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Get Ready for School Connecting Cards

Get Ready for School Connecting Cards

The kids are heading back to school this week! If you are like me, you worry that yor child will do well and think of all the ways that you can help them at home to help them succeed. Even at a young age, I worry that he will fall behind (a normal worry).

Get Ready for School Connecting cards will help! Each title in the series reinforces essential, age-appropriate skills, recognized by educators nationwide, through fun and engaging activities and worksheets. The Get Ready for School series builds confidence and skills so that kids feel prepared on that scary first day of school.

Each set contains 36 sturdy, double-sided, full-color cards in a bring and fun case built for little hands. The cards are designed with tongue-and-groove notches at either end so they can connect together in any combination a child can imagine.

Get Ready for School Connecting Cards are available for Pre-K, Kindergarten, First and Second Grade.