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The Real Bratz Movement

The famous toy line created by MGA Entertainment is back with all new, redesigned Bratz Dolls! The dolls got a two-inch taller dolls upgrade and are sporting updated clothes and accessories while maintaing their distinctive almond-shaped eyes, colorful fashions, and cutting-edge style.  Along wiht the new dolls, Bratz is inviting fans to join its national advocacy campaign for girls. 

The Real Bratz Movement is seeking to find girls and young women who are making differences in their communities. Girls and women across the country are encouraged to think big and reach far by their Bratz dolls. 

Want to get involved with Real Bratz Girls empowerment campaign? Create a video that features your own Real Bratz success story. Once completed, videos should be submitted to Visit for more details and to watch video stories from other Real Bratz Girls.