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Holiday Gift Guide: SmartMax

We are continuing sharing our favorites from our upcoming Holiday Gift Guide! Today, we are sharing some great Imaginative Play gifts from SmartMax!


SMARTMAX® allows kids to explore the fascinating world of magnetism in a safe way.

SmartMax Lighthouse

With SmartMax Lighthouse, children can effortlessly create houses, towers, and other bright structures thanks to easy to manipulate magnetic balls and multi-colored bars, two of which are lit with LED lights. 

Approximate Price: $59.99




SmartMax Pip & Pete Plane

The new pull back vehicle set, SmartMax Pip & Pete Plane features Pip, a compact car, and Pete, the yellow place. All SmartMax vehicle sets allow children ages 3 and up to build various vehicles and work with the SmartMax construction sets. 

Approximate Price: $22.99



SmartMax Tommy Train

SmartMax Tommy Train, a train with hopper cars, can stretch up to 35 cm in length and is perfect for transporting loads of magnetic bars or balls included in the packagining, or even small items found around the house. Tommy Train is perfect to share with friends because children ages three and up can easily create two seperate vehicles. All SmartMax vehicle sets complement and work with the SmartMax constrution sets. 

Approximate Price: $22.99