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Dragons Universe - Ultimate Action Dragon Destroyer

This is the Dragons Universe! Enter an exciting, dynamic, and buildable universe with a rich story and breathtaking designs. The classic Warrior versus Dragon style of play has grown up and moved ahead into a world filled with new technology and weapons. With each side having everything to fight for, it's up to you to decide who will reign victorious. What will you choose?

The decisive battle has erupted! Two ultimate Predavor Dragons, Bloodclaw and Deadeye, go face-to-face against the super heavy-weight Alliance Warbyrd, equipped with multiple missile launchers, dual built-in flight controllers and landing gear, and light and sound effects. The Ultimate Action Dragon Destroyer buildable set includes one Alliance General and two Troopers with shields and weapons, as well as two exclusive Dragons with buildable, removable weapons and Power Core in chest.

Age: 6+
SRP: $49.99 - $54.99
Available: Fall 2010