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BlankZ Autographed Stuffed Toys


I always love those fun stuffed animals that can be autographed at like birthday parties-events-or even weddings!

But I often thought...hmmm... if only you could let your kids color on them - then wash - then color again!

BlankZ now has that covered!

There are so many adorable little pets that your kids (and YOU even) can color then wash...then color again!

I decked out a cute little hound dog.  They have seals, bears, rabbits, elephants and more..all with cute little names

Another reason I love these cute toys is because the are not made by some MEGA-TOY-GIANT.  It's a small company that takes lots of pride in their BlankZs.  

They actually reached out to me through twitter.  A great place to connect with toy brands!!!

*Prices for these cuties are about $15.