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Radio Flyer Cyclone Review

Whoa!  We just got the Radio Flyer Cyclone in to review and I have to tell you - it is fabulous!!

I wasn't really sure what to expect but knew with the Radio Flyer name - it would be TOP notch.  This product isn't even out yet but it will be in February and available at & also Toys R Us.   The Cyclone is meant for kids ages 3-7 and up to 70 pounds.  (Yes. I was disappointed when I realized I wouldn't be able to try it out. ha)

The Cyclone is a hand powered ride that also allows the driver to do a 360 degree spin.  The wheels are GIGANTIC and offer a smoother riding experience.   The solid steel frame and wheel castor in the rear really gives this wild looking thing a smooth ride!

It took us some time to be able to stand the cold but today we finally were able to get out.  Not too long to freeze - but long enough to fall in love!  He's dying to get that thing back outside for the spring.

Check out our cold but fun trial for the new Cyclone by Radio Flyer!

What is your favorite Radio Flyer product?