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Timmy Time: Timmy Needs a Bath DVD

Timmy Time: Timmy Needs a Bath

Bath time can be a tricky process, that's no secret. Get it right however, and your child will be smiling from ear to ear whenever they hear the words, "bath time!" This DVD is a great resource to get your kids excited about hopping into the tub. Don't we all enjoy a little bath every now and then? Minus the rubber ducky...


 Enjoy some good clean fun with Timmy and his friends! Adventures with mud, glue and paint leave Timmy in some sticky situations. This clever little lamb uses his creativity to make tub-time fun and turn a paint fight into a masterfleece! Timmy cleans up and discovers the most fun of all is being with friends! Soak up the good times with Timmy…just don’t forget to wash behind your ears!


  • Timmy Needs A Bath”
  • “Sticky Timmy
  • “Tidy Timmy
  • Timmy Goes Camping”
  • Timmy The Artist”


  • Timmy’s Tune #2 – Music Video 
  • Shaun the Sheep Bonus Episode: Supersize Timmy

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Run time: 45 minutes


Timmy Time: Go Kart Timmy

Timmy Time: Go Kart Timmy

Preschoolers will love Go Kart Timmy. Even though there are no words, a lot can be conveyed with actions and simple animal noises. The show is really cute and the animation is fun and very well done. You and your kids will enjoy it, trust me.

Program Description:

Hold on tight for more fast-action fun with your pal Timmy and his preschool classmates! Enjoy the ride as Timmy speeds off in a brand new go-kart and runs into a big smelly problem. Then it’s off to the races at the nursery’s Sports Day, helping Otus with football and learning that winning isn’t everything. Surprises and laughter shift into high gear in these five delightful adventures the whole family will love! 

Episodes Included:

  • Go Kart Timmy
  • Timmy on Wheels
  • Timmy Wants to Win
  • Timmy Plays Ball
  • Timmy's Train

Bonus Features:

  • Timmy's Tune #1
  • Shaun the Sheep Episode: "Big Top Timmy"

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Rated: NR

Run Time: 45 Minutes

Friends & Family DVD Includes 8 Adventures

Friends & Family DVD Includes 8 Adventures

Talk about a great mash-up... There's so many options! Choose Angelina Ballerina on Monday and then Timmy Time on Tuesday! Then keep it going the rest of the week. Your child will never get bored with such variety!

Program Description:

From Lionsgate and HIT Entertainment, join Thomas & Friends™, Angelina Ballerina™, Bob the Builder™, Barney™, Fireman Sam™, Kipper™, Roary the Racing Car™ and Timmy Time™ for eight heart-warming adventures, celebrating special moments while teaching lessons in loyalty, cooperation, friendship and fun. So snuggle up with the kids and give thanks for the chance to watch, learn and laugh together!

Share birthday surprises with Thomas and the Percival Twins, while Angelina and Polly choreograph aspecial show for their parents. Then join Bob the Builder and Barney as they show their friends how to be the best big brother and sister they can be. Siblings, friends and parents alike will delight in these stories celebrating love, friendship and fun!

DVD Episodes:

  • Thomas & Friends - “Duncan and the Hot Air Balloon”
  • Fireman Sam – “Danger By The Double”
  • Bob the Builder –“Dizzy In Charge”
  • Barney – “Big Brother Rusty”
  • Angelina Ballerina – “Angelina and Polly’s Two-Hour Show”
  • Kipper – “Cousins”
  • Roary the Racing Car – “Zizzy Spectacular”
  • Timmy Time – “Timmy’s New Friend” (DVD Only)

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Rated: NR

Run Time: 99 Minutes

Timmy Time: Picture Day


DVD SYNOPSIS:  Come along for a picture perfect day of fun with your preschool pal Timmy™! From the Oscar®-winning creators of “Wallace and Gromit™” and “Shaun the Sheep™” Timmy makes you smile, with fun-loving adventures with his nursery friends. From good, clean fun during school photo day to drumming up music lessons, these wonderful stories filled with surprises will have you laughing in a flash. So snap up these five adorable tales with a big focus on fun!

Personal REVIEW: I'm a superfan of the Lionsgat Hit Entertainment DVDs for many reasons. (Biggest is you can put it on AUTO and it repeats!! hahaha) But also because they mostly give you a plethora of episodes to choose from.  This one has 5 different tales of Timmy and his friends.  B in my house.


Timmy Time Talking Yabba

Yabba and Timmy Talking Plush

Timmy’s friend Yabba has his very own Talking Plush.  Just press his tummy and Yabba can utter 6 different silly sounds. 

It's adorable and a great toy for kids to cuddle up to.

This fun Talking Plush also comes as Timmy.

HIT Entertainment & Jakks Pacific is amazing at coming out with great toys for kids!  This season is like no other.  These cute & cuddly toys are based on the new TV show. 

Retail Value around $20.