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Team Umizoomi - Preschool Math Kit

Team Umizoomi - Preschool Math Kit

Developed by a team of early childhood experts, this Team Umizoomi Preschool Math Kit is packed with engaging and educational content that can help prepare your child for kindergarten and beyong! 


  • A "Carnival" episode DVD that introduces a high-stakes math mission. 
  • A 24-page "Carnival" storybook that invites your child to join Team Umizoomi on a Math Adventure. 
  • Mighty Math Mission Cards
  • A 48-page Mighty Math Activity Book reinforces math skills in a playful way.
  • A 48-page "Numbers, Counting and Paterns at the Carnival" workbook gives your child lots of opportunites to master what they've learned.
  • Team Umizoomi pencil case, pencils and eraser included!


Purchase at Nickelodeon's

A great deal for $19.99!

SpongeBob SquarePants Walkie Talkies

SpongeBob SquarePants Walkie Talkies

Come in Patrick.

Come in SpongeBob.

Lets sneak up on Squidward.

Roger that!


Keep your friends in close communication with these adorable SpongeBob SquarePants Walkie Talkies from Sakar. 

Ages 4+

Toys R Us price: $11.99

Over and out! 


Dora the Explorer Talking Digital Camera

Dora the Explorer Talking Digital Camera

Say cheese! Or shall I say, 'sayyy, swiper no swiping!' Make sure you buy the 2AA batteries to go with this gift because your little one will want to use it right away. It's a great beginner camera for kids. The camera is also said to have the capability to be used as a webcam and a video camera! 

Product Description:

Your little girl will love taking pictures of her adventures with the Dora the Explorer Talking Digital Camera. This camera says three different encouraging phrases. The internal memory holds up to 120 images, and the included Dora SnapShots software lets her create albums, write a story, and play 5 games. Dimensions: 4"W x 1"D x 2.5"H. Weight: 5 oz. Warranty: 1-year manufacturer's warranty.

Retails between $24.99 and $29.99. 

This is a great kid-friendly camera, and not to mention, affordable!

Check out Toys R Us if you want to purchase immediately! 

Power Rangers Samurai

Power Rangers Samurai

This puts a spin on Power Rangers like you wouldn't believe! I just love their new costumes and super hero flair. For those of you that do not know, Power Rangers is an iconic kids action brand universally recognized throughout the world. 

In this latest installment airing on Nickelodeon, a new generation of Power Rangers must master the mystical and ancient Samurai Symbols of Power which give them control over the elements of Fire, Water, Sky, Forest, and Earth. The whole series includes action figures, vehicles, role-play items and Megazords.


The 4" Figurines are crafted with great detail and quality. Each Power Ranger comes with a Samurai Spin Sword and special unique weapon, making them ready for battle straight out of the box! Retails for about $6.99

The 6.5" Switch Morphin Power Ranger's morph from a secret civilian identity to a heroic Ranger mode with the press of a button. Also flick a button to make a quick swoosh of the sword. It keeps the villains away! Retails for about $10.99.

Deluxe Megazord returns with a sleek Samurai look and is a must have for children and collectors. Morph into ClawZord or Zord mode. Collect and combine with the ZordBuilder Collection (Cycles or Zord Vehicles sold seperately). Retail price is around $29.99. 

The Samurai Mega Blade is perfect for role play. The futuristic sword not only swings open from its compact carrying mode at a pull of a trigger, but it extends 2 feet long! Various battle sounds will make your kids feel like real Power Rangers, Samurai style. Buy it for the price of $24.99.

Get a glimpse of the Power Rangers Samurai collection on their website.