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Don't judge these babies by their binkies!! There's a lot more to these little dolls than you think...

Each funky and fashionable CRIB LIFE doll has a unique style that matches her personality and attitude.  There are a total of six CRIB LIFE CUTIES to collect: girly-girl SARINA CUTIE, sporty LULU LAKE, free spirit MAKAYLA SONG, music-loving ELLA SONG, tech-savvy LILY SWEET, and confident and worldly HAILEY HULA (each doll sold seperately).  Also included: a keychain and a doll charm freaturing a special online code that unlocks a CRIB LIFE character's world of fun and adventure at On the website girls can interact with the CRIB LIFE crew, read "Crib Chat," customize a "crib" of their own, and play fun-filled games! 


It's for ages 5+ and retails nationwide for about $14.99.

And if you don't feel like running out to the store, it's available on