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Planet Dinosaur

Planet Dinosaur: Meet the Monsters You Never Discovered Before

Does your kid LOVE dinosaurs?

Mine is HUGE in them.  And proudly my 4-year old can name all their 'big dino names'!!!

Check out this fab video out for your dinosaur lover:

Planet Dinosaur: Meet the Monsters You Never Discovered Before

You will be transported to locations across the planet and back through hundreds of millions of year. Planet Dinosaur brings to life the most amazing, surprising and strange prehistoric creatures that ever lived. Discover the jaw-dropping prehistoric world of the most terrifying reptiles! The mysteries of the dinosaurs contine to be unearthed every day. More dinosaur discoveries have been made in the past two decades than in the past two centuries. Planet Dinosaur introduces us to this whole new cast of monsters far stranger than you ever imagined. From predators larger than T-Rex to feathered dinosaurs, these new creatures not only revolutionize our understanding of prehistoric life but life on Earth today.

This groundbreaking series uses the latest CGI and cutting-edge research to reveal the secrets of these newly discovered giants, weaving a dramatic story of survival laced with scientific developments. 

Run Time: 180 minutes

Price: $19.96