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Jenga Giant Review

Jenga Giant Review

A game that has really stood the test of time is Jenga.  

I remember playing that game when i was in High School.  I also remember playing that game in college.  AHEM.  it makes a very good drinking game - but I NEVER said that! ha

Anyway, this old classic returns with some BIGGER love!  This game grows to about 3 feet tall!  It travels well & it's hours of high energy fun!  Jenga Giant is approx $139.

Jenga Giant

Jenga Giant can be built up to 3 feet tall.  Can you imagine?  Love this thing.  In fact, this past weekend my family played Jenga Giant (I got one to review) and the one who lost had to clean out the dishwasher.  ROUGH STUFF, right? ha. 

Here are the specs on the game:

How Do You Jenga?®

  • Jenga® Giant™: The classic Jenga® game, but MUCH BIGGER!
  • Stacks to over 3 feet high!
  • 54 Precision Crafted Polished Jenga® Giant™ Hardwood Blocks
  • Sturdy box for easy storage and transport
  • Jenga® Giant™ On-Box Game Play Platform
  • Players: 1 or More
  • Ages: 10 to Adult