Boston loved learning all the fun details of The LEGO movie!

“The LEGO® Movie: The Ultimate Sticker Collection,” ($12.99)

All I have to say is, "WHAT KID DOESN'T LOVE STICKERS?" Answer: NONE. This book is like a more compact version of the Essential Movie Guide (with information on characters, location spreads and vehicles), but also offers more than 1,000 reusable stickers!  So kids can create their own LEGO adventures on the colorful pages throuhgout the book.  A good way to use imaginations! 


“The LEGO® Movie: Calling All Builders,” ($3.99)

As the mom of a soon-to-be First Grader (be still, my heart!), I am loving that DK publishers have released books that work on fundamental reading skills. These books are part of a multi-level reading program, which is perfect for my budding reader. Calling All Builders is great for fans of the movie, as it's a simple Level 1 reading book that follows the movie's storyline. I like that Boston can work on reading most of it, but there is still room for me to participate with him.

“The LEGO® Movie: Awesome Adventures,” ($3.99)

 This book is the Level 2 counterpart to Calling All Builders. It also follows the movie storyline, but involves longer sentences and more challenging vocabulary. I like that BOston can work on the Level 1 LEGO book and once he has mastered it, has a new book to challenge him. And, my boys love LEGOS. So they are already instantly engaged and and Boston is eager and willing to read (YAY!)

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The Memoirs of Winthrop Little - First-Ever Interactive Book-App

If your child has a library of books on their iPad, you are going to want to check out the latest interactive book App, The Memoirs of Winthrop Little. 

In his first interactive memoir, PJ and Winthrop have a major emergency! It’s Shay’s seventh birthday—a very important birthday—and they have to make sure everything is absolutely perfect.

PJ just can’t resist a simple temptation. When he gives into his bear instincts, they’re in big trouble. Download the app to find out what happens to PJ and Winthrop! 

Get the app to find out how the party went down. Also included our cookie and cake recipes to have your own Operation Birthday Cake with your children.

Recommended for children ages 6-10

Price: $2.99 on iTunes

Tag: Get Ready For Kindergarten

Thank you to LeapFrog for sponsoring this review.  For more information about LeapFrog Tag Get Ready for Kindergarten, please visit their website #LeapFrogTag #spon

Tag: Get Ready For Kindergarten


Is that something I have to think about yet? lol.  Actually, I'm totally down with it. haha

Not because I wanna toss my kid to the curb for the bus-but because that means he's ready for the big boy school.

I can't believe he's 4.  And with one on the way?  I need all the educational materials I can get my hands on, ya know?

This mom thing is hard work sometimes.  

I mean, I love reading and teaching-but I'm NOT a teacher!  (I'm a theatre major for that matter....)

Get me to do crafts with my kid?  DONE.  But teach him MATH or READING? there a class for me on that?

I guess I just don't value myself as much as I should. 

But I can honestly tell you-the Tag books & games we use, definitely give me the confidence to REALLY help Boston learn!

This latest one "Get Ready For Kindergarten" Is probably one of my favorites.  

It pretty much covers every single subject besides recess!  This little book is so full of content.  From reading, science, math, social studies and culture.  With all that-I can cover the recess part! lol

This book is a really great value too.  It's only about $14 and provides hours and hours of education and entertainment for kids.

We love to take our Tag System wherever we travel.  It's small, compact and travels well both in the car and on a plane!  (You can hook up earphones to the System to avoid annoying siblings and other travelers.)

BIG fan of Tag.  My favorite of all the Leapfrog Products.

What is your favorite book?



I See Me Birthday Book

My Royal Birthday Adventure

Kids absolutely LOVE personalized 'things'.  Books are a biggie for me too!  The company i See Me! sent me a book to review for my son Boston's Birthday and he just LOVED it!

What I love about their books is not only the personalization but the illustrations.  They are so fun and filled with such unique personalization that you can't find anywhere else in personalized children's books. 

When you read the book it's like they specifically made the book for the kid.  I'm in love with that!

They have tons of books with I See Me! Books for birthdays to becoming a Big Sister or Brother, you can get a special book for your special child.



My Royal Birthday Adventure is a personalized storybook that turns your child into a royal birthday knight! This beautifully illustrated book takes the birthday boy on an adventure to a magical birthday kingdom where he is dubbed a royal knight! The storybook is personalized throughout the text and illustrations, including a 10-tier birthday cake, fireworks in the sky, a royal knight’s quarters, a birthday invitation and more! Written by award-winning author Jennifer Dewing and illustrated by Valerie Sokolova, each 10”x10” hardcover book is made in the USA especially for each birthday boy.


Have that special birthday boy or girl?  Get 15% by using the code ROYAL July 1 - July 31st 2012!

Mama Never Told Me...

Mama Never Told Me...

The first of the two part series, author Emily Van Do takes us on a journey through the life of a pregnant woman. She uses humor throught the book through illustrations and the things people say that you just cannot ignore. 

This book is totally laugh-out-loud worthy. Filled with funny one-liners such as, "Oh, you're like a life-sized Buddha!" and "Your husband must love those boobs!"

If you know somebody who is pregnant. This would make the perfect baby shower gift add-on. Or, if your the one who is pregnant, you should probably expect to get this book at some point.

Remember, a little laughter is good for the soul! 

Mama Never Told Me... retails for $9.95

Click on the website:

Mama Never Told Me... by Emily Van Do

Mama Never Told Me... by Emily Van Do

Attention new Mama's! This is unlike any book you will ever read. The eyebrow-raising comentary will get you going - Short, but gets to the point!

This book reveals all of the strange things that people would say to new mothers. For example, "You look good! Are you working on the last 15 to 25 pounds?" (From the illustration, this is the boss speaking). Or how about this one... "You're doing it wrong!!!" Now haven't we all heard that one?

Unfortunately, in real life these comments are very common for post-pregnancy women. All I want to say is keep your head held high and say "I will be the best mother I can be. No matter what." Just love yourself, your family, and maybe the extra 15 pounds that are hanging around. 

This book is sure to give yourself and others a good chuckle. Enjoy!

Check out the Mama Never Told Me website

Dinosaurs A to Z

Dinosaurs A to Z

This book brings Dinosaurs to life!

Written by Andrea Posner-Sanchez and illustrated by Terry Izumi, Meet 26 dinosaurs—one for each letter of the alphabet—in this Dinosaur Train™ alphabet book.  Buddy, Mr. Conductor, and the other Dinosaur Train™ characters from the hit PBS Kids® animated series introduce dinos from Apatosaurus to Zigongosaurus! Young paleontologists-in-training will love learning cool facts about 26 amazing dinosaurs. This awesome non-fiction book with a sturdy padded cover makes a great gift! 

Ages 3-5; SRP $11.99; 30 pages.

Purchase it now online at Barnes & Noble