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Thor Lightning Hammer & Lightning Helmet

Thor Lightning Hammer & Lightning Helmet

Do not worry parents! This isn't a 50 pound hammer. The top of the hammer is a soft plastic material. This is definitely a great gift for any boy who wants to pretend like he is one of the gods. What little boy wouldn't want to pretend he can control thunder, lightning, storms, and have the strength of a hero! 

Kids can now pretend to be their favorite Asgardian and summon the power of THOR!  Hasbro’s THOR LIGHTNING HAMMER delivers a great role-play experience, allowing fans to recreate the on-screen action of the film, THOR.  The replica of THOR’S signature weapon is fully equipped with electronic battle sounds and a launching projectile. Requires three “AAA” batteries, included.

Helping to complete the THOR role-play experience is Hasbro’s THOR HELMET.  Styled after the Asgardian’s iconic wing-tipped helmet, the role-play toy lets kids pretend to be the mighty hero.

Approximate Retail Price: $19.99 (Thor Hammer) & $7.99 (Thor Helmet)

Ages: 5 & up