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Busytown Playsets, Vehicles and Figures

Busytown Playsets, Vehicles and Figures

Busytown Playsets will keep your children 'busy,' thats for sure! Their imaginations are going to run wild with this mini-world of fun. Your child can pretend like they are the mayor of the town, patrol traffic with Sergeant Murphy, visit the Town Bookstore, or save the day with Fireman Pig at the Town Fire Station. The stories your child can create are endless!

Product Description:

Richard Scarry’s Busytown toys let kids explore and play in their own Busytown world, based on Richard Scarry’s books and TV series! All the pieces fit together to form one fun-filled Busytown play environment. The collection includes Destination Playsets ($9.99 - $14.99), such as the grocery store and farm house, as well as Roadway Playsets ($19.99). The Deluxe Town Hall Playset ($39.99) is the center of Busytown with tons of cool features for extra play. The Busytown Vehicles ($6.99) come with one non-removable figure of a favorite Busytown character, and the collectible figures can be purchased in 2-packs ($6.99).
Together the whole Busytown collection will have kids feeling like they’re right there in Busytown with all their Busytown friends!


For ages 3+

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