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Learning Resources Time Tracker mini

Learning Resources Time Tracker mini

This is the coolest visual timer I've ever seen.  I picture this as the perfect homework helper for when your child has timed math quizes, standardized testing, and a general way to help them manage time. Wait a minute, don't we all need something like this?

Also perfect for teachers! Just set it and go! You and your students will reach for this super simple timer to support a variety of classroom activities.

It offers unique visual and auditory indicators, including a warning alarm.  Operates easily with just 2 dials: total alarm time and warning time.  Provides flexibility with total alarm time range of 5 minutes to 2 hours, in 5-minute increments.  Counts down until the colored light glows and the alarm sounds.  Supports visual-only timing when you adjust volume or turn off the sound completely.  Requires 3 AAA batteries.

For ages 3 to 18 and retails for or around $19.99. Buy it now on the Learning Resources website.

P.s. It was voted as Learning Resources Top Ten 2011 Staff Picks!