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Redakai Championship Tin

Redakai Championship Tin

The Ultimate Redkai experinece!!!  It has an exclusiver version of Ky.  It's a super awesome set!!  

I myself don't know the game cause Boston is only 3 - but my nephew LOVES it!

Check out this website here for a really easy Redakai how-to:


It's great for parents too!

In a world full of video games on every possible device, Redakai is a great way to get kids interacting with actual humans. Redakai helps kids build social skills, that they cannot get from digital play.

Not only will it help kids develop social skills- but Redakai is a great way to develop learning skills, while disguised as a game, kids will only think of it as fun. The Basic game includes math skills (adding numbers, comparing numbers), and the advanced game builds deeper strategic thinking. Players strategically plan out their deck, they have to adapt their thinking depending on what they draw during the course of the game, and constantly have to weigh out the costs and benefits.

It’s a game that is meant to be played together, and developed as more of a intuitive game with an easier learning curve. The basic game can be enjoyed by kids who are able to add numbers together (perfect for 6 and up), while the advanced game will take a bit more reading skills and strategic thinking (usually 8 and up).

 Retail: $30

Redakai Structured Deck

Redakai Structured Deck

Play like a champ with this tournament-ready deck of cards specially selected to improve your gameplay strategy right out of the box.  Each of the 4 Structured Decks comes with an exclusive monster card.


43 X-Drive Cards

Suggested Retail:  $17.00